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The One Shot Festival - 4

An anthology of cult titles or very high quality but whose group has produced only a "One shot" or so few titles that it would have been ridiculous to devote an entire article to it.

Part 4 :

  • Zaak - Mouvement perpétuel 1986

  • New Jersey Connection - Love don’t come easy 1981

  • Chemise - She can’t love you 1982

  • Koxo - Step by step 1982

  • Movie Music – Stars de la pub 1982

  • Night Force – Hold the Night 1983


Clips :

1986 ... a little tour and then go. A phew title for an artist who will have passed like a comet in the musical sky of the 80s. The references to the English New-Wave are obvious. But to copy is not to equal. Anyway, surely one of the most successful Dance titles of the decade on the French side

1981 ... another excellent One Shot. Admittedly, it will not remain like the biggest dance hit ever heard to date but largely holds up on the Funk sound side

1982 ... ah, here on the other hand, we are dealing with one of the biggest dance hits of the decade. A AMAZING title that will literally ignite all Dancefloor on the planet and remains one of the references to this day !

1982 ... and what about that one ! Another Dance monument and which will also remain as one of the biggest Dance Dance hits of the decade. Same vintage as the previous one, quite a vintage as this year 1982 !

1982 ... surely one of the most emblematic titles of the 1980s on the French side. A Dance title that works perfectly and that would have deserved a sequel ... Too bad !

1983 ... a group which mainly in the musical history of the 80s for THIS title. But what a title !

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