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Love And Money is a Scottish group formed in 1985 by James Grant, Stuart Kerr and Paul McGeechan, three members from the group "Friends again". And by Bobby Paterson, from the group "Set the Tone".

The group experienced its first success in 1986 with the title "Candybar express" which made a real success across the Atlantic. The album "All you need is love and money" was released the same year.

From the same album will be extracted two other singles, “Dear John” and “River of people”, singles which will experience only relative success.

It was in 1988 that the group knew its heyday with the release of the album "Strange kind of love", an album which contains the huge "Halleluiah man". Single which will only have half a success in England but will be a real hit in Europe and Oceania.

From the same album will be released the excellent singles "Avalanche" in 1988 and "Strange kind of love" and "Jocelyn square" in 1989.

The album will eventually sell for around 250,000 copies and will remain as the best album of the group, despite the release of other albums thereafter.

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Discography (among others ...) :

  • Candybar express 1986

  • Dear John 1986

  • River of people 1987

  • Halleluiah Man 1988

  • Avalanche 1988

  • Strange kind of love 1989

  • Jocelyn square 1989

  • My Love Lives in a Dead House 1991

  • Winter 1991

Clips :

1986 ... beginnings slightly crazy but which allow them to obtain a first classified hit. Rather promising all that ...

1986 ... a continuation clearly more structured and which, her, will not be classified, will understand. Either way, the ramp-up is obvious. We just have to wait for the continuation which promises to be grandiose ...

1987 ... the best is getting closer, it's clear. The evolution is linear and the talent of the group certain. It is forced that at some point, it pays !

1988 ... then comes THIS title. A HUGE title that will finally consecrate the group as one of the best of its generation. He simply signs here one of the most emblematic titles of the decade for all groups. MAS-TER-FUL !

1988 ... a large caliber suite which confirms the undeniable talent of this excellent group. A group that deserves recognition that truly lives up to this above-average talent !

1989 ... the group is now at cruising speed and shows the full extent of its possibilities. Result of the races : here they sign the biggest success of all their discography. Well done gentlemen !

1989 ... this one is not bad in the same style either. An exceptional year 1989 for the group with 2 consecutive titles which will remain as their best ranked of all. HU-GE !

1991 ... a change of decade that will prove more complicated to manage than expected. They opt for a sound that does not really stick to the standards of the moment. And they will pay it cash ...

1991 ... a last burst of pride with this magnificent ballad as an end. And as if by chance, they will sign here their latest major success. Like what, it was enough not much for them to continue the adventure ...

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