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Novelties... December 2023

Dear friends,

Every month I inform you of the new releases of your favorite singers and groups.

For the month of December here are the releases :


December 1 :

Kenny G - Tender lullaby

Kenny G - Studio city lullaby

Kenny G - Rock-a-bye baby

Patrick Coutin - Maman

Boris Blank - Vertigo heroes

Chris Isaak - Almost Christmas

Kenny G

Kenny G

Kenny G

Patrick Coutin

Boris Blank

Chris Isaak


December 5 :

Rod Stewart - Almost like being in love


December 8 :

Kylie Minogue - One more time

Kylie Minogue - Green light Kylie Minogue - Things we do for love

Guns N' Roses - The general

Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue

Guns N' Roses


December 14 :

Etienne Daho - Noel avec toi

Etienne Daho - Number on my phone

Etienne Daho

Etienne Daho


December 15 :

Arnold Turboust - Honi soit

Arnold Turboust


December 17 :

Tiffany - Angels all around



December 19 :

Soul II Soul - Nothing compares to you

Soul II Soul


December 22 :

Etienne Daho - Love experiment

Etienne Daho


December 23 :

Eros Ramazzotti - Magia

Ministry - It's always Christmas time

Eros Ramazzotti


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