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The Great Bazaar...

Matia Bazar, a group of Italian origin, was born in 1975 on the side of Genoa and was initially composed of Aldo Stellita, Piero Cassano and Carlo Marrale accompanied by the singer Antonella Ruggiero. This group, straddling 2 distinct eras in terms of musical currents, will have been able to make the perfect junction, both in terms of the influences that will inspire their creations, as in terms of sounds that they will evolve over the years. Very prolific in terms of writing, many titles will be released in the space of 15 years. From "Solo Tu" in 1977 which reveals them to the whole world, passing by "Vacanza romane", "Souvenir", "Noi", "Stringimi" and many others, which will confirm them as one of the essential bands of the decade 80. But it is the now cult “Ti Sento” which will make them definitively enter posterity in 1985 at the world level.

But the adventure will not stop there, far from it. An exceptional adventure which will continue for the following decades and in a very beautiful way... Matia Bazar will remain one of the most prolific groups in the past 30 years and one of the few to have seen the transition from the 1970s to the 1980s as well.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

70s Decade :

• Ma perchè 1976

• Solo tu 1977

• Mr Mandarino 1977

• E dirsi ciao 1978

• Raggio di luna 1979

• C'e tutto un mondo interno 1979

80s Decade :

• Italian sinfonia 1980

• Il tempo del sole 1980

• Fantasia 1982

• Vacanze romane 1983

• Elettrochoc 1983

• Aristocratica 1984

• Souvenir 1985

• Ti sento 1985

• Noi 1987

• La prima stella della serra 1987

• Mi manchi ancora 1987

• Angelina 1987

• Stringimi 1989

90s Decade :

• Volo anch'io 1991

• Fantasmi dell' opera 1991

• Piccoli giganti 1992

• Dedicato a te 1993

• Svegli nella notte 1993

• Quando non ci sei 1997

• Canzone di notte 1997

• Il grande sogno 1997

2000s Decade :

• Vorrei averti qui 2000

• Non abbassare gli occhi 2000

• Finira questa notte 2000

• Per te 2001

• Via da me 2001

• Cambiera 2001

• Che sara mai 2005

• Grido d'amore 2005

• La verita 2005

• Mentre tutto scorre 2007

• Noi due nel mundo E nell anima 2007

• Svegliarsi la mattina 2007

• Amico di leri 2008

• L'estate sta finendo 2008

• Che sarà, le ragazze, la terra dei cachi 2008


Tracks :

1976 ... the fairly wacky beginnings of a small group out of nowhere and which will quickly become a very large group ! A very large in Italy but also a very large on a planetary level ...

1977 ... the HUGE title which will reveal them for good. They simply sign here one of the most emblematic titles of the end of the 70s and at the same time offer themselves a first success of world class. MAS-TER-FUL !

1977 ... ahhh, what a beautiful time. Everything seems so simple, so light and airy. Even if this title will not have the same level of success as its predecessor, it remains very sympathetic ...

1978 ... we go from one extreme to another. We go from the most total euphoria to the purest emotion ... Mighty big gap !

1979 ... another title with certain quality. A group with more than obvious talent and which is gaining momentum in a linear fashion. So we imagine that the result will inevitably prove to be great !

1979 ... the end of the 1970s which saw them straddling two musical styles. It remains to be seen what the 1980s have in store for them and especially whether they will succeed in evolving in the right direction ...

1980 ... still a lot of influences from the previous decade but we can feel a certain sound evolution. Rather auspicious for the continuation of the events ...

1980 ... again in the register of Emotion. Premium quality Ultimate Slow which shows that they are really good in all areas. The brand of the Great !

1982 ... a radical change in look, style and sound. This time, they rocked well in the decade 80. With 2 years of delay but better late than never !!

1983 ... new sweet parenthesis with a somewhat surreal side. We are far, very far from the happy hippie troop of 'Solo tu'. Other times, other manners...

1983 ... the mutation. New radical change in look and sound. It is really hard to realize that they are the same. But who would complain !

1984 ... a constantly renewed inspiration that keeps them on top year after year. An almost unique musical inventiveness that makes them a very special model. But that's also why we love them !

1985 ... which will surely remain one of their best titles. A title particularly inspired and which fits perfectly with the latest trends of the moment. The group fully masters its subject, it's clear !

