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She's so unusual...

Cyndi Lauper, née Cynthia Lauper, is an American composer and singer who began composing at the age of 12. From an early age, she stood out with eccentric hair and clothing colors.

Her real musical career began in the early 1970s when she sang choristers in New York groups.

In 1977, she failed to stop everything when she "lost" her voice due to damage to the vocal cords. Forced and forced, she stops singing for 1 year. And although a doctor has said that she will never sing again, the miracle happens and she regains the use of her voice thanks to a voice coach.

A year later she meets John Turi with whom she forms the group "Blue Angel". They even released an album in 1980 with very poor success despite good reviews. The group will not recover and explodes shortly after.

It was in 1981 that she was spotted by David Wolff while singing in a New York bar. He had her signed at Portrait Records.

Two years passed before his first album "She's so unusual" was released in 1983, from which the cult "Girls just want to have fun" would be extracted. As well as "Time after time", "She bop", "All through the night" and "Money changes everything". It is a worldwide success, as much by the quality of the album as by the stripping look of the singer.

She becomes the first woman to have 4 consecutive titles from a single album ranked in the top 5 of the American Bilboard Hot100. Nominations and awards are raining everywhere.

In 1986 the second album "True colors" was released, which did not reach the scores of the first but provided 3 Singles hits such as "True colors", "Change of heart" and "What’s going on".

We had to wait three years to see the third album "A night to remember" come out, which will contain only one hit, namely "" I drove all night " ! The album is a commercial failure.

This will also be the case for the fourth "Hat full of stars".

2 failures that will stop the meteoric rise of this hallucinating alien from the meteoric and which will have deeply marked the spirits and the 80s, as much by her talent as by his delirious fierceness and her anti-conformism.

Which will not prevent her from continuing the adventure in the years and decades that will follow and in a very beautiful way...

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

70s Decade :

• You make loving fun 1977

80s Decade :

• I had a love (Blue Angel) 1980

• I'm gonna be strong (Blue Angel) 1980

• Girls just want to have fun 1983

• Time after time 1984

• She bop 1984

• All trough the night 1984

• Money changes everything 1984

• The goonies ‘R’ good enough 1985

• True colors 1986

• Change of heart 1986

• What’s going on 1987

• Boy blue 1987

• Hole in my heart 1988

• I drove all night 1989

• My first night without you 1989

• A night to remember 1989

• Heading west 1989

90s Decade :

• Unconditionnal love 1990

• The world is stone 1992

• Who let in the rain 1993

• That’s what I think 1993

• I'm gonna be strong 1994

• Come on home 1995

• You don't know 1997

• Ballad of Cloe and Joe 1997

• Disco inferno 1999

2000s Decade :

• Shine 2002

• Walk on by 2004

• Stay 2004

• Above the clouds 2005

• Set your heart 2008

• Same Ol' story 2008

• Into the nighlife 2008

2010s Decade :

• Just your fool 2010

• Home for the hollidays 2011

• Blue Christmas 2011

• Sex is in the heel 2012

• Hard candy Christmas 2015

• Funnel of love 2016

• Hope 2019


Tracks :

1977 ... impossible to imagine at that time that this singer with such a deep voice will become the one we know today ...

1980...we find her again 3 years later and the metamorphosis is impressive to say the least. Everything is there now, the style, the voice, all that remains for the young Cyndi is to find the right recipe to mix all these good ingredients...

1980...we therefore find her within a group that is ephemeral to say the least but which will know its hour of glory with this title. Sometimes a single title is enough...

1983 ... she returns 3 years later in solo and will smash everything in its path thanks to this luxury cover of the title of Robert Hazard dating from 1979. THE shock is planetary, just like the AMAZING hit that she signs here and which offers her the biggest success of her entire career and a direct ticket to posterity. MAS-TER-FUL !

1984 ... after having signed one of the biggest Dance hits of the decade, she came back in force a year later with this WONDER ! She is as gifted in the wacky as in the Intimist. Incredible but true !

1984 ... drive away the natural, it gallops ! We suspected that this sweet break would not last. Back in boosted mode, a mode that suits her like a glove, it is clear !

1984 ... the incredible year in which everything succeeds with disconcerting ease. We are already at the 3rd top hit, just that. And it's not over, far from it !

1984 ... a decidedly exceptional year which ends in style with this new hit. Certainly less prestigious than the others ... But that's already it !

1985 ... a year of transition which bears no resemblance to the previous one. Which does not prevent her from being a hit on this soundtrack once again crazy

1986 ... it is to better come back in force the following year and thus deliver its 2nd WONDER. In just 3 years she will have become one of the biggest planetary phenomena in terms of music and she does not intend to stop there, it is clear. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1986 ... the B side of 'True Colors'. A title that will have passed completely under the radar and yet frankly deserved to come under the light ...

1986 ... at its best !! An incredible new year which definitively and incontestably consecrates her as one of the biggest stars of the decade

1987 ... simply magnificent !! An extraordinary talent which allows her to excel as much in the wacky as in the Intimist. Not given to everyone !

