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Just a simple man...

Klaus Nomi, whose real name is Klaus Sperber, was a German lyric singer who will stay in history as much for his extraordinary looks as for his mixed voice of Baritone-Bass and Counter-Tenor which will do wonders in contemporary pieces.

Born in Germany, he left his homeland in the early 1970s to settle in New York. He then performed in cabarets, presenting a completely offbeat show that mixed opera, experimental music and electronic music.

It’s a certain… David Bowie who spots him and takes him as a backing vocalist for a TV show. We are then in 1979.

Fascinated by the costume Bowie wears during the show, Nomi used it to have his legendary alien clown costume made.

Three years pass before the enormous title which will reveal him to the eyes of the whole world is released : the sumptuous "The Cold Song", a melo-dramatico-transcosmico-hallucinating title which fascinates as much as it freezes as soon as it is played.

He does it again in the wake with "Simple man", a much more joyful and dancing title which will give a much less frozen image of the character.

Unfortunately, the adventure will come to an end for this colorful character on August 6, 1983 at the age of 39 years. Death from complications related to AIDS.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • You don’t own me 1981

  • Falling in love again 1981

  • Total eclipse 1981

  • Nomi song 1982

  • Cold song 1982

  • Lightning strikes 1982

  • Simple man 1982

  • Ding-dong! 1982

  • Icurok 1983

  • After the fall 1983

  • Just one look 1983

  • Rubberband lazer 1983

  • I feel love 1986

  • Valentine's day 2007

  • Silent night 2007


Clips :

1981 ... the first steps of the man who will create one of the biggest sensations of the decade. 100 % aware guaranteed !

1981 ... what is certain is that with him, it is wacky morning, noon and evening ! An excess bordering on caricature. As paradoxical as it may seem, this excess will precisely allow the production of wonders of which he is the only one to have the secret...

1981 ... he imposes a totally atypical and completely timeless style from the start. A totally improbable mix between Dance and Classical which will nevertheless work with the fire of God ...

1982 ... the character is now perfectly framed. Everything is ready for a sequel that promises to be absolutely incredible ...

1982 ... then comes the WONDER ! A hallucinating piece, unique among all, with an incredible depth of lyricism. The supreme consecration for a totally and irremediably extraordinary artist ...

1982 ... which does not prevent him from continuing his classico-pop delusions which have become his unique trademark. Total wahn !

1982 ... a decidedly incredible year ! Here he signs one of the biggest dance hits of the year, showing the full extent of his incredibly versatile talent...

1982 ... come on, we are no longer close to delirium. A particularly prolific year 1982 which literally saw him explode on a planetary level. But unfortunately it will be a short-lived explosion ...

1983 ... a new year that starts off with a bang. But fate will decide to change the situation...and in a radical way...

1983... AIDS will mow down a bunch of artists during this decade of the 80s and not the least. Unfortunately it will be one of them...

1983...we really wonder what the rest of his career would have been if it hadn't stopped dead in this way. It is clear that he would necessarily have continued his various and varied delusions...

1983 ... the end of an incredible adventure for an incredible artist in incredible times. Eine unglaubliche Karriere !

1986 ... who would have thought he would have dared to attack Giorgio Moroder's Masterpiece dating from 1977 ? A posthumous title that it would have been a shame to leave in the boxes, it's clear ...

2007...this year 2007 will see the release of new titles made in the early 80s. It would have been a shame to hide them...

2007...a version of the 'Silent night' conforming to its image, that is to say out of the ordinary. But did he do things in his life in the normal way...

Top Bonus : 1978...the story of a lifetime I

Top Bonus : 1982...the story of a lifetime II

Top Bonus : 1982...the story of a lifetime III


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