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Tailor-made for Men in Black...

Patrice Rushen is an American singer-songwriter who will stay mainly in the musical history of the 80s for her mega hit "Forget me nots".

An enormous track, released in 1982, and which will undoubtedly remain as one of the biggest Dance hits of the decade.

So much so that the title will be taken up by Will Smith in the now cult film Men in Black and George Michael in his title Fastlove.

She will produce more quality singles that it would have been a shame to ignore.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Kickin’ back 1975

  • Hang it up 1979

  • Givin’ it up is givin’ up 1980

  • Haven’t you heard 1980

  • Let the music take me 1980

  • Look up 1980

  • Never gonna give you up (Won’t let you be) 1981

  • Forget me nots 1982

  • Breakout ! 1982

  • I was tired of being alone 1982

  • Get off (You fascinate me) 1984

  • Feels so real (won’t let go) 1984

  • Watch out 1987

  • Anything can happen 1987

  • Come back to me 1987

  • I do 1994


Clips :

1975 ... beginnings which do not bode well for the rest of the events. At this point, it is impossible to imagine that the artist will produce one of the biggest dance hits of all time ...

1979 ... a notorious evolution which allows the singer to obtain her first ranked hit. Of course, this is only the beginning, but let's be patient, the best is yet to come !

1980 ... a smooth change of decade that shows the full potential of little Patrice. And there is !

1980 ... and here comes the first global hit. On a Dance rhythm that is much more appropriate for this type of recognition. The Rushen steamroller is now on !

1980 ... a year 1980 which allows the singer to rise in power in a spectacular way. A pivotal year that will really change everything ...

1980 ... a decidedly exceptional 1980 with a plethora of titles and a second top hit. All that remains is to unroll ...

1981 ... the style is refined year after year and the rise in quality is obvious. Even if this year 1981 will be single title, the quality is there and it is essential !

1982 ... then comes THIS title. An amazing Dance title that will undoubtedly remain as one of the most striking of this year and of the decade itself. A title which sets fire to all the Dancefloor on the planet and brings One Shot the singer into the musical legend of the 80s. MAS-TER-FUL !

1982 ... difficult to compete with the previous title as the bar is high. On this point, it will be necessary to be satisfied with a 'small' hit ...

1982 ... 1980 was a year rich in titles, 1982 will come closer. With various successes, of course, but the singer continues on a dynamic that does not seem to want to weaken

1984 ... year 1983 empty, a small air gap quickly compensated by this comeback a year later. A beautiful year 1984 which is on the horizon ...

1984 ... a comeback confirmed by this enormous title which gives her its 2nd global mega hit. A well-deserved consecration which makes her one of the most prominent artists of her generation

1987 ... new 3 years air gap, followed once again by a winning comeback. Repeated comebacks that benefit her, to say the least !

1987 ... she will align no less than 3 hits of big caliber in this year 1987. This one will be the least prestigious but a hit remains a hit, whether big or small !

1987 ... the last notorious hit. Quality is always the order of the day, but the great inspiration that made all the difference on "Forget me nots" is now gone ...

1994 ... only one title in this new decade. Yet another comeback attempt, which unfortunately will not work this time ...


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