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Messages from the stars...

RAH Band is a concept project created in 1977 by English producer and multi-instrumentalist Richard Anthony Hewson (hence the name RAH ...). Character who can boast of having worked with big names like the Beatles, Bee Gees, Herbie Hancock, Supertramp, Diana Ross, Fleewood Mac….

As a producer, he has produced Toyah Willcox, Five Star and other Shakin ’Stevens, among others. And if that wasn't enough, he'll also take on the cap of Director of the London Philharmonic Orchestra, just that.

With his group, he will experience his first success in 1977 with the instrumental track "The crunch". A notable performance, he performs all the instruments himself and does not want, at this stage, to use the essential instrument of the moment, namely the synthesizer.

He will experience several successes during the 80s with titles such as "Falcon" in 1980, "Slide" and 1981, "Perfumed garden" in 1982 and "Messages from the stars" in 1983.

But it is above all the title "Clouds across the moon", released in 1984, which will make him definitively return to the legend. A title sung and not by just anyone since it is his own wife Liz, better known by the stage name of Dizzy ’Lizzy’, who sticks to it. The title is a real global hit and propels the group to the top of glory.

He will produce many titles thereafter but which will be unable to compete with this absolutely unique title.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Love for hire 1976

  • The Crunch 1977

  • Electric flying 1978

  • Tokyo flyer 1979

  • Falcon 1980

  • Slide 1981

  • Perfumed garden 1982

  • Messages from the stars 1983

  • Are you satisfied ? 1984

  • Clouds across the moon 1985

  • Sorry doesn’t make it anymore 1985

  • Sweet forbidden 1986

  • Across the bay 1987

  • Nice easy money 1988

  • Looks like I’m in love again 1993

  • Living for the nightlife 1996


Clips :

1976 ... the very least festive and playful beginnings. On an orchestration typical of the mid-1970s. Impossible at this stage to imagine the rest ...

1977 ... then here comes the first classified title. On a track completely wacky as some bands knew how to do so well at that time ...

1978 ... a sequel a little less inspired and which does not allow the group to capitalize on the success of the previous title. Pity...

1979 ... here is the group in Rising Sun mode but that is still not enough to make the difference. We will still have to be patient ...

1980 ... the change of decade rhymes with a return of success. A success, certainly minor, but it is rather a good sign as they say ...

1981 ... ditto the following year. The group does not produce anything exceptional for the moment but the quality is essential. Which is more than enough !

1982 ... the sound has evolved, that's obvious. And the contribution of a female voice will completely change the situation and this in a radical way !

1983 ... a sound much more in line with the standards of the moment, it can only bear fruit at some point ...

1984 ... each year its new products. For this year, it will be this astonishing bossanova rhythm a little offbeat for the time but which works very well my faith

1985 ... then here comes their Masterpiece. An amazing title, with an extraordinary inspiration and which will undoubtedly remain as one of the most emblematic Dance hits of this decade, and of this end of the twentieth period. MAS-TER-FUL !

1985 ... a particularly inspired year which saw the release of very large caliber titles. When it wants, it wants !

1986 ... of course, the rest is interesting but the stroke of genius that worked wonders the previous year is already gone ...

1987 ... which does not prevent them from producing nice Intimist titles like this one. An obvious know-how in the matter !

1988 ... as much their sound stuck to the standards of the time a few years ago, the difference is more and more important at the end of the decade. Attention danger...

1996 ... we find them again a few years later to celebrate the end of the adventure which nevertheless allowed them to leave in the musical history of the 80s one of its most inspired titles !


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