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Novelties... September 2023

Dear friends,

Every month I inform you of the new releases of your favorite singers and groups.

For the month of September, here are the releases :

September 1 :

Peter Gabriel - Love can heal

Laid Back - Sitting in my sofa

Olivia Newton-John - True to yourself

Kylie Minogue - Tension

Bryan Adams - You're awesome

September 4 :

Romeo's Daughter - Over you

September 7 :

Laibach - The engine of survival

Peter Gabriel - The court

The Rolling Stones - Angry

September 8 :

Kenny G - A mothers lullaby

September 9 :

Cerrone - All we are

Soft Cell - Nostalgia machine

September 13 :

The Church - Realm of minor angels

September 14 :

Fischer-Z - The Hambourg beat

Metallica - Too far gone

Duran Duran - Danse macabre

September 15 :

Princess Erika - Elle se fait appeler Natty

Kenny G - A mothers lullaby

Laura Pausini - Durare

September 19 :

Pretenders - Losing my sense of taste

OMD - Slow train

September 21 :

Depeche Mode - My favourite stranger

Kylie Minogue - Hands

Kylie Minogue - Story

Kylie Minogue - 10 out of 10

September 23 :

Marc Lavoine/Cerrone - Lovebox

Michel Sardou - En quelle année Georgia

Jean-Michel Jarre - Zeitgeist botanica

Psyche - Cathode ray

September 28 :

Madness - What on earth is it

Madness - C'est la vie

Europe - Hold your head up

U2 - Atomic city

Bruce Springsteen - Addicted to romance

The Rolling Stones - Sweet sounds of heaven

September 30 :

Santana - Let the guitar play


Tracks :

Peter Gabriel

Laid Back

Olivia Newton-John

Kylie Minogue

Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams

Romeo's Daughter


Peter Gabriel

The Rolling Stones

Kenny G


Soft Cell

The Church



Duran Duran

Princess Erika

Jil Caplan

Laura Pausini



Depeche Mode

Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue

Marc Lavoine - Cerrone

Michel Sardou

Jean-Michel Jarre






Bruce Springsteen

The Rolling Stones


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