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She heard it through the grapevine...

Gladys Knight, also known as The Empress of Soul, is an American singer-songwriter who can boast of having won no less than 7 Grammy Awards to date, just that. Four solo and three with his group The Pips, a group made up of his brother Merald "Bubba" Knight and his cousins ​​William Guest and Edward Patten.

A precocious singer to say the least, since she was noticed at the age of 8 when she won Ted Mack's 1952 tele-hook The Original Amateur Hour.

Three years later in 1955 we witness the formation of the Pips under the leadership of the singer's mother, a group that will begin to shine in Atlanta and make talk about him more and more. So much so that the Brunswick Records label signed them in 1957 and allowed them to record two first tracks, tracks that would go somewhat unnoticed ...

They will have to wait until the beginning of the 60s to finally see their hopes begin to be realized with the release of the title "Every beat oy heart" in 1961, Single which will bring them their first notorious success and project them in a sensational way on the front of the stage.

Unfortunately, the group could not confirm afterwards all the good that one could think of him and it was not until the signing with Motown in 1966 to see him finally return to the race. Label with which they released a first album "Everybody needs love" the following year in 1967, album with certain success and which will mainly produce the enormous Single "I heard it through the grapevine".

Now that the dynamic is in place, the group will go on to hit albums with "Feelin 'bluesy" and "Silk N'soul" in 1968, "Nitty gritty" in 1969, "If I were your woman" and "Standing ovation" in 1971, "Neither one of us", "All I need" but also, and above all," Imagination" in 1973. Album released this time under the label Buddah Records and which will offer them their first mega hit with the Single "Midnight train to Georgia" and a second very big hit with the top hit "Best thing that ever happened to me".

A dynamic of success that did not weaken the following year with the release in 1974 of the album "I feel a song", an album which added a prestigious star to the band's charts with the title "The way we were".

The rest will be a little more complicated to manage with the release of albums that will not really meet the same level of success, except "Still together" which comes out in 1977. Album carried at arm's length by the Single "Baby, don't change your mind".

The singer began to roll solo from the end of the decade with the release in 1978 of her first album “Miss Gladys Knight”, an album with mixed success. Ditto for the album "Gladys Knight" which was released a year later in 1979.

The transition to the 80s was not going to see any major improvement in terms of success in the Charts except in 1983 when the album "Visions" will allow the Pips to come back somewhat in the race. In particular with the title "Save the overtime (For me)" and "Hero".

On the solo side, she will appear in 1985 in the legendary Warwick-John-Wonder quartet which will perform the title "That’s what friend are for", a title which will remain as one of the most emblematic of the 1980s.

The Pips will experience their last major success in 1987 with the album "All our love", album which will offer them their last top hit with the title "Love overboard".

Two years later in 1989, it is the singer who finally knows the consecration in solo with the title "License to kill", flagship title of the soundtrack of the same name that will be found in the new James Bond opus.

A consecration that will be followed by a slow, but irremediable deceleration, and the adventure will continue thereafter, but the singer will never regain the level of success encountered in the past.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

60s Decade :

  • Every beat of my heart (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1961

  • Letter full of tears (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1961

  • Operator (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1962

  • Giving up (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1964

  • Lovers always forgive (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1964

  • Who knows (I just can’t trust you) (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1965

  • I heard it through the grapevine (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1967

  • I wish it would rain (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1968

  • Friendship train (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1969

70s Decade :

  • If I were your woman (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1970

  • Make me the woman that you go home to (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1971

  • Help me make it thrugh the night (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1972

  • Neither one of us (Wants to be the first to say goodbye) (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1972

  • The Look of love (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1973

  • Midnight train to Georgia (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1973

  • Between her goodbye and my hello (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1974

  • Best thing that ever happened to me (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1974

  • Love find its own way (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1975

  • The way we were (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1975

  • Part time love (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1975

  • So sad the song (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1976

  • Baby don’t change your mind (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1977

  • The one and only (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1978

  • It’s a better than a good time (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1978

  • I’m coming home again 1978

  • Am I too late 1979

80s Decade :

  • Landford (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1980

  • Taste of bitter love (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1980

  • Bourgie’ Bourgie’ (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1980

  • Forever yesterday (For the children) (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1981

  • If that’ll make you happy (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1981

  • I will fight (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1981

  • A friend of mine (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1982

  • Save the overtime (For me) (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1983

  • You’re number one (In my book) (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1983

  • Hero (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1983

  • When you’re far away (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1984

  • My time (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1985

  • Keep givin’ me love (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1985

  • That’s what friends are for 1985

  • Send it to me (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1986

  • Loving on borrowed time 1986

  • Love overboard (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1987

  • Lovin’ on next to nothin’ (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1988

  • It’s gonna take all our love (Gladys Knight And The Pips) 1988

  • Licence to kill 1989

90s Decade :

  • If I knew then what I know now 1990

  • Men 1991

  • Superwoman 1991

  • Meet me in the middle 1991

  • Where would I be 1992

  • I don’t wan to know 1994

  • Next time 1995

  • Missing you 1996

2010s Decade :

  • Settle 2010

  • I (Who have nothing) 2011

  • Just a little 2015


Tracks :

1961 ... the title of the revelation. All thanks to this revisited version of the Royals' title dating from 1954, a cover that brings the young singer her first global hit. The first and certainly not the last ...

