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Not the loving kind...

Very little info about The Twins other than the fact that it's a German duo formed in the early 1980s and composed of Ronny Schreinzer and Sven Dohrow.

Group that will remain mainly in the musical history of the 80s for two big singles that are "Not the loving kind" released in 1983 but also, and above all, "Ballet dancer" which will be released in 1984.

As such alone, we had to devote this article to them.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Runaway 1981

  • The desert place 1981

  • Birds and dogs 1982

  • Face to face, heart to heart 1982

  • Not the loving kind 1983

  • Ballet dancer 1984

  • Love system 1984

  • The game of chance 1984

  • Love in the dark 1985

  • Deep within my heart 1985

  • I need you 1986

  • Time will tell 1987

  • Hold on to your dreams 1987

  • One day 1988

  • Tonight 1993

  • Love is blind 1993


Clips :

1981 ... trendy beginnings that show obvious potential. There is still a little work to do, it's clear, but the essential is already there

1981 ... a first year of breaking in to show what we are capable of and to find the style and sound that go well ...

1982 ... no classified title yet, but it's starting to smell good. The rise in power is linear and will soon produce particularly interesting things ...

1982 ... we suspected that at some point, it would pay off. And it pays with this title which brings them their first major success. Finally !

1983 ... a single-title year which still allows the group to continue his ascent quietly but surely. Good job once again !

1984 ... the consecration. The group obtains here the biggest success of its career and returns definitively in the musical legend of the Eighties. A well-deserved consecration !

1984 ... the group will be unable to repeat the feat of the previous title but the dynamic of success continues to carry them and that is the essential. For how long, that's another question ...

1984 ... surely one of their most successful titles. And very surprisingly, in this year 1984 when everything is successful for them, this title will not even be classified. Go figure ...

1985 ... the last major success. After 2 years spent at the top, the group begins a gradual but irreversible deceleration. And yet, what they continue to offer is far from ridiculous !

1985 ... no more titles will be classified from now on. The group will therefore be content to make up the figures while they still have some under the pedal, that's clear. Hard law of the trade ...

1986 ... new single-title year. The last of the same type, that is to say 1983, had been profitable to them at the very least on the Charts side. This one will be much less ...

1987 ... anyway, they believe it and they hang on, no matter what. Unfortunately the miracle will not take place ...

1987 ... their only flaw was to evolve little and to have kept the same sound from beginning to end. Except that the end of the decade required some adaptations that they did not want or knew how to make. Pity...

1988 ... they will have launched Intimist only at the end, a mistake when you see what they are able to offer. But it is already too late to reverse the trend, even at this level ...

1993 ... after 5 years of absence, here they are back in 1993. A comeback that will not change the situation even if the group will experience a small success of esteem on this one

1993 ... come on, a little last for the road. The end of a very nice adventure for one of the most talented German groups of its generation


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