Mr. Dynamite...

James Brown, also known by the nicknames of "Godfather Of Soul", "Mr. Dynamite" and other "Soul Brother No.1", was an American singer-songwriter who could boast of having rated no less than 17 singles N°1 in American R&B Charts, just that ! But paradoxically, he also holds the record for the most Billboard Hot 100 singles ever to reach N°1 spot ...

A talented early singer, he began to stand out at the age of 11 when he won a local song contest with a track called "So long". The start of a great adventure that takes a somewhat less glorious turn when he is arrested at the age of 16 for theft and sent to Toccoa Juvenile Penitentiary.

Incredibly, he had the idea of ​​forming a Gospel quartet during this incarceration with 4 other prisoners including a certain Johnny Terry. A risky bet but a winning bet because it will allow him to stand out in a positive way, to say the least, and quickly obtain early release ...

We find him from the year 1954 in an R&B group called Avons, which will quickly be renamed Toccoa Band and then The Flames. Group which will begin to shine on the university campuses of Georgia and South Carolina.

A year later, the band changed their name to The Famous Flames and it was in 1956 that the band's career took off for good with the release of the track "Please, please, please". Title that will sell over a million copies !

A rise in power that will accelerate from the year 1958 with the release of the single "Try me". A rise in power which will pass a new level during the 1960s with the release of several high-caliber singles such as "Think" in 1960, "Bewildered" in 1961, "Night train" in 1962, "Prisoner of love" in 1963 and “Out of sight” in 1964.

The year 1964 saw the group perform a landmark performance in the T.A.M.I. Show. The voice of the Flames, the careful choreography and timing as well as the dance movements of Brown will altogether create the event and totally eclipse another group present for the concert namely…the Rolling Stones !

The solo career of Brown finds its true point of departure in 1965 with the release of the title "Papa's got a brand new bag", a title which will make a huge success and propel the young singer in a sensational way on the front of the international scene. An exceptional year which saw him release the title “I got you (I feel good)”, a title which was going to be almost as strong as its predecessor.

And as if that were not enough, he returned a year later in 1966 with the sublime title "It's a man's man's man's world", a title which will remain as one of the jewels of the 1960s and which will propel him to a new level of planetary notoriety that he would never have imagined.

New notorious title in 1967 with "Cold sweat", flagship title of his discography that some critics consider today as one of the precursor titles of the future Funk movement. A 'Brown' style which is increasingly establishing himself as unique both in terms of music and vocals, notably in 2 new titles which are "I got the feelin" in 1968 and "Mother ppcorn" in 1969.

A career which reached its peak in 1970 with the release of the now cult "Get up (I feel like being a) Sex Machine", a title which will undoubtedly remain as one of his greatest masterpieces if not the bigger.

A 1970s which will prove to be more complicated to manage than expected with a James Brown who decides to support Richard Nixon for the presidential election of 1972, support to the detriment of the democratic candidate George McGovern. Support that he will pay dearly in terms of public disaffection, especially the African-American public. Not to mention the problems with the US Tax, which is asking him for more than $ 2 million in arrears.

He will still manage to save the furniture a little bit with titles like "Hot pants" in 1971, "The payback" and "My thang" in 1974 and "Get up offa thaht thing" in 1976.

While it was thought that mass was said for him, he will make a resounding comeback during the 80s with one of the flagship titles of the soundtrack of the film Rocky IV, namely the enormous "Living in America". The title in 1985 gave him one of his biggest global successes and, above all, put him back in the race in a spectacular fashion.

A comeback that enabled him to sign a new major title the following year in 1986 with the title "Gravity".

He will sign two last big caliber titles in 1988 with the singles "I’m real" and "Static".

The rest will be much less glorious with a James Brown who will be more headline news during his last part of life.

