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Like a forest fire...

Lloyd Cole is an English singer-songwriter who started his musical career by joining the group "The Commotions" in 1984.

Group which will take the same occasion as "Lloyd Cole and the Commotions".

The first album of the group "Rattlesnakes" will be the main jewel of this ephemeral group.

Album from which will be extracted the flagship singles "Perfect skin" as well as the sublime "Forest fire".

Two other albums will be released thereafter, "Easy pieces" in 1985 from which the single "Lost weekend" with an honorable score will be extracted.

And "Mainstream" in 1987 with much more modest success.

A more modest success which will lead to the outright disappearance of the group and a reconversion towards a solo career for the artist.

He will release several albums with relative success including the title "No blue skies" of good quality.

Until 1995 when the single "Like lovers do" from the album "Love story" achieved a significant breakthrough in the Charts.

And it will be his last major success.

This will not prevent him from continuing the adventure thereafter even if he will never find the level of success reached in the mid-1980s...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Perfect skin 1984

• Forest fire 1984

• Rattlesnakes 1984

• Brand new friend 1985

• Lost week-end 1985

• Cut me down 1986

• My bag 1987

• Jennifer she said 1988

• From the hip 1988

• No blue skies 1990

• Don't look back 1990

• Downtown 1990

• She's a girl and I'm a man 1991

• Tell your sister 1991

• Wheeping wine 1991

• Butterfly 1992

• So you'd like to save the world 1993

• Morning is broken 1993

• Like lovers do 1995

• Sentimental 1995

• Baby 1996

• That boy 1998

• Impossible girl 2000

• Headlights 2001

• After before and after 2001

• Old enough to know better 2001

• You're a big girl now 2001

• My other life 2003

• No more love songs 2003

• NYC sunshine 2006

• How wrong can you be ? 2006

• Writers retreat ! 2010

• If I were a song 2010

• Period piece 2013

• No truck 2013

• Ken-O 2015

• Slight orchestra 2015

• The over under 2019

• Night sweats 2019

• Violins 2019


Clips :

1984 ... the debut with fanfare of a little guy out of nowhere and who will become in a few years one of the Greats of this decade. First title and first hit, not beautiful !

1984 ... the WONDER that will reveal him to the eyes of the whole world. A huge title with lyricism of incredible depth. MAS-TER-FUL !

1984 ... a third hit to end a decidedly exceptional year in every way. In just one year, the young singer has become one of the biggest phenomena of the moment, mighty feat !

1985 ... change of vintage without affecting the quality of the songs. The hits are now linked at an impressive speed !

1985 ... which will remain as his best classified title of all his discography. Light and airy, the perfect recipe for success !

1986 ... another excellent title which once again shows the full extent of the artist's talent. And talent, he has everything !

1987 ... its title best classified in the USA. A title that spins at 200 km/h and which will be its only title for this year 1987. Even if the production of titles slows down, nothing to worry about !

1988 ... a certain Jennifer put in the spotlight through this pretty folk ballad which works my faith very well...

1988 ... in the same vein. His last hit of the decade. A decade that has literally seen him explode !

1990 ... surely one of his most beautiful titles. A new WONDER to start this new decade of the best...

1990...even if the level of success in the Charts drops from year to year, what he continues to offer is far from being devoid of interest. We ask for more anyway...

1990 ... one would have thought that inspiration would wane over the years. Everything is stable, inspiration is always there...

1991 ... his last planetary hit. But surely not his last title...because he still has some under the pedal ! The adventure is far, very far from over...

1991...we're not going to lie to each other, the best years are now behind him. But he continues to believe in it in any case and us with him necessarily...

1991...some titles will start to slip under the radar like this one. But nothing to worry about at this stage, that's for sure...

1992...a title that goes under the radar, a single title year like this year 1992, in short, the lights are turning orange. At least we think...

1993 ... passed Master in Ballads as well as in light and aerial titles as we like them. Remarkable versatility !

1993... new title which will pass somewhat unnoticed. Times are getting harder and harder for the singer and the delay with the competition is growing year by year...

1995 ... more than 10 years after his remarkable debut, he still manages to produce high quality songs. It's called talent, quite simply !

1995...his very last hit. Certainly he will disappear from the Charts on the Singles side but on the albums side he will succeed in limiting the damage. It's already that...

1996...might as well leave the Singles charts in the best possible way thanks to this new ballad of very high caliber. An end that is not an end, far from it...

1998... his last title of a decade of 90 which will have seen him lose more and more ground on the competition. But he did not say his last word, especially sang his last song, far from it... he is temporarily in the Negatives. An adventure for the less ephemeral but not devoid of interest, the proof with this title...

2001...then here he is in instrumental mode. Definitely, he decided to cover his tracks at the start of the 2000s, to say the least...

2001... very surprising to see him produce albums where he does not sing. In another side, he shows us another facet of his talent...

2001...we suspected that this wordless parenthesis would not last very long. Hunt the natural, it comes back at a gallop...

2001...even if the quality is still there, he still has trouble reinventing himself in this new decade. Which can only marginalize him in the end...

2003... he does not take it into account in any case. As long as he continues to enjoy what he does, he has no reason to change anything...

2003...and given the quality of what he continues to produce, it's hard to tell him that he's not necessarily on the right track, musically at least...

2006... the production of titles remains impressive to say the least, which shows that it is not the time for him to move on. So we have been warned...

2006... what is also certain is that most of those who started at the same time as him have already thrown in the towel a long time ago. And not him...

2010...and here he is entering his 4th decade with a will to believe in it almost intact. For him, everything is always possible and in principle he is necessarily right...

2010...even if he will no longer rank any single, the success of the albums in the Charts is undeniable. Which can only comfort him and encourage him to continue the adventure for another decade...

2013...who could have imagined when he started in 1984 that he would still be here almost 30 years later ? Not many people, that's for sure and yet he is indeed there...

2013...the only thing we can blame him for is that he still doesn't try to reinvent himself a bit. He remains permanently in his comfort zone and leaves it very little...

2015...back in instrumental mode, a bold return to the 2010s, to say the least. An opus that will suddenly go somewhat unnoticed, a counter performance that will not surprise many people...

2015...whether there is success or not, the main thing for him is to continue to lead his career as he sees fit. And not necessarily how others would like it to be...

2019...yet it's still here ! He never gave up during all these decades and always managed to produce titles. A performance worth noting !

2019...this time he took the risk of reinventing himself somewhat. And the result is more than expected. Finally !

2019...but why didn't he do it sooner ? The main thing is that he did it anyway, which augurs well for a most interesting sequel...


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