1985 ... but that's not counting on THIS title, their Masterpiece ! They deliver here quite simply one of the biggest Dance hits of the decade, a HUGE title which makes them enter definitively in the musical legend of the 80s. Quite simply MAS-TER-FUL !

1987 ... the hits are linked at an impressive speed to say the least and nothing, and no one can stop them now. The group unrolls with disconcerting ease and it's off to last a few more years !

1987 ... and it continues. Always as effective, always as inspired, always as much in the know. It must be said that given the level of play achieved by the group in recent years, the opposite would have been surprising ...

1987 ... a melodic quality which does not weaken despite the years. Not given to everyone as they say. But this is where we recognize the Best as always ...

1987...a BIG year 1987 with a plethora of titles and quality on all levels. Needless to say, this group really has something more than the others...

1989 ... a grand decade finale for a group that is no less. The crossing of the 1980s will have been perfectly mastered and will have enabled the group to become one of the heavyweights of the global music scene, just that !

1991 ... Antonella is gone ... The muse of the group flew to other skies and despite this, the latter survives and rather beautifully

1991 ... well, the group has been walking on 3 legs since its reshuffle but anyway, the talent is still there and that's what is essential !

1992 ... Matia Bazar Season 2 continues on its way. One would have thought that the 90s would be fatal to him. What a denial !

1993 ... another excellent title which confirms that the heart of Matia Bazar continues to beat as hard as before. For how much longer...?

1993 ... there, on the other hand, we feel that something has changed in depth. And not necessarily in a good way, unfortunately. The beginning of the end...

1997 ... is it really the same group ...? An evolution that seemed inevitable in this decade 90 ... and which will sign the official death of the legendary Matia Bazar ...

1997 ... but who will not sign the death of Matia Bazar, far from it ! The group will continue the adventure and in a very beautiful way...

1997...we're not going to lie to each other, the best years are now behind them but the group still has things to say. And especially to sing, it is clear !

2000...and here they are proudly starting this new 2000 decade. Who would have thought when they started in 1975 that they would still be there 25 years later, at least for those who are still part of the group...

2000...even if the band has undergone a major overhaul, what he continues to offer largely holds up. In any case, we will be satisfied with it !

2000...rare are the bands that started in the 70s that can boast of still being around. And above all to continue to play in the big leagues !

2001...not only does the level of inspiration manage to remain at a largely sufficient qualitative level, but the production of titles also remains, to say the least, impressive. Impossible to stop them at this stage, that's for sure !

2001...a talent in the Intimist which is undeniable and which shows once again that the group has lost none of its original talent. We definitely want more !

2001... the adventure without Antonella Ruggiero is quite possible, the proof ! The group continues its adventure quietly but surely and thinks that in the end, it's worth believing in it again and again... adventure that has already lasted nearly 30 years, a significant feat as they say. Because a lot of groups that started at the same time as them have already disappeared body and soul for a long time...

2005...especially since the group has been able to adapt to all eras and all musical changes, thus allowing him to cross the decades without too much shading...

2005... now it remains to be seen if he will be able to go the distance for a long time. Because the delay on the competition increases from year to year and there is a moment when the group will head for the exit door...

2007...what is certain is that it won't be for now. The group does more than resist and continues to produce titles of more than certain quality... long as the quality remains, there is no reason to worry. Because that means that the group is not out of breath and that it still has some left under its feet as they say...

2007...especially since injecting new blood allowed the group to find a second wind, a second wind that he might not have been able to find if he had remained in its original composition...

2008 ... what is certain is that they do not let go in any case ! They'll get where the wind takes them and it doesn't matter if that rhymes with success or not...

2008...who could have imagined that they would be there at the end of the 2000s ? Only the greatest resist time and fashions and their longevity is the best example...

2008...a desire to believe in it again and again, which undeniably commands respect. We feel that the main thing for them is now to take pleasure in doing what they do and that's already huge...


Top Bonus 1: a symphonic version of 'Ti sento' to say the least original. Like what, the same piece can be declined in many ways without losing its soul ...

Top Bonus 2 ... a very different version from the previous one ! Or how a single piece can cross the decades and marry all styles and all modes !


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