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One more time...

Daft Punk is a French duo formed in 1993 by Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo, whose real name is Guillaume Emmanuel De Homem-Christo, and Thomas Bangalter. Duo who met on the benches of the Lycée Carnot in Paris in 1986 and who really began their artistic adventure six years later in 1992 within a group called Darlin ’.

Group to which a certain Laurent Brancowitz joins and who will produce some singles which will unfortunately go unnoticed, failures which will precipitate the rapid disappearance of the group. Brancowitz leaves for his part to join the group Phoenix and Bangalter and Homem-Christo for their part leave for their part to do 'mumuse' with synthesizers.

A fun activity that will quickly turn into a professional activity in 1993 under the name Daft Punk. And it is under this name that they will be noticed that same year by Stuart Macmillan, co-founder of the label Soma Quality Recordings. Label with which they will release their first single "Da funk" two years later in 1995.

And for a first try, it's a real masterstroke. The single will make a huge planetary success and propel the duo in a sensational way on the front of the international music scene. A mid-decade 90 which still sees them perform in their own guise.

Change of label from 1996 and move to Virgin Records, a label with which they were able to negotiate total freedom of action and creation. Total freedom which does not really benefit the single "Indo silver club", a single which was released without artist reference (!) the same year and which did not really enjoy the same level of success as its predecessor.

Fortunately, the years go by and do not necessarily look the same, the proof with this new year 1997 which will see them reach heights that they would never have imagined. Starting with the release of their first album "Homework", an album which brings them back to the front of the leading pack in a stunning way once again. But that's without counting on the release of the single "Around the world" the same year, single which will give the duo their first mega hit while making the group a global phenomenon also in the wake.

In just 2 years the group will have become one of the biggest musical revelations of the decade and will follow up on two new top hits which are “Burnin '” in 1997 and “Revolution 909” in 1998, two singles also taken from the 'Homework' album.

The 1980s saw them meet, the 1990s saw them explode to the highest level, but it was the 2000s that would consecrate them. Starting with the intergalactic hit “One more time” which came out in 2000. The single will shatter everything on a planetary level and raise the duo to the rank of demigods.

Single from the album "Discovery" which will be released a year later in 2001 and which will produce 3 other top hits which are "Aerodynamic", "Digitl love" and "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger". Flagship album of the group which will brilliantly illustrate the animated film 'Interstella 5555: the 5story of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem', a film directed by Leiji Matsumoto, their childhood idol, and which they will produce.

After having reigned over the world in an insolent way for almost 10 years, Daft Punkmania will fall back somewhat with the release of their new album "Human after all" in 2005. The album is a huge success but can not compete in any way with its predecessor both in terms of album sales and singles sales. The tracks "Robot rock" and "Tecnologic" will make a most flattering run in the Charts but no single from the album will be able to match "One more time".

It will take 4 years for the group to regain its senses and return in 2010 to the front of the stage thanks to the soundtrack of the film 'Tron : Legacy'. Soundtrack they are making for Disney and which will mainly produce the single "Derezzed".

We thought the group was at the end of the race and lacking inspiration, but it is bad to know them. They returned in 2013 with the album "Random Access Memories", album of all records and all superlatives. The group will simply sign their Masterpiece, resulting in truly mind-blowing sales scores. A legendary album carried at arm's length by a single that is no less namely "Get lucky", single performed by Pharrell Williams.

Album with a legendary mega hit but also with 4 top hits : "Lose yourself to dance", "Doin’ it right", " Instant crush" in 2013 and "Give life back to music" in 2014.

This time around, we think once again that they gave it their all this time around and we will hardly see them again. But once again the magical duo will make talk about him again two years later alongside singer Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd. Singer with whom they will obtain a new consecration with the single "Starboy" but also, and above all, the exceptional "I feel it coming", two singles which will appear among the titles events of the year 2016.

