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Still in the game...

Steve Winwood, born Stephen Lawrence Winwood, is an English singer and songwriter. He was very young part of the Rhythm & Blues scene in Birmingham, to the point of not being able to play in front of the public because he was too young to work at night. He joined the Spencer Davis Group from 1964 to 1967, then founded the Traffic group, then Blind Faith in 1969 with a certain… Eric Clapton, before flying off on his own from 1977. Year when he released his first solo album "Steve Winwood". Album without real success. First successes, first arriving with the singles "While you see a chance" in 1980, "Night train" in 1981 and "Valérie" in 1982. But it was the album "Back in the high life" in 1986 which remained as his greatest success with 3 million copies sold, in particular thanks to the flagship title "Higher Love". To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...):

• Hold on 1977

• While you see a chance 1980

• Arc of a diver 1981

• Night train 1981

• Spanish dancer 1981

• Still in the game 1982

• Valérie 1982

• Talking back to the night 1982

• Higher love 1986

• Back in the high life again 1986

• The finer things 1987

• Roll with it 1988

• Don't you know what the night can do ? 1988

• Holding on 1988

• One and only man 1990

• I will be here 1991

• Spy in the house of love 1997


Clips :

1977 ... the first steps. The voice is already there. Style, on the other hand, has nothing to do with what it will be a few years later.

1980 ... the excellent title which will reveal it and offer it its first planetary mega hit. A title that launches for good his solo career. This time, the style is well and truly posed ...

1981 ... a continuation of certain quality which shows the full potential of the artist. And there is potential, it's clear !

1981 ... a "Night Train" which takes us to first-rate melodic regions. New hit !

1981 ... without hurrying, calmly, calmly ... In Ballad mode, an area he also masters at first sight ...

1982 ... back in force in this new year thanks to this nice duo which works my faith relatively well

1982 ... new top hit. Thanks WHO ? Thank you Valérie ! There is no denying, the girls are doing pretty well ...

1982 ... a year 1982 of the foreground with a 3rd title which, once again, hits the bull's eye

1986 ... the title of the consecration. ENORMISSIME title which will remain as its biggest hit and makes him enter definitively in the musical legend of the 80s

1986 ... a suite with finesse to end this year which is decidedly exceptional for him

1987 ... little year 1987 with only one major title. Small air hole that will not last ...

1988 ... back on the scene with a much more rock title, a register that is not necessarily the style that suits him best...

1988 ... rocko-rock parenthesis already ended, we set off again in a musical register which until then had succeeded rather well

1988 ... a 3rd hit which once again demonstrates that inspiration is always at the top. Pretty good sign ...

1990 ... change of decade and new hit. Always in the race the guy !

1991 ... new sweet parenthesis with this particularly inspired title

1997 ... his last notorious hit. This time, it is indeed the end of a magnificent adventure which will have lasted almost 20 years ...


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