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Debbie Harry, real name Angela Trimble, is an American singer-songwriter best known for being the oh so emblematic singer of the group Blondie.

Her stage name Debbie Harry (short for Deborah Harry) is actually her real name because she was adopted at the age of 3 months by Catherine and Richard Harry, who renamed her as such.

She started her artistic career not as a singer but by first playing secretaries in the BBC offices. Then we find her Go-Go Dancer in a discotheque in Union City then in Bunny Playboy…

The singing career began at the end of the 1960s with the group 'The Wind In The Willows', a group where she played the luxury singers on their only album.

Then we find her in the 'Stilettos' in the mid-1970s, a group in which she meets Chris Stein, a guitarist by profession. Providential encounter since they first formed 'Angel And The Snake' and then another group called…Blondie !

Group which will know a destiny for the less exceptional thereafter and smash everything at the planetary level between 1978 and 1981 in particular with 2 exceptional titles which are "Heart of glass" in 1979 and "Call me" in 1980.

The solo career meanwhile will start the following year in 1981 with the release of a first album "Kookoo". Album which will also know a planetary destiny of the most favorable in particular thanks to the title "Backfired" and show in a brilliant way that the singer can now exist alone at the highest level.

An album with certain success despite the boycott of a good number of record stores which refuse to sell it, a boycott linked to an album cover which is somewhat shocking (we see the singer's face pierced right through by metal skewers).

The year 1982 sees her temporarily returning to Blondie for a new album "The hunter". Loser return because the album is a failure and the tour which was to follow is canceled for lack of sufficient ticket sales. Not to mention a Chris Stein who falls seriously ill. A contrary destiny which will have as a direct consequence the dissolution of the group.

The singer resurfaced a year later in 1983 with the release of the Single "Rush rush", a title found on the soundtrack of the now legendary film Scarface.

It will still take her another three years to find the highest level thanks to the release in 1986 of the album "Rockbird", an album which will offer her one of his biggest solo successes on the Singles side with the title “French Kissin”.

New successful album in 1989 with "Def, dumb and blonde", album less successful than its predecessor but still successful. Album which will mainly produce the flagship Single “I want that man”.

Album which will be her last major solo side because she will put the cover with Blondie from the year 1997 to almost never leave the group thereafter. The group will never regain its level of yesteryear but will still produce several albums with significant success.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

  • Backfired 1981

  • The jam was moving 1981

  • Chrome 1981

  • Rush rush 1983

  • Feel the spin 1985

  • French kissin 1986

  • In love with love 1987

  • Free to fall 1987

  • Liar, liar 1988

  • I want that man 1989

  • Kiss it better 1989

  • Brite side 1989

90s Decade :

  • Sweet and low 1990

  • Maybe for sure 1990

  • Well, did you evah! 1990

  • Summertime blues 1992

  • I can see clearly 1993

  • Strike me pink 1993

  • Command and obey 1997

2000s Decade :

  • New York, New York 2006

  • Two times blue 2007

  • What is love 2007

  • If I had you 2008

  • Fit right in 2008


Adventure Blondie :


Tracks :

1981...the beginning of the solo career. After smashing everything on a planetary level with Blondie, she decides to take her career back into her own hands and strike out on her own. And so far, it's off to a good start ! started pretty well but it will get complicated straight away. This title is not really going to meet the same level of success as its predecessor unfortunately... for this one, it will not even be classified. The singer will have to take control of herself quickly if she does not disappear from the radar prematurely...

1983... she will ask herself the right questions during the year 1982, a year in which nothing will happen. And here she is back in this year 1983 in a form that we will qualify as certain. So much so that she will land a new high-caliber hit here, a hit that will put her back in the race...

1985...unfortunately, the years go by but are hardly alike in her case. The year 1984 will be a year 'without' and her return in this year 1985 will not be the most glorious. With this title to the most mixed success...

1986...then comes THIS title ! While we thought the singer had passed into oblivion, here she is making a return that is unexpected to say the least and at the same time offers herself the biggest success of her entire solo discography. MAS-TER-FUL !

1987...difficult for this title to compete with its predecessor but it will do quite well all the same. Notably thanks to the providential help of the magic trio Stock-Aitken-Waterman, as if by chance...

1987... once again she unscrews in stride. Decidedly, it becomes a habit with her. There really is Jean laughing and Jean crying...

1988...this does not prevent her from continuing the adventure in her own way without worrying too much about the level of results in the Charts. Rightly or wrongly, that's something else...

1989...once again she manages to surprise us and catch up with the front runners in an unexpected way to say the least. With her, everything is possible, the worst as well as the best, you have to know that...

1989 ... the relapse in the Charts is once again violent behind. There is nothing to do, she is unable to chain 2 titles of very high caliber in a row. We won't remake her again as they say...

1989 ... this one will not do much better despite a certain quality. A very end of the decade which sees her really struggling and which leaves people perplexed to say the least about the following events concerning her, that's clear...

1990... the new decade will allow her to come back to the surface a little bit. She has this incredible ability to constantly bounce back, a rare and precious ability that not all of them have...

1990...a year 1990 which saw her manage to stay afloat when we no longer believed her capable. There are years like this where everything succeeds, so take advantage of it...

1990...we suspected that by associating the 2 the result was going to be most astonishing. And it is necessarily and rather in a good way on this one...

1992 ... she disappears again during the year 1991 and here she is back in this year 1992 in luxury cover mode. She revisits here Eddie Cochran's cult title dating from 1958 and her version will not bring much more to the original version unfortunately...

1993... she will succeed in landing a new major hit with this title. That's for the good news. For the bad, it will be the last time she will get one...

1993...she continues to hang on and what she continues to produce largely holds up. A career with incredible longevity for an artist who is no less...

1997... when the young generation is interested in old glories, it gives an astonishing result but not devoid of interest, it's clear...

2006...we lost sight of her again for several years, at least on her own. And we find her in this new decade 2010 in gallant company and not the least since it is Moby. Given the talent of the boy, we suspected that the association was going to work from the fire of God. Which will be the case !

2007...return to solo and freefall in the Charts. We don't even pay attention anymore. With her, the main thing is to participate, such is her maxim !

2007 ... this title will not even be released as a Single and yet it frankly deserved to be. Strange business strategy...

2008...this one, on the other hand, will be released as a Single a year later and unfortunately won't be ranked higher. When it no longer wants, it no longer wants...

2008... the solo career will be erased this time in favor of the group career. The 2010 decade will see her put the cover back with Blondie. Nostalgia when you hold us...


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