The duo will come back again in a sensational way in 2021 but this time to announce their separation ! A separation that will be like a bombshell on a planetary level and that is really hard to believe. Because with them, nothing is ever over ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Darlin (Darlin') 1992

  • Cindy so loud (Darlin') 1992

  • The new wawe 1994

  • Assault 1994

  • Life is sweet (The Chemical Brothers) 1995

  • Get funky get down (The Micronauts) 1995

  • Da funk 1995

  • Disco cubizm (I:Cube) 1996

  • Forget about the world (Gabrielle) 1996

  • Around the world 1997

  • Burnin' 1997

  • Revolution 909 1998

  • Mothership reconnection (Scott Grooves/Parliament-Funkadelic) 1998

  • One more time 2000

  • Aerodynamic 2001

  • Digital love 2001

  • Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger 2001

  • Veridis Quo 2001

  • High life 2001

  • Voyager 2001

  • Face to face 2003

  • Something about us 2003

  • Take me out (Franz Ferdinand) 2004

  • Robot rock 2005

  • Technologic 2005

  • Human after all 2005

  • The prime time of your life 2006

  • Derezzed 2010

  • Hypnothize you (N.E.R.D.) 2010

  • Giorgio by Moroder 2013

  • Within' 2013

  • Touch 2013

  • Beyond 2013

  • Fragments of time 2013

  • Contact 2013

  • Motherboard 2013

  • Get lucky 2013

  • Lose yourself to dance 2013

  • Doin' it right 2013

  • Instant crush 2013

  • Give life back to music 2014

  • Starboy (The Weeknd) 2016

  • I feel it coming (The Weeknd) 2016


Clips :

1992 ... the beginning of the genesis of an incredible adventure. But for now, no one is aware yet ...

1992 ... a Darlin 'adventure which will last only the time of 2 titles but which will all the same allow the trio to break in. And for 2 of them to prepare for a sequel that will exceed all their expectations ...

1994 ... the first official title of the duo. For the big take off, we will still have to wait a little bit. But we are getting closer ...

1994 ... it's still hard to imagine at this stage that this duo will produce totally extraordinary titles in the years to come. And yet ...

1995 ... after having mixed their first tracks, here they are remixing those of others. Starting with this title from the Chemical Brothers dating from the same year ...

1995 ... nothing exceptional but a linear rise in power with this remix of the Micronauts title also from 1995. A rise that will inevitably bear fruit at some point ...

1995 ... and that, to bear fruit, it will bear fruit, starting with THIS title ! The title of the big takeoff, the title that will reveal them in a shattering way to the whole earth. The legend is now on !

1996 ... now remains for the duo to demonstrate that the enormous success encountered on the previous title was not due to chance. In the meantime, they continue to remix the others with this time the title of I: Cube still from the same year ...

1996 ... it is the singer Gabrielle who will benefit from their talents of remixers this time. An adventure that will soon take an incredible turn for the duo ...

1997 ... the confirmation of an extraordinary talent, here it is ! The duo will prove here in a masterly way that their success is anything but the fruit of chance. MAS-TER-FUL !

Top Bonus : the making-off of the clip, a particularly interesting vision of the genesis of one of the most emblematic clips of the 90s

1997 ... how to match the previous gem ? It's almost mission impossible but with them, we will quickly realize that nothing is impossible ...

1998 ... admittedly, they cannot repeat the incredible feat achieved on "Around the world" but let's give them a little more time ...

1998 ... that doesn't stop them from continuing to remix other people's tracks. It is the title of Scott Grooves Feat Parliament-Funkadelic which will have their favors this time. With a result to the height once again !

2000 ... then THIS title comes ! Not only will they repeat the feat of "One more time" but they will even succeed in doing even stronger with this title, yes, yes, it is possible. The duo will deliver here an amazing title which will raise them to an almost stratospheric level of notoriety. Now they are indeed Masters of the world !

2001 ... almost impossible to chain on 2 exceptional hits of such a level, we agree. Each time, the title that follows does less well but the worst for them is the best for 99% of the competition ...

2001 ... a year 2001 which saw them still mastering their subject with incredible mastery. Each title that comes out is a huge success and keeps them in the lead without anyone being able to challenge their supremacy !

2001 ... and 3 ! The year 2001 enabled them to produce 3 very, very large caliber titles, three titles which will be added to an already hallucinating discography. 3 more !

2001 ... when you are Masters of the world, you can afford anything. Even to have all its titles illustrated by the Masters of Japanese Manga. The proof with the animated film 'Interstella 5555 : the 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem' which they will have made especially for the occasion ...

