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The Ode to a Mermaid ...

Cocteau Twins is a Scottish group formed in 1979 in Grangemouth by Robin Guthrie and Will Heggie.

It is in a local night club that they will meet the one who will become the emblematic singer of the group, a certain ... Elizabeth Frazer.

They had their first successes in 1982 with their first album "Garlands" and their mini-format "Lullabies".

In 1983 released the album "Head over heels" which contains the excellent "Sugar Hiccup", a title which will bring them definitively from shade to light.

The same year, they participated in the “This Mortal Coil” project.

Participation which will give birth to the sublime "Song to the siren", musical monument where Elizabeth Frazer gives the full power of her incredible voice.

The following year, in 1984, released the album "Treasure" which contained the magnificent "Lorelei" as well as the mini format "The Spangle Maker" which contained the magnificent "Pearly Dewdrops’ drops "and" Pepper tree ".

In 1985 the mini-formats "Aikea-Guinea", "Tiny dynamine" and "Echoes in a shallow bay" were released.

In 1986, the mini-format "Love’s easy tears" was released, which contained the sumptuous "Orange appled".

Released the same year the albums "Victorialand" and "The moon and the melodies".

Two years passed before the album "Blue bell knoll" came out in 1988 which contained the very good "Cico buff".

It was in 1990 that they experienced their biggest commercial success with the release of the album "Heaven or Las Vegas" which notably included the hit "Fifty fifty clown".

From this time the troubles begin to accumulate on the one hand with the conflict which opposes them to the label "4AD" and on the other hand with the excesses of Guthrie linked in large part to drugs and alcohol.

Other albums will be released later but the group will no longer find the same level of creativity as before.

Group which will definitively separate in 1997.

Cocteau Twins will always have a special place in the New-Wave wave which overwhelmed the world during the 80s, as much by a unique and recognizable sound among all, as by the exceptional and captivating voice of his singer Elizabeth Frazer.

To discover or rediscover. Absolutely.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Featers-Oar-Blades 1982

• Peppermint pig 1983

• From the flagstones 1983

• Sugar hiccup 1983

• Lorelei 1984

• Pearly Dewdrops’ drops 1984

• Pepper tree 1984

• The spangle maker 1984

• Aikea Guinea 1985

• Lazy calm 1986

• Those eyes, that mouth 1986

• Sigh's smell of Farewell 1986

• Orange appled 1986

• Crushed 1987

• Carolyn's finger 1988

• Cico Buff 1988

• Iceblink luck 1990

• Heaven or Las Vegas 1990

• Fifty fifty clown 1990

• Know who you are at every age 1993

• Evangeline 1993

• Theft, and wandering around lost 1993

• Rilkean heart 1995

• Seekers who are lovers 1995

• Smile 1996

• Tishbite 1996

• Primitive heart 1996


Clips :

1982 ... the debut of one of the most incredible bands of the decade on the English side. Both by its sound and its style. Everything here is unique !

1983 ... yes, the beginnings are quite chaotic. The melodies sometimes border on the inaudible. But it will evolve !

1983 ... we alternate the good with the less good. It will rather be part of the first category ...

1983 ... THE title that will really reveal them. This time, everything is ready for a suite that promises to be incredible !

1984 ... then everything gets carried away. The group produces huge title on huge title. In particular thanks to this unique voice among all

1984 ... an exceptional year for the group which now goes on hit on hit. They're worth it, that's for sure !

1984 ... which will surely remain one of their most inspired titles. MA-GNI-FI-CENT !

1984 ... a year that never ends and always good, good, good ! An undeniable talent that is confirmed title after title !

1985 ... 1984 was a sumptuous year. 1985 will more or less approach it. We find an Elizabeth Frazer at the top of her form

1986 ... after 2 incredible years, you would have thought that the group would ease off. What a denial. It will be quite the opposite !

1986 ... a less prolific year, certainly. Few pieces but more than certain quality !

1986 ... another proof of the top level inspiration of this year 1986. There are years like that ...

1986 ... and we end up with the best of this extraordinary year. But everything is out of the ordinary with them !

1987 ... the group will become more and more rare. But each new song is now an event in itself

1988 ... a mind-blowing vocal demonstration. The production of titles slows down more and more but the quality becomes huge !

1988 ... an incredible inspiration that never falters. Surely one of their best songs. One of many ...

1990 ... will the change of decade be unfavorable to them...? Once again, that néni. A grip on events like never before !

1990 ... another one of their most emblematic songs. A group almost at the top for almost 10 years, just that !

1990 ... a final in apotheosis for this year of decennial transition. But how far will they go in excellence ?

1993 ... the sound evolution is obvious. The group is exploring new paths. And the result, my faith, is once again up to par

1993 ... when we are good, we are good. Whatever the era, the group continues to produce titles of incredible class

1993 ... further proof of their truly above average talent. Another melody of exceptional inspiration

1995 ... completely out of time and out of fashion, the group continues on its own path ...

1995 ... even if we approach slowly but surely the end of the adventure, the level of excellence of the group continues to be maintained in stratospheric heights ...

1996 ... a last year for the particularly prolific group. History to leave the adventure as best as it can be !

1996 ... a last for the road...? No, no, they still have some under the pedal, to say the least !

1996 ... the end of an incredible adventure for one of the best bands of the decade. An exceptional group that will leave a unique and indelible mark for decades to come ...

Top Bonus : 1983 ... the WONDER of WONDERS. An incredible song carried by a sublimated voice. An Elisabeth Frazer inspired by the Gods, let's not be afraid of words ! All on a luxury cover of a Tim Bickley title from 1970 ...

Here is the original version of this legendary title. Two versions poles apart from each other. It's up to everyone to choose the one they prefer ...


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