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Now the world knows their name...

Deacon Blue is a Scottish band formed in Glasgow in 1985 by Ricky Ross, Lorraine McIntosh, James Prime, Dougie Vipond, Ewen Vernal and Graeme Kelling.

Their first track "Take the saints away" was released in 1986 on a multi-group compilation with bands such as Wet Wet Wet and Hue and Cry.

The first album "Raintown" was released in 1987 and for a first try it was a real success. Album from which the flagship titles “Dignity”, “Chocolate girl” and “Loaded” will be extracted. It will sell nearly a million copies

The consecration came in 1989 with the release of the album "When the world knows your name" which met with colossal success. The band's notoriety exploded thanks to titles like "Wages day", "Fergus sings the blues" and the enormous "Real gone kid".

In 1991, the album "Fellow Hoodlums" was released, with less success but notoriously successful nonetheless.

Followed two years later in 1993 by the album "Whatever you say, say nothing", already more experimental in terms of sound and which unfortunately confuses fans. It will be a relative commercial failure.

Failure that will destabilize the group for a long time to the point that it will separate in 1994.

But the group will come back. Yes, yes ... and in great shape !

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Dignity 1987

  • Loaded 1987

  • When will you (make my telephone ring) 1987

  • Chocolate girl 1988

  • Real gone kid 1988

  • Wages day 1989

  • Fergus sings the blues 1989

  • Love and regret 1989

  • Queen of the new year 1989

  • I’ll never fall in love again 1990

  • Your swaying arms 1991

  • Twist and shout 1991

  • Closing time 1991

  • Cover from the sky 1991

  • Your town 1992

  • Will we be lovers 1993

  • Only tender love 1993

  • Hang your head 1993

  • I was right and you were wrong 1994

  • Love hurts 1999

  • Everytime you sleep 2001

  • A is for Astronaut 2001

  • Bigger than dynamite 2006

  • The hispsters 2012

  • The outsiders 2012

  • You'll know it's Christmas 2013

  • I wish I was a girl like you 2014

  • Win 2014

  • This is a love song 2016

  • I will and I won't 2016

  • City of love 2020

  • Hit me when it hurts 2020

  • Riding on the tide of love 2021

  • Time 2021

  • Not gonna be that girl 2021


Clips :

1987 ... the band's first notorious hit. First single and already noticed. We couldn't ask for a better start !

1987 ... a second title which will unfortunately go somewhat unnoticed. The group will therefore have to confirm with the next title that he is not there by chance ...

1987 ... here they follow directly with an Ultimate Slow. A particularly daring bet at the start of his career. A daring bet but a winning bet !

1988 ... the band's potential is obvious but they still haven't managed to release THE title that could set them apart from the crowd. Patience, patience ...

1988 ... then THIS title comes ! A year 1988 which ended in the best possible way with this title which will remain as one of their most emblematic. This time will have been the good one. HU-GE !

1989 ... the group capitalizes on its enormous previous success and takes the opportunity to make a beautiful start to 1989

1989 ... it's a flood of hits that nothing and no one can stop. A title that is even stronger than the previous one !

1989 ... 1989 where the year with 4 hits ! All the singles released by the group are classified and trust the highest places of the podiums

1989 ... here is the 4th hit of this sumptuous vintage for the group. A group at its best !

1990 ... the years go by but are not necessarily alike. Only one hit for the year 1990 but what a title ! A unique title which will remain as the biggest hit of their entire discography. A pure moment of emotions !...

1991 ... another 4 hits year. Admittedly, of inferior quality to the year 1988 but we will largely be satisfied with it !

1991 ... which will stay as their biggest hit of the year. The great adventure continues unabated and the group certainly does not intend to stop there !

1991 ... conversely, this title will be the 'little' hit of the year. It's always better than nothing as they say and many other bands would be largely satisfied with it ...

1991 ... we start again in the Intimist register, a field in which they are capable of producing very beautiful things. Once again the proof with this title of more than certain quality ...

1992 ... another single-title year but decidedly, it has been successful for them. With the result one of the biggest hits of all their discography. Roll on the next single-title year !

1993 ... the sonic evolution is evident, as is the style. Is it good or bad ? Rather a good considering the number of hits which are profiled on the horizon. Impossible to stop them !

1993 ... already 6 years in the Elite and still an inspiration. This is also how we recognize the best. To longevity ...

1993 ... arguably one of the best Scottish bands of the decade. And yet, there was a lot !

1994 ... the great adventure could not last forever. Their last major hit. One more to complete a more than flattering prize list !

1999 ... then a big 5-year air gap. We find them in this 1999 in finesse and lightness mode but the card of softness will unfortunately not allow them to be back in the saddle permanently ...

2001 ... furtive return of success in this new decade 2000. But that has nothing to do with what the group experienced 10 years ago ...

2001 ... the adventure continues for some reason but the group is no more than a shadow of itself. Hard law of the trade ...

2006 ... new 5 years air hole. This title will be classified but in the depths of the Charts and will indeed be one of the very last ...

2012 ... and here they are again ! 25 years after their debut, who would have believed it ? With a level of inspiration more than obvious. Class, the real one !

2012 ... a year 2012 which is a pleasure to see, especially to hear. All the songs hold up and the band is giving us a bluffing comeback to say the least. We want more !

2013 ... when the group makes us in the Christmas song. A daring bet but a bet won again. They will have done everything to us !

2014 ... and it continues! But how far will they go ? We are almost at 30 years of career and nothing, and no one, seems to be able to break their will to move forward ... Respect !

2014 ... they still manage to deliver us ballads of big caliber of which they have the secret. And given the quality of the title, we necessarily ask for more !

2016 ... with each new album we tell ourselves that it will be the last and that the adventure has to end one day or another. It is very bad to know them. The proof !

2016 ... what could be better than ending this magnificent adventure with finesse and lightness. But is the adventure quite over ? With them, not on ...

2020 ... I told you that with them, nothing is ever over, the proof with this new title. More than 30 years after their debut, still and still there !

2020 ... a longevity that they owe to only one thing : their talent ! A talent that has not weakened for over 30 years, a real feat !

2021 ... and here they are again. As always we tell ourselves that this will be the last album but they keep coming back and forth. What talent !

2021 ... and we necessarily ask for more when we see what they are still capable of delivering. But how do they manage to have a level of inspiration that is constantly regenerated in this way ...?

2021 ... their last title but will it really be the last ? Knowing them, that would amaze me enormously. A case to follow as they say ...


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