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She loves big muscles ...

Diana Ross is an American singer and actress who started her musical career while still in high school in the Primettes female quartet. The Motown label quickly identified them and had them signed in 1961 under the name "The Supremes". Their success is such that they even come to compete with the Beatles. They will place at this precise period no less than 14 titles at the head of the Hits parades, including the now cult "Stop!" In the name of love ”. Given the leadership role that the singer in the group, the group was renamed "Diana Ross and The Supremes" in 1967. Motown boss Berry Gordy 3 years later encouraged her to stand on his own two feet. His first solo single will be "Ain't No Montain High Enough". It was in 1972 that she took her first steps in the cinema in "Billie Holiday". The albums that follow are all successful with titles like "Do You Know Where You're Going To" and "Love Hangover". They are members of the "Chic" group who give her the impulse that will suddenly make her switch to Disco and will be at the origin of flagship singles like "Upside down". In 1981 she recorded with Lionel Richie the title "Endless love" which will stay 9 weeks in a row in mind, a record ! And it’s Michael Jackson himself, her little protégé, who produces her album “Silk Electric” from which the now cult “Muscles” will be taken. The end of the 80s will be for her a slow but inexorable fall and only the single "Chain reaction" will allow her to temporarily return to success.

She will continue the adventure during the decades that will follow but without being able to regain the incredible level of success that she will have known during the 1980s.

Anyway, she is considered to this day as the black singer having sold the most titles of all time, she is one of the very few to be able to boast of appearing in the Guinness of the records and this thanks to her seventy certified tubes. To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• Stop ! In the name of love 1965

• Reah out and touch (Somebody's hand) 1970

• Ain't No Montain High Enough 1970

• Remember me 1970

• I'm still waiting 1971

• Touch me in the morning 1973

• Last time I saw him 1974

• Do You Know Where You're Going To 1975

• Love Hangover 1976

• One love in a lifetime 1976

• Gettin' ready for love 1977

• Ease on down the road 1978

• The boss 1979

• No one gets the prize 1979

• It's my house 1979

• Upside down 1980

• I’m coming out 1980

• My old piano 1980

• Endless love 1981

• Why Do Fools Fall in Love 1981

• Mirror Mirror 1981

• Muscles 1982

• Pieces of ice 1983

• All of you 1984

• Missing you 1984

• Eaten alive 1985

• Chain reaction 1985

• Experience 1986

• Dirty looks 1987

• Workin' overtime 1989

• When you tell me that you love me 1991

• No matter what you do 1991

• You're gonna love it 1991

• Take me higher 1995

• I'm gone 1995

• Until we meet again 1999

• Not over you yet 1999

Goin' back 2001

When you tell me that you love me 2005

What a difference a day makes 2006


Clips :

1965 ... all of them all beginnings. The girls will sign here one of the biggest hits of the Sixtie's decade, just that ! Well, at this point, it's hard to imagine the incredible sequel that awaits young Diana ...

1970 ... the first solo title. A gentle start for the woman who will become one of the most renowned singers of the end of the 20th century

1970 ... then suddenly everything accelerates. The second title will be the correct one. This time, she reaches the heights One shot and obtains her first planetary mega hit

1970 ... first year solo and already 3 mega hits on the clock. We couldn't dream of a better start !

1971 ... for this year 1971, the mega hit, it will be this one. A nice Intimist title so typical of those years

1973 ... a white year in 1972. We find her once again in great shape the following year. In particular on this title which will remain as its most famous of this vintage

1974 ... light and airy at will. Admittedly, this title will not remain like the Dance title of the year but whatever ...

1975 ... the title which propels her to heights never reached by her. A very large-caliber ballad that definitely elevates her to the rank of planetary star !

1976 ... ready for glory, real, enormous. The tempo is accelerating slowly but surely. Race results : first galactic hit !

1976 ... this time, the Dance tube machine is launched. The beginnings of a future tidal wave ...

1977 ... a not very prolific year which will see the release of only one title. Well, very playful. We will be largely satisfied ...

1978 ... the Diva and her little protégé. A relationship that will grow crescendo and that will produce wonders

1979 ... at the top of the Disco wave, impossible not to rub it in one way or another. And the result is up to par !

1979 ... a succession of Dance hits which will not remain like the most famous of the moment but which largely hold the road

1979 ... his last hit of the decade. Before starting the next one and smashing everything in its path !

1980 ... the final consecration thanks to this Dance monument. She delivers here a HUGE title which will literally set fire to all the Dansefloor of the planet ! Another shot from the brilliant Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards from Chic. MAS-TER-FUL !

1980 ... this one is not bad either. We take the same and start again. The unique and inimitable style of Chic which allows the Diva to transcend herself once again

1980 ... which will surely remain one of his best titles. Not necessarily the highest ranked but surely among the most emblematic, that's for sure !

1981 ... take out the handkerchiefs, here comes the time for Ultimate Slow phew ! And with the undisputed Master of the genre. The result is necessarily exceptional !

1981 ... well, it couldn't last, back to Dance. And it pulsates, to say the least !

1981 ... 1000 % Dance. Not necessarily his best title but quality, always and again. We will largely be satisfied !

1982 ... another of his most emblematic titles. Written by the little protégé. A little protégé who is about to become the biggest star of the time, just that !

1983 ... her best title of the year. A year inside, where inspiration is not necessarily at the top ...

1984 ... another HUGE duo, This time with THE beautiful Spanish of the moment. An Ultimate Slow necessarily caliente !!

1984 ... and what about that one. A wonder of finesse and softness ! And who is still behind ...? A certain Lionel R...

1985 ... then there, it is downright heavy artillery ! At the controls, the Gibb brothers of the Bee Gees as well as the little Michael. The total !

1985 ... a final in apotheosis ! When the Rolls of groups meets the Rolls of singers, the result is necessarily up to par. Thank you Bee Gees !

1986 ... once again the blessed leg of the Gibb on this nice title. Its the only one of the year by the way. Not very prolific in the year 1986...

1987 ... a year 1986 without much relief followed by a year 1987 where nothing much happens. Apart from this title which will come out pretty well its pin of the game ...

1989 ... a complicated end of the decade which sees the star lose "market share", that's clear. Difficult to stay on top decade after decade ...

1991 ... the beginning of the end. The last notorious success for a decade which will prove to be necessarily more complicated to negotiate than the previous ones

1991 ... a last duo of shock and charm on an Ultimate Slow of very high class. Like what, nothing is never finished ...

1991 ... of course, the Diva is no longer as much in the "move" as before but it still has a hell of a lot under it. The proof...

1995 ... the releases of titles by are more and more episodic and the successes more than average. It was not until the year 1995 to see her reconnect temporarily with the latter

1995 ... return to Intimist mode on a track that is very soft and delicate. And literally floating in the air ...

1999 ... she will have gone through the 1960s, then the 1970s, then the 1980s and now she ends the 1990s. And still there, a real feat !

1999 ... we start with the Supremes then we finish in EuroDance mode ... Yes, yes, it's possible. A decidedly incredible career !

2001 ... come on, the adventure is not quite over. She revisits here a title by Dusty Springfield dating from 1966, a bet for the less daring. But at this point, the copy will exceed the original. Bluffing !

2005 ... when the young generation pays homage to the Diva ! All this on a track full of finesse which was really the ideal way to do it. MA-GIC !

2006 ... what better way to end this incredible adventure than this nice cover of Dinah Washington's title dating from 1959. The loop is now closed ...


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