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Leave the gondolas in Venice...

The Venetians is an Australian group formed in 1982 by Rik Swinn. A Rik Swinn from England who arrives with his suitcase and his 24-track demo. And it was after reading in a specialist newspaper the advertisement of 2 musicians seeking singer that he hired David Skette and Peter Watson. Two other thieves that are Tim Powles and Mathew Hughes will join them thereafter.

The group’s debut single "Sound on sound" was released a year later in 1983 and enjoyed great success in Australia. In particular thanks to the buz generated by the clip that accompanies it. A year 1983 which saw the release of a second single "Chinese I’s". Single which wins an even greater success than its predecessor, confirming the obvious rise of the group.

Small year 1984 with the release of a single single "Ooh la la", which will go relatively unnoticed. On the other hand, beautiful and big year 1985 with the release of their first album "Step of the Edge", album which will be extracted the same year "Shine the light" but also, and especially, "So much love". Flagship title that allows them to obtain their one and only global success from their entire discography.

The group continues to ride the success in this year 1986 with the release of the album "Calling in the lions", album which will be extracted mainly "Inspiration" and "If somebody loves you". Admittedly, the level of success is lower, but there is success all the same. Titles whose clips will be directed by Alex Proyas, more particularly known for having directed The Crow and Dark City, just that !

A last album "amazing world" was released in 1988, giving the group their second biggest single hit with the title "Bitter tears". But which will unfortunately be his last notorious hit. A semi-failure from which the group will not recover.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Sound on sound 1983

  • Chinese I’s 1983

  • Ooh la la 1984

  • Shine the light 1985

  • So much for love 1985

  • Inspiration 1986

  • If somebody loves you 1986

  • Amazing world 1987

  • Bitter tears 1988

  • Must believe 1988


Clips :

1983 ... beginnings which immediately show obvious potential. Admittedly, it won't be the group of the decade, but the talent, as well as the inspiration, is already present

1983 ... the proof with this second title. A particularly successful track and which shows once again that there is also a lot of creativity and musical inventiveness among our Australian friends

1984 ... only one small title for this year 1984. A year of transition which sees the group looking for himself somewhat after a particularly promising start. They are looking for each other and will soon find each other, it's clear

1985 ... a change of vintage which rhymes with a return of inspiration and therefore success. Well, for now, it's a smooth comeback but it's still that !

1985 ... then comes THIS title. They sign here quite simply the biggest hit of all their discography and a planetary top hit which makes them definitively fit into the musical legend of the 80s

1986 .... difficult to compete with the enormous success of the previous opus, but quality is always the order of the day, and that's the main thing !

1986 ... a beautiful year 1986 which saw them align two hits of great caliber. Admittedly, it will not be their best Cru but the group continues on its way without asking any questions and that is the main thing

1987 .... another single title year. And with them, the single title years are rarely the best, at least the most inspired

1988 ... the group bounced back the following year with this new hit. But that will be their last major hit. In the end, a beautiful and big adventure that will have lasted 5 years !

1988 ... come on, this time it's well and truly the end. They started the adventure in an inspired way, he ends it the same way


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