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Murphy’s law...

Chéri is a Canadian duo formed in the early 1980s in Montreal and made up of Rosalind Hunt and Lise Cullerier.

Rosalind Hunt is not just anyone because she is the daughter of Geraldine Hunt, who remained famous for her major hit "Can't fake the feeling" in 1980. But she is also the sister of Freddie James who will know her the glory in 1979 with its title "Get up and boogie".

This duo will stay in history mainly for the huge single "Murphy’s law" but will also have produced other well-made tracks that it would have been a shame to overlook.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Murphy’s law 1982

  • Star struck 1982

  • Give it to me baby 1982

  • Come and get these memories 1982

  • Working girl 1982

  • Small town lover 1983

  • I can’t stop the feeling 1983


Clips :

1982 ... the HUGE hit that will reveal them. A hit that will literally set fire to every Dancefloor on the planet. The duo sign here quite simply one of the biggest dance hits of the decade, just that. MAS-TER-FUL !

1982 ... a quality sequel that balances serious but how to compete with the previous gem as the bar has been raised. Literally impossible ...

1982 ... really difficult to reach the level of 'Murphy's law'. It's still nice but nothing more. Can and must do better ...

1982 ... there, on the other hand, we find a semblance of fantasy that made their success. The best ! But that will unfortunately not be enough to get them back to the leading pack ...

1982 ... sudden acceleration of the tempo. A work that is already more accomplished, something has evolved, that's clear. But it is far too late to reverse the trend ...

1983 ... a mixed vintage change. It grooves but once again the girls are now more figurative than anything else ...

1983 ... ahhh, here it is, the Ultimate Slow essential for any good discography. And my gosh, this one works relatively well. So we end on a rather positive note, it is the case to say it !


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