The dancing divas ...

If there are 2 women who represent alone the 80s and their excesses, it is these 2 there.

Arrived from nowhere, these divas with breasts XXXXL have made the women of the 80s from the status of housewife to the status of liberated woman, unbridled, extrovert, crispy of life and men at the same time.

Pure marketing product, launched with a crash by producers with very fine noses, these shooting stars have opened an emotional breach in the collective unconscious that still continues today.

For it is clear that they have lost none of their Aura despite a rather minimal artistic talent.

There where many old stars take as many pounds as years, Sabrina she still gets better with age. Astonishing no !

As for Samantha Fox, she also has beautiful remains. In short, with their tailor-made songs version XXXXL, they still travel around the world today and this for the delight of late teens who are now old enough to be Grandfather ....

Guys, guys, guys, touch me !

Discography (among others...) of Sabrina :

• Sexy girl 1986

• Boys (Summertime love) 1987

• Hot girl 1987

• All of me (Boy oh boy) 1988

• My chico 1988

• Like a yo-yo 1989

• Gringo 1989

• Yeah yeah 1990

Discography (among others...) of Samantha Fox :

• Touch me 1986

• Do ya do ya (Wanna please me) 1986

• Hold on tight 1986

• Nothing’s gonna stop me now 1987

• I surrender (To the spirit of the night) 1987

• Naughty girls (Nedd love too) 1988

• Love house 1988

• I only wanna be with you 1988

Clips :

1986 ... first title and already first success. A start in fanfare which ideally positions the young singer for the rest of the events. A suite that promises to be purely and simply amazing !

1987...the symbolic title of a whole generation. The hudge intergalactic hit that will reveal her and literally fire all Dancefloor on the planet. Surely one of the hits Dance that will have counted the most in this late twentieth century. Not by its quality but more by the image of total freedom and carefree libertine he conveyed !

1987 ... in the same vein. A suite that looks more or less like the previous jewel but impossible to compete, it's obvious !

1988 ... change of vintage and new hit. The Diva over-inflated to the best of its form. Literally and figuratively ...

1988 ... pure Italo Disco in Hi-NRG version. When we bring together the two major currents of the moment, here is the result ...

1989 ... the least we can say is that it rocks serious. Perfectly formatted for the Bellissima !

1989 ... and what about that one. A hot hot title that ignites everything, Dancefloor and public including!

1990 ... a Sabrina once again at its best ! All served by a kitsch clip of Marc Dorcel version, ... All for a last notorious hit before retiring ... to come back a few years later ...

2010 ... a duo of shock and unimaginable charm 25 years ago as the rivalry was strong between the 2 tigresses. Years have passed, the 2 Divas have matured ... and here is the result !

1986 ... the other title symbol of a whole generation. As HUGE as her rival Boys, boys, boys ... Same quality, same impact, the singer is hoisted One Shot to the rank of global mega star and her title immediately enters the musical legend of the 80s

1986 ... a muscular suite running at 200 km/h. And who narrowly misses his target ...

1986 ... in Rockabilly mode ! Original but not really in tune with the times ... Samantha, that's not how you're going to compete with Sabrina ...

1987 ... an obvious takeover which gives her its second global mega hit. That's for sure, nobody can stop her !

1987 ... pure Samantha, 100% effective, 100% Dance, 100% Sexy !

1988 ... drop in diet, hair delirium, Bad Guys mode ! She had accustomed us to better ...

1988 ... muscular recovery in Hi-NRG mode. And as luck would have it, it works again. Like what, just not much and especially stick to the spirit of the times !

1988 ... an end in apotheosis with this cover of Luxe from the cult title of Dusty Springfield. Tchao Bella !

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