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How men are...

Heaven 17 is an English group formed in the early 80s in Sheffield by two ex members of the group "The Human League" Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh. Duo who will be quickly joined by singer Glen Gregory.

They released their first single "(We don’t need this) Fascist groove thang" in 1981. A single that has had only esteem success.

The album "Penthouse and Pavement", released soon after, will do slightly better in terms of sales.

The beginning of recognition arrives with the excellent "Let me go" which was released in 1982, followed later by the single hit "Temptation", a single which will explode the notoriety of the group in spectacular fashion.

Title extracted from the album "The luxury gap" which will produce two other hits "Come live with me" and "Crushed by the wheels of industry" and which will finish Platinum album !

1983 was an exceptional year for them because they also produced Tina Turner's huge title "Let’s stay together", a title where they will pay the luxury of playing the singers.

In 1984, new successes with the release of the album "How men are", album from which will be extracted two new hits with "Sunset now" and the excellent "This is mine".

Two albums will subsequently be released, “Pleasure one” in 1986 and “Teddy bear, Duke & Psycho” in 1988, albums which will seriously mark the pace on the sales side. And which will be the last major productions of this emblematic group of the New-Wave wave.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • (We don't need this) Fascist groove thang 1981

  • Play to win 1981

  • Penthouse and pavement 1981

  • The height of the fighting (He-La-Hu) 1982

  • Let me go! 1982

  • Who'll stop the rain 1982

  • Temptation 1983

  • We live so fast 1983

  • Come live with me 1983

  • Crushed by the wheels of industry 1983

  • Sunset now 1984

  • This is mine 1984

  • And that’s no lie 1985

  • The foolish thing to do 1986

  • Contenders 1986

  • Trouble 1987

  • Train of love in motion 1988

  • Can you hear me1988

  • Designing heaven 1996

  • We blame love 1997

  • I'm gonna make you fall in love with me 2005

  • The way it is 2005

  • Freedom for love 2005

  • Hands up to heaven 2006

  • Geisha boys and temple girls 2008

  • Party fears two 2008

  • Don't fall 2008

  • Illumination 2014

  • Captured 2016


Clips :

1981 ... first steps and already first success. The group displays from its first title an astonishing maturity thanks to a style and a sound perfectly trends. It promises !

1981 ... a first year of existence rich in titles, to say the least. And which especially shows that this small group is surely not there to do only some figuration ...

1981 ... we are already in the 3rd classified title ! An entry on the international scene to say the least shocking as they say !

1982 ... a year 1982 which begins with this title, a title which confirms all the good that one could think of them. And that's without counting on the enormous suite that promises to be right behind ...

1982 ... then this title arrives ! The title that will change everything and offer the group its first global mega hit. We suspected that after a year 1981 so successful all their efforts would end up paying and take them far, very far. The proof. HU-GE !

1982 ... the 2 extremes. Level success, we literally go from one extreme to another between this title and its predecessor. With a level in free fall for this one of course ...

1983 ... the group quickly recovered, so quickly that he simply obtained here the biggest success of its entire career. He signs here the flagship title of all his discography and offers himself a direct ticket for posterity. MAS-TER-FUL !

1983 ... once again, we go from one extreme to another. The group makes yoyo without stopping and combines exceptional titles with poor performances. Anyway, the quality level remains high and that's the main thing !

1983 ... one of the very few soft titles of the group. In an ocean of Dance titles, they deliver here a subtle title which shows that they can do too. All good little guys !

1983 ... already 3 years at the top of the bill and the group does not intend to stop there. We want more, it's clear !

1984 ... the level of success of the group remains stable and maintains them without too much difficulty at the highest level. Hope it lasts ...

1984 ... which will surely remain one of their best titles. Not necessarily their highest ranking but surely one of the most successful on the Dance side. The group is at the height of its art. MAS-TER-FUL !

1985 ... we unfortunately feel that the group is starting to mark time...despite a title of certain quality. Beware danger as they say ...

1986 ... like, an Ultimate Slow to try to raise the bar. Well, not bad. Unfortunately, this will not be enough to reverse the trend. The group's decline is underway and nothing, and no one, can stop it ...

1986 ... we can sense that the inspiration is weakening and that the group cannot find a second wind that would allow him to bounce back. Tough law of the trade ...

1987 ... which does not prevent him from continuing to produce titles with more than certain quality. The proof with this excellent title !

1988 ... this title will pass squarely under the radars and this despite an obvious quality. We can feel that the group is losing ground year after year and that the end of the adventure is fast approaching ...

1988 ... an end of adventure on the charts side but surely not the end of the adventure at all. The group still has things to offer and especially to sing at first glance ...

1996 ... we think they will be lost permanently and here they are reborn in the second half of the 90s. A renaissance that is nice to see and which shows that they still have some under the pedal, that's clear !

1997 ... of course, the level of production of titles has nothing to do with what they experienced during the 1980s. But quality is better than quantity as we say ...

2005 ... we will lose sight of them for almost 8 years but they are back in a form that we will describe as certain. Sufficient in any case to show that they still exist and that they still have it under the pedal !

2005 ... the only problem is that this prolonged absence does not help them return to the race because the competition is now in light years ahead ...

2005 ... frankly a shame because what they offer today is far from being devoid of interest, that's for sure. The group has lost none of its talent, it is clear ...

2006 ... they will still succeed in classifying this title in the United States. A unexpected return to the Charts but which will not happen again unfortunately ...

2008 ... the group's return in shape during this decade is impressive. The titles are inspired, modern and work very well, everything to please ...

2008 ... what is also certain is that the group will go as far as he can as long as he takes pleasure in doing what he does. Which is the case at first glance !

2008 ... some excellent work that would have deserved much higher recognition. But the group is now part of the past for the younger generations and that the group will be able to change anything despite all its efforts ...

2014 ... new big air hole but here again ! With each title we say that it will be the last and each time they come back whatever happens ...

2016 ... will this title be the last, good question. Because we now know with them everything is always possible so it could be that we find them later at a time or another ...


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