His life will end on December 25, 2006, when he will die at the age of 73 from heart failure, itself linked to pneumonia.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Please, please, please 1956

  • Try me 1958

  • I want you so bad 1959

  • Think 1960

  • You've got the power 1960

  • Bewildered 1961

  • Baby you're right 1961

  • Night train 1962

  • Prisoner of love 1963

  • These foolish things 1963

  • Oh baby don't you weep 1964

  • Out of sight 1964

  • Try me 1965

  • Papa’s got a brand new bag 1965

  • I got you (I feel good) 1965

  • Ain't that a groove 1966

  • It’s a man’s man’s man’s world 1966

  • Bring it up 1967

  • Cold sweat 1967

  • I can't stand myself (When you touche me) 1967

  • I got the feelin' 1968

  • Say it loud - I'm black and I'm proud 1968

  • Give it up or turnit a loose 1969

  • Mother popcorn (You've got to have a mother for me) 1969

  • It's a new day 1970

  • Get up (I feel like being a) Sex Machine 1970

  • Super bad 1970

  • Hot pants 1971

  • Make it funky 1971

  • Talkin' loud and sayin' nothing 1972

  • King heroin 1972

  • Get on the good foot 1972

  • I got ants in my pants 1973

  • Sexy, sexy, sexy 1973

  • The payback 1974

  • Woman 1974

  • Reality 1975

  • Get up offa that thing 1976

  • Bodyheat 1976

  • Give me some skin 1977

  • The spank 1978

  • It’s too funky in here 1979

  • Rapp payback (Where iz moses) 1980

  • Stay with me 1981

  • Bring it on...bring it on 1983

  • Unity 1984

  • Living in America 1985

  • Gravity 1986

  • How do you stop 1987

  • I’m real 1988

  • Static 1988

  • Gimme your love 1989

  • (So tired of standing still we got to) Move on 1991

  • Can't get any harder 1993

  • Funk on Ah roll 1998

Clips :

1956 ... at the beginning of the genesis. Who would imagine at this moment that this young singer will become a true legend in a few decades ...

1958 ... after a noticeable start to his career and a year 1956 which saw him obtain a first classified title, the singer still struggles to confirm all the good that we can think of him during the year 1957. We will therefore have to wait for 1958 to see him return to the race ...

1959 ... what is certain is that his predispositions for the Intimist are obvious. And the future will prove it in a brilliant way to say the least ...

1960 ... which does not prevent him from also doing in the rhythmic and the festive. This artist is therefore complete and has every reason to hope for beautiful, even very beautiful achievements later ...

1960 ... the artist gains in importance in an obvious way and the classified titles begin to follow one another. Certainly minor hits but still ...

1961 ... the singer has established himself in just a few years as one of the sure values of the moment and certainly does not intend to stop there. When you see what is on the horizon, the best is to come for him, that's for sure ...

1961 ... all the same, it will take him a few more years to hope to win the cup. Everything is in place for the big fireworks display but he must now find the little extra that will be able to make all the difference ...

1962 ... the production of titles is bloated each year with an average of 3 to 4 titles minimum. Afterwards, quantity does not mean everything ...

1963 ... year after year, title after title, the singer slowly but surely approaches the 1st places of the Charts. At least, for some titles including this one because for others, it is rather the passage 'through' ...

1963 ... a know-how in the Intimist which is also confirmed year after year. We therefore suspect that something big will inevitably happen, even very very big in the years to come ...

1964 ... for the great fireworks display, it will not yet be this year 1964. We will therefore have to be a little patient ...

1964 ... anyway he continues on a frenzied rhythm literally and figuratively. A brand that will be its own until the end ...

1965 ... more big caliber Intimist, one more. A year 1965 which started off ideally and which could reserve a huge surprise for us ...

1965 ... and the huge surprise, here it is ! He delivers here quite simply a title with formidable effectiveness and which will become an enormous planetary hit. A title that will reveal him in a shattering way to the eyes of the whole world and suddenly literally explode its notoriety internationally !

1965 ... but that's without counting on THIS title ! In just 2 tracks, the singer will have become one of the biggest global phenomena of the moment and intends to take advantage of the enormous suction effect generated by these 2 enormous successes to climb even higher towards the stars !

1966 ... unfortunately, the bellows will fall somewhat at the beginning of the year 1966. But the artist is not discouraged for all that and will bounce back in an incredible way with the following title ...

1966 ... which will undoubtedly remain as one of his finest titles. Here he delivers an absolutely incredible Intimist title which will deeply mark the 1960s, if not the end of the 20th century. MAS-TER-PIE-CE !