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ELO, where more precisely Electric Light Orchestra, is an English group from Birmingham. Founded in 1970, its founding members are Jeff Lynne, Roy Wood and Bev Bevan. The 3 accomplices had the basic ambition to include the violin and the cello in their music, an innovative party for the time. Concept abandoned over the years with a rapid evolution from 1975 towards increased and clearly more radio-oriented sound effects. 1976 was the Golden Year for them with the colossal commercial success of the album "A new world record" which sold millions of copies. But it is the album "Discovery" released in 1979, where the synthesizer clearly took precedence over the violins, that ELO will produce its most dancing single with "Don't bring me down", but especially the now giant "Shine a little love". In 1981 the album "Time" was released, which contained one of their latest major hits, "Hold on tight". The creations which follow will remain fairly confidential and the ELO adventure will stop in 1986. Electric Light Orchestra will remain one of the flagship groups of the transition from the end of the 70s, beginning of the 80s with a sound and rhythm which makes this group recognizable between 1000 ... To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• Roll over Beethoven 1973

• Can't get it out of my head 1974

• Evil woman 1975

• Strange magic 1976

• Livin' thing 1976

• Rockaria ! 1977

• Telephone line 1977

• Turn to stone 1977

• Mr Blue Sky 1978

• Sweet talkin' woman 1978

• Shine a little love 1979

• Don’t bring me down 1979

• Confusion 1979

• Last train to London 1979

• I'm alive 1980

• Xanadu 1980

• All over the world 1980

• Don't walk away 1980

• Hold on tight 1981

• Twilight 1981

• Here is the news 1982

• Rock 'N' Roll is king 1983

• Secret messages 1983

• Stranger 1983

• Calling America 1986

• Sorrow about to fall 1986

Clips :

1973 ... the beginnings totally wacky, totally psychedelic, totally 70 what !

1974 ... a wonderful ballad to continue. A melodic quality that immediately shows the full potential of the group !

1975 ... the very particular style 'ELO' takes shape, the rise in power is evident

1976 ... calm before the storm, sumptuous Intimist hits before sumptuous Dance hits ...

1976 ... in delirious mode for a title my faith very sympathetic. Their first global mega hit. A dynamic is taking shape that is not ready to stop ...

1977 ... a track that goes 200 km/h in the purest Electriclightorchestrien style. Totally out of the ordinary !

1977 ... after the total euphoria, we find them in Ultimate Slow mode, a novelty ! Are they really the same ...

1977 ... business resumes, the tempo suddenly re-accelerates. Race result : new mega hit ! Too strong ...

1978 ... always as rhythmic, always as punchy. Surely one of their most emblematic songs ...

1978 ... another excellent title which shows once again the full extent of their talent. Unquestionably one of the best bands of the decade !

1979 ... the title of the consecration! A HUGE dance hit that will surely remain one of the greatest of this decade and of the XXth century altogether

1979 ... this one will be even stronger ! Yes Yes, it's possible. It will be even better ranked than its predecessor in the Charts around the world. MAS-TER-FUL !

1979 ... an absolutely incredible year that saw them produce no less than 4 mega hits. Masters of the World !

1979 ... a flood of large caliber titles in this year 1979 which ends in apotheosis with this absolutely sumptuous title

1980 ... you would think it would be impossible to match 1979 in terms of hits. Well it was without counting on the year 1980 !

1980 ... when the best of the moment meets, we see the result ! The biggest hit of all their discography, quite simply !

1980 ... the same title but in a choreographed version. We have the right here to 6 minutes of pure happiness which make this title an event as much on the song side as on the dance side. MAS-TER-FUL !

1980 ... fresh and playful, a leitmotif that comes back almost in all their titles. And it has been going on for years, years, years ...

1980 ... a truly incredible talent that makes them good in all areas. The proof with this sublime Ultimate Slow. Hat guys !

1981 ... new HUGE planetary hit. And one more ! We can't even count them anymore as there are ...

1981 ... another title among their most successful and most inspired. And still this unique voice overlay that really works

1982 ... not the best but nice around the edges. But for the first time, we feel like a certain breathlessness ...

1983 ... another track that spins at the speed of light. 100 % Rock, a playful aside in a flood of pop songs

1983 ... another particularly inspired title. An unceasingly renewed inspiration which produces, year after year, an incredible number of hits !

1983 ... once again the proof of their extraordinary creativity through this very high class title

1986 ... their last notorious hit. The end of an incredible adventure for one of the most prolific and incredible groups of the end of the 20th century

1986 ... come on, a little last for the road. We will not be shy !

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