1987 ... after an avalanche of mega tubes, she knows her first air hole with this title. And yet, she is far from demerit, that is clear. But she set the bar so high that the slightest weakness of inspiration was immediately sanctioned by the public, who always asked for more ...

1988 ... energy return for a title that spins at 200 km / h. And it works again. Success returns slowly but surely and that's the main thing after the slight air hole known on the previous title

1989 ... the end of a decade that rhymes with a new global mega hit. But which will also be his last notorious hit. The 1990s will prove to be a little more complicated to manage than expected ...

1989 ... well, that does not prevent her from continuing to deliver very large caliber titles, like this one. So do not worry too much but you can imagine that she will not be able to continue on such a rhythm of planetary success repeatedly for decades and decades ...

1989 ... even if the level of success drops from title to title, this year 1989 still sees the release of several large-caliber titles which show that she still has some under the pedal as they say. The essential is therefore preserved !

1989 ... 1 mega hit, 1 top hit and 2 'small' hits just for this one year 1989. Many singers of his rank would like to have the same level of success, that's for sure !

1990 ... a title passed somewhat unnoticed and which nevertheless deserves a detour. What better way to start the new decade smoothly ...

1992 ... Michel Berger would never have imagined that the nice "foldingue" take up this incredible title and make such a modern version. A sumptuous revisited version that allows the singer to return to the front of the stage in a smashing way. MAS-TER-FU-LLY played !

1993 ... once again straddling its two contradictory influences. The strikethrough on one side and the emotional whole on the other. A constant that will have been hers from the beginning to the end ...

1993 ... a career that lasts, and that lasts, and that lasts. But we feel that the style, like the sound, has changed somewhat in this new decade. And not necessarily in the right direction unfortunately ...

1994 ... a 90s decade which sees a calmed Cyndi, much less speed, more at peace with herself. But which suddenly loses intensity and creativity. With the key a progressive disaffection of the public unfortunately ...

1995 ... in reggae mode, who would have thought ...! It's not the same Cyndi anymore, it's clear ! She will have squarely started a 2nd career in this decade 90, in clear rupture with the previous one. A previous one where she was wacky at will, a wacky side which made all its charm ...

1997 ... 20 years after its debut, still there ! Certainly, she no longer aligns mega hits as before but what a career all the same. Who would've believed that !

1997 ... is it the same singer, there is really something to ask the question ... Nothing corresponds to what she was a few years ago and wanting to stick too much to the latest trends has completely sanitized her. ..

1999..and it is not this revisited version of the title of the Trammps dating from 1976 which will be able to save the soldier Cyndi. Its version is nice but any average singer of the moment could have interpreted it in the same way ...

2002 ... the adventure will continue but far, very far, from the level of success she experienced during her first part of her career. Yet she is far from demerit, it's clear but her style is no longer successful as they say ...

2004 ... not to mention that taking refuge in a style at the antipodes of its fundamentals will have finished destabilizing its base fans. Its revisited version of Dionne Warwick's title dating from 1964 while finesse is sincerely worth the detour but unfortunately will not interest many people ...

2004 ... the least we can say is that she tries to give an image of herself totally opposite to everything she had proposed until then. The problem is, all that made her so successful at the start of his career was his totally unbridled personality and style. Which is no longer the case today ...

2005 ... a title full of finesse and lightness which 20 years earlier could have really worked. Unfortunately, the general public has gone elsewhere and there are not many people left to listen to what she has to offer, as interesting as it is ...

2008 ... between this title and the previous title the least we can say is that we go from one extreme to another. It starts with a good feeling to want to go back to pure Dance but even in this area she does not interest many people anymore ...

2008 ... when we no longer believed in it, she will still manage to come to the surface with this title. An unexpected comeback that brings her back to the fore for this title ...

2008 ... and 30 years later, still here ! A Cyndi who tries squarely to compete with youngsters 30 years younger. Kamikaze rock'n'roll but knowing her, no wonder and on that one, it worked pretty well !

2010 ... the big gap again because here she is in Blues mode, a musical field in which we could never have imagined. And besides, not many people will imagine her at the sight of the few results of this title in the Charts ...

2011 ... she will definitely have tried everything because here she is now in Christmas Album mode. The result will be nice but nothing more and above all will not allow her anyway to go back a little on the competition ...

2011 ... this one will unfortunately not do better. It starts from a good feeling, it is well tried but once again the general public will not know what to think about it...

2012 ... and here she is again in ultra Dance mode. Her permanent changes in musical style make you dizzy, to say the least ...

2015 ... another radical change in musical style. Too bad she spends her time muddling the waters because it will have deprived her of a possible lasting return to the front of the stage ...

2016 ... until the end she will have done nothing like the others. She continues to chart her course as she sees fit and especially in the musical style that inspires her at that time. After that, is it the tastes of the general public, that's something else ...

2019 ... you should know that with her nothing is ever over. We can therefore imagine that the adventure is likely to continue for the next decade, a matter to be continued ...


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