1961 ... a year 1961 which saw her and her Pips take off in an impressive way. And let's go to last like this for a few years, even a few decades !

1962 ... after a dazzling start, the group is struggling to confirm all the good we could think of him. They will therefore have to work again and again ...

1964 ... after a year 1963 when all the titles of the group will go unnoticed, here they are back in this year 1964 in sufficient form to allow them to return to the race. Hope it lasts ...

1964 ... the recovery is confirmed title after title in this year 1964. Nothing exceptional but a quality level which is enough to keep them in contact with the best, at least in the USA ...

1965 ... 1965 will pass more or less the same way as the year 1964. The group does not manage to move up a gear but produces the minimum union which allows him to continue to believe in it...

1967 ... all their efforts will finally pay off in this year 1967 and in what way ! The group obtains its first global mega hit here and is de facto one of the phenomena of the moment. MAS-TER-FUL !

1968 ... the huge previous success blew up all the barriers that hindered the group and he now unrolls in an impressive way. Like what, not much was enough ...

1969 ... admittedly, the group has not yet succeeded in repeating the feat accomplished during 1967 but the current average level of success is largely sufficient to keep them in the leading pack ...

1970 ... it is the decade of the Sixties which will have seen them hatch and then reach the big league with the most obvious ease but it is the decade of the seventies which consecrates them definitively. Starting with this title full of finesse ...

1971 ... a know-how in the Intimist which is and will always remain their strong point. All the titles produced in this field have been successful and brought the group most of its laurels ...

1972 ... every time they revisit the title of another, the result often exceeds that obtained by the original, that is to say. Once again the proof with this revisited version of the title of Kris Kristoffersson dating from 1970, revisited version which brings them a new star of prestige, one more star to add to a prize list which begins to contain a significant number ...

1972 ... an exceptional year in all respects with this new mega hit, mega hit which became their biggest success to date. The quartet literally walks on water, there are no other words. MA-GIC !

1973 ... we suspected that it would be difficult for them to match such a prosperous year 1972. This does not prevent them from continuing their adventure with a level of confidence close to 100 % and with good reason !

1973 ... the group has just passed the last level which still prevented him from reaching the supreme level. It is now a done deal and the group is definitively entering the musical history of the end of the twentieth century with THIS title. A well-deserved consecration !

1974 ... a know-how in the Intimist which does not deny itself and this in spite of the weight of the years. They excel in this area with a mastery that leaves very little space for competition ...

1974 ... the mega hits now follow one another at an incredible speed. Everything the group produces immediately turns to gold and nothing and no one is able to counter them at this point ...

1975 ... already 15 years of career and a hand put on things to say the least bluffing. And there is almost as much to accomplish, which is to say that we are not ready to see them disappear ...

1975 ... covering some Barbra Streisand dating from 1973 is quite a gamble. And yet it is raised hands down even if, for once concerning them, the copy will not exceed the original. MA-GIC anyway once again !

1975 ... undoubtedly one of the best prize list for the Intimist domain over the past 15 years. The group outperforms the competition with ease to say the least ...

1976 ... it is clear that they do not risk setting the Dancefloor on fire with titles like this again. But it could be that the end of the decade sees them evolve somewhat at this level ...

1977 ... that's it, the group evolves and finally accelerates the tempo. It must be said that in full Disco euphoria, it would have been suicidal not to follow the train of modernity ...

1978 ... hunt the natural, it inevitably comes back at a gallop. The group must be careful because this end of the decade sees upheavals in terms of musical evolution that should not be underestimated, far from it ...

1978 ... even if the level of success has nothing to do with what they experienced in the middle of the decade, the group manages to stay in the front row thanks to this kind of title. It remains to be seen what the next decade has in store for them ...

1979 ... the first solo steps. The adventure with the Pips will have been exceptional in all respects but it is time for the singer to stand on her own feet ...

1980 ... which does not prevent her from continuing to ride with her favorite group. She will now lead both careers in order to multiply the possibilities and especially to avoid locking her in a single box ...

1980 ... the group has been able to evolve as it should and has been able to adapt to the latest trends in order to continue the adventure in the best conditions. And so far, things are going pretty well ...