2001 ... some of the titles from the Discovery album will not be classified but most of them will be illustrated by the same manga. When the best of music meets the best of Japanese animation !

2001 ... we think once again that the band has reached the top of the world with this album and that they can only come down the mountain behind. It is very bad to know them ...

2003 ... two years later, this one, still from the same album, will be classified. A record album with 6 classified titles including 1 anthology, 3 top hits and 2 minor hits. What talent !

2003 ... the last classified title of the album. Now it remains to be seen what the future holds for them. To be continued as they say ...

2004 ... given the level of success achieved, they could play it super personal and snub the rest of the world. Which is absolutely not the case, the proof with this new remix for Franz Ferdinand. Solidarity, the little guys !

2005 ... here they are again on the front of the stage with a new album. An album with less success than its predecessor but which allows them all the same to maintain themselves at the highest level. Isn't that the main thing ...?

2005 ... especially since the level of success achieved in 2005 is still particularly flattering. No worries about them for the rest of the events, that's clear ...

2005 ... even if some titles like this will not break the house, each title they release is always an event in itself. With them, it's 0 waste !

2006 ... the problem with them is that they set the bar so high that you always expect incredible things in every title. Unfortunately not always possible ...

2010 ... nothing more interesting until the end of the 2000s and here they are again at the beginning of the 2010s with this time, not a remix, but a soundtrack of a film. Obviously to see them illustrate this kind of animated film ...

2010 ... an upheaval will take place on the planet Daft Punk and not the least. Before, they drove mainly for themselves. From now on, they will surround themselves with the best singers of the moment and the result will be simply amazing !

2013 ... we thought we had seen and especially heard everything with them. But everything they will deliver in this year 2013 will be purely and simply a matter of the Masterpiece ...

2013 ... admittedly, not all titles will reach the stars, either this one or its predecessor. But they will all come from a legendary album called "Random access Memories", an album that will forever remain as their Mona Lisa ...

2013 ... collaborations with other singers multiply and allow the duo to show a new facet of their immense talent. We want more !

2013 ... of course, the success is for the moment limited on most of the singles released in this year 2013. But given what is on the horizon, none, but then no worries about them !

2013 ... a profusion of titles in this year 2013 as rarely seen with them since the start of their career. And that high-level once again. And that's without counting on the awesome sequel that is coming to the end of its nose ...

2013 ... each additional title that comes out adds one more star to an already incredible prize list. And it's not over, far from it ...

2013 ... exceptional year for exceptional album. And yet, the jewel it contains has not yet been presented to the eyes of the whole world, at least to the ears of the whole world ...

2013 ... they produced a first anthology hit. Then a second. Each time, we said to ourselves that it would be impossible for them to repeat the feat and even less to exceed it. It is now done with THIS title, and especially the providential help of another demigods namely Nile Rodgers. A title that will remain indisputably and undisputed like their Mona Lisa. CULT !

2013 ... once again, the title that will follow an anthology title will be unable to compete with its predecessor. But given the level of success reached by these following titles, it would bring happiness to a hell of a lot of groups in search of very big caliber success ...

2013 ... a year 2013 which never ends and which sees the group reach its peak. A well-deserved consecration for 2 little Frenchys whose faces almost no one will have seen throughout their career ...

2013 ... an ability to work and above all to value others which really made the difference at the highest level. They will always have been in the right place, at the right time with the right people ...

2014 ... we tell ourselves that this time will be the last and that after such a year 2013, the duo may have given everything, even too much. Once again, it is very bad to know them ...

2016 ... the right people in the right place at the right time. Once again the proof with this incredible association which sees the past and the future intertwine to produce the exceptionally exceptional. Starting with this title ...

2016 ... with them, we thought we had heard everything. It was once again without counting on this absolutely amazing title, a title which will definitely raise them to the rank of quasi-divinities. To have such a level of inspiration, we can simply qualify them as Extraterrestrials, there are no other words !

2021 ... the end of the adventure. And yes, unbelievably as it sounds, the band officially announces their separation. So, true truth or stroke of bluff to better come back in a few years. With them, what history has taught us is to never assume anything. See you soon gentlemen ...


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