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The Aces of Concealment...

Camouflage is a German group formed in 1984 by Marcus Meyn, Heiko Maile and Oliver Kreyssig.

Originally, in 1983, the group was called "Licensed Technology", a group that quickly scuttled itself.

The name of the group is said to be a reference to the song of the same name written by the group Yellow Magic Orchestra.

In 1985 they recorded their first demos and a year later, in 1986, they won a TV hook after a friend of theirs provided one of the demos to the organizers.

Things were going to accelerate seriously when their first single "The great commandment" was released in 1987. For a first draft, it's a masterstroke. Upon its release, the title immediately hits the mark, especially across the European continent.

In 1988, new success with the release of the single "Strangers thoughts" Release followed shortly by the album "Voices & images" which allows itself the luxury of being ranked directly in the American Billboard Dance Charts. Album which also contains another single "That smiling face".

A year later, in 1989, the album "Methods of silence" was released, the main extract of which was "Love is a shield", which had a great career, especially in Germany.

The third album "Meanwhile" was released two years later, in 1991. Album which produced mainly two singles "Heaven (I want you)" and "This day". But the return to "traditional" instruments confused fans and the album was a failure.

Back to basics in 1993 and to the sounds that made them successful with the release of the singles "Suspicious love" and "Close (we stoke the flames)". Both extracts from the album "Bodega bohemia". Album that will only be released in Germany ...

The album "Spice crakers" which will be released two later in 1995 will be the album too many and will spell the end of this great adventure from across the Rhine.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • The great commandment 1987

  • Stranger’s thoughts 1988

  • Neighbours 1988

  • That smiling face 1989

  • Love is a shield 1989

  • Heaven (I want you) 1991

  • This day 1992

  • Suspicious love 1993

  • Close (we stroke the flames) 1993

  • Bad news 1995

  • X-ray 1996

  • Thief 1999

  • Me and you 2003

  • The pleasure remains 2007

  • Shine 2015


Clips :

1987 ... first title and direct master stroke ! The group simply signs here one of the biggest dance hits of the decade and goes directly to the highest international level without going through the intermediate stages. MAS-TER-FUL !

1988 ... a quality sequel that shows we are not dealing with just falling stars. We suspected ...

1988 ... a group which will remain mainly known for one title. While they will have produced a significant number of high caliber titles. Some form of injustice !

1989 ... which will surely remain as one of their best titles. Among others. A talented group more than certain like many German groups of the time ...

1989 ... like an aftertaste of Depeche Mode. A certain similarity, both on the sound side and on the vocal side. And a result in the end almost on the same level as the English !

1991 ... an obvious change in tone that matches the decade change. Too bad, they left a small part of their soul there ...

1992 ... an inspiration which fluctuates according to the songs. They had accustomed us to better, that's clear. A disappointing start to the 1990s ...

1993 ... back to basics with a much more electronic sound. We will say that it is rather good news ...

1993 ... there is no photo, a much more inspired year which brings us back to the Great Epoque. Like what it was not enough to put them back in the saddle ...

1995 ... ouh there, what is that ? The Masterpiece of Moon Martin in accelerated version x 20. Why not but could have done better ...

1996 ... here we are in Euro Beat mode, almost 10 years after their sensational debut. If we summarize this past decade, a lot of excellent things and a few hiccups. But nothing very bad ...

1999 ... anyway, the adventure continues for good. It is clear that the group will never again have the same level of success that it experienced during the 80s but the main thing is to believe in it as they say !

2003 ... they will even attempt the transition to the 2000s. They are far from being ridiculous but to compete with the competition becomes literally impossible ...

2007 ... another title with more than certain quality. They cannot compete with the competition but we can only salute their desire to do well !

2015 ... with them, it's never over ! The proof with this title released during the decade of 2010 and which shows once again that with them, anything is possible. So to follow ...

Top Bonus: 2006...what better than to see them on stage ! We are therefore not going to sulk our pleasure and appreciate this moment at its fair value...


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