1980 ... here they are at 20 years of career and the group is still in the race and certainly does not intend to stop there. A longevity reserved as always for the greatest necessarily ...

1981 ... their know-how in the Intimist is unfortunately no longer successful at the beginning of the 1980s. What made their strength during the previous 2 decades now becomes more a weakness than anything else ...

1981 ... because even in this very particular field, things have also evolved, especially the sounds. And at this level, the group did not know how to adapt as it should have, it is clear ...

1981 ... their highest ranked title of the year, as luck would have it. It is really time for the group to question the strategy to be followed in the years to come ....

1982 ... as soon as they return to their chosen field, the sanction in the Charts is immediate. The younger generation prefers them much more in Dance than the 'emotional' register, that's for sure ...

1983 ... message heard because here they are back in Dance mode. With the key to a return of success in the Charts, as if by chance. Once again lesson to remember !

1983 ... even if they have finally adapted their sound in the register of finesse and lightness, that is not enough to make them come back in contact with the best. Times are getting harder and harder ...

1983 ... it is again with a revisited version, this time on the title of Kamalh dating from 1982, that they will obtain one of their biggest successes of the decade. Once again on an absolutely sumptuous Intimist track which proves, if it was still necessary, that this group really has exceptional talent in this area !

1984 ... a group which will have been able to adapt perfectly to all the new musical trends of the moment and whatever the decade. Afterwards, the results will have been there, or not ...

1985 ... surprisingly, the group will not reap more than that the fruit of its efforts to adapt to the latest trends. Frankly a shame because they are far from unworthy, that's for sure ...

1985 ... they always go back to basics, no matter what. And once again, the result in the Charts will be only moderate while the quality of the title is obvious. Sometimes you don't have to try to understand ...

1985 ... decidedly, the Quartets succeed to her at the highest point. This time she joins the time of a title with the trio Warwick-John-Wonder and the result will be at the height of their respective talent, that is to say extraordinary. MAS-TER-PIE-CE !

1986 ... here they arrived in the soundtrack of 'Miami Vice II'. And despite their best efforts, the group still cannot find their way back to high-caliber success. When it doesn't want, it doesn't ...

1986 ... new soundtrack this time for the movie "Cobra". We find the singer without the Pips with as a partner on this title Bill Medley. And once again, the success will be mixed after all, despite the contribution of this partner to the talent of the most certain ...

1987 ... while we thought that the group would no longer be able to produce the least mega hit worthy of the name, the miracle will still take place with this title. Like what, in music, anything is always possible. The proof !

1988 ... the relapse will unfortunately be severe. The group will fall back as quickly as he had gone back to the previous title and this time, the miracle will never happen again ...

1988 ... they deliver here a last title full of finesse of which they have the secret. What better way to close this incredible adventure than to go out the front door with a title of this template. One last time MA-GIC !

1989 ... the Tips adventure is over but Gladys's not, far from it. The James Bond saga will offer her a sumptuous gift by bringing her on a set this title which will undoubtedly remain as one of her most emblematic at the solo level. MAS-TER-FUL !

1990 ... we can push the song with one of the biggest names in American song, it does not guarantee fame and fortune. Unfortunately, she will learn it at her expense ...

1991 ... already 30 years of career on the clock and still there. In addition, in a style that has nothing to envy to young girls who are 30 years younger than her. Mighty performance !

1991 ... usually the associations were successful for her rather well but this will not be the case during this decade 90. Especially when we see the cast of this title, we could hope for global success. It won't really be the case ...

1991 ... she still believes it anyway. A desire to move forward that commands respect but we suffer for her given the level of success achieved ...

1992 ... it is said that normally all roads lead to Rome, but in this case, all roads lead to the Intimist. Limited success but success all the same on this one !

1994 ... regardless of the result in the Charts, she continues her adventure in her own way and certainly does not intend to throw in the towel when everything could encourage her to do so ...

1995 ... a discography that grows title after title, year after year, decade after decade. Undoubtedly one of the most well-rounded singers of her generation !

1996 ... when the younger generation joins forces with ancient glories, one can expect any result, both in a good way and in a bad way. In this case, it will be in the right one !

2010 ... who would have believed it, after having crossed the decades 70, 80, 90, 2000, here she attacks that of 2010. An exceptional longevity for a singer who is it not less !

2011 ... new luxury cover on this title with this revisited version of Ben E. King's title dating from 1963 (itself a revisited version of the original Joe Sentieri title dating from 1961). Her version will go a bit 'through' unfortunately ...

2015 ... the production of titles slows down more and more but it is still there, it is clear. And knowing her, there is a very good chance that she will be found later. So to be continued ...


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