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Enigma is a musical project of German origin that was born in 1990 and whose creator is none other than the very prolific and very talented Michael Cretu. Musician to whom we notably owe all of singer Sandra's biggest hits.

This particularly innovative project is the result of a brilliant idea which is to mix Greogorian and/or oriental songs with typical dance sounds of the 90s.

The first album "MCMXC aD" (which means 1990 followed by the abbreviation of Anno Domini) was released the same year and was to make a real worldwide hit with sales figures that make you dizzy : 4 million copies in the USA, 1 Million in Germany, 1 Million in England and almost 1 million in France.

Even if the album creates controversy with its blasphemous side, the shock wave it elicits is phenomenal and will stay as one of the major musical events of the 1990s. The track “Sadeness (Part I)” will be the biggest success. The result will amaze the whole world with its innovative side.

New release three years later in 1993 with the album "The cross of changes". Album which in turn is a huge success. It will sell more than 6 million copies in 1 year. Of which will be extracted mainly "Return to innocence" and "The eyes of truth".

New opus in 1996 with the album "The king is dead, long live the king !". Unfortunately, the enigmamania loses power and the album is unable to compete in sales with the previous two.

The project enjoyed a last notable success in 1999 with the single "Gravity of love", the flagship single of the album "The screen behind the mirror".

Other albums would be released later, but they were only very successful.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Sadeness (Part I) 1990

  • Mea Culpa (Part II) 1991

  • Principles of lust 1991

  • Return to innocence 1993

  • Age of loneliness 1994

  • The eyes of truth 1994

  • Beyond the invisible 1996

  • Gravity of love 1999


Clips :

1990 ... surely one of the most incredible pieces of the 20th century. The perfect meeting between the profane and the sacred. Cretu signs here a real WONDER which allows this concept project to enter One Shot into the legend

1991 ... the legend is on the move. It is now a succession of pieces with extraordinary inspiration and lyrical depth rarely achieved

1991 ... some songs are alike. Others not at all. It is a motley set while also somewhere very similar ...

1993 ... 2 years after having known the consecration with a first Wonder, Cretu does it again two years later with this title once again highly inspired !

1994 ... not necessarily the most famous but surely one of the most successful titles. And always this very subtle mix between modern sounds and sacred sounds

1994 ... in the same vein. All of Enigma's work constantly borders on pure genius. Not to mention this permanent inspiration that we will qualify as extra-terrestrial ...

1996 ... the last mega hit of the group. After 6 years of unchallenged reign, the concept is running out of steam. It was obvious that the genius of Cretu would inevitably find, one day or another, its limits ...

1999 ... an end of the decade which rhymes with a sumptuous end and a new title with extraordinary inspiration. Admittedly, it is almost impossible to match 'Sadeness' but it is more or less approaching it. And the adventure is still not over ...


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