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It was a wonderful life ...

Black, an English group from Liverpool, was born in the early 80s. Its leader, Colin Vearncombe, on which the success of the group is largely based, started music at the age of 16 by integrating a punk group with the surreal name of "Epileptic Tits", before founding a few years later Black . The 1st single "Human features" was released in 1981, followed 1 year later "More than the sun", without either of them being noticed. The group still signs this year on WEA Records and it is the tour with the Thompson Twins that will reveal them to the general public. 1984 was going to be a pivotal year with the release of the single "Hey presto" which enabled them to acquire a certain notoriety, especially in the UK. But it was 1987 that saw the release of the now cult "Wonderful Life", album and planetary hit of the same name. The album sold 2 million copies. 2 other albums will follow in 1988 and 1991, unfortunately crowned with relative success... Black will have deeply and lastingly marked the 80s. In particular thanks to these languid and captivating melodics, and to his style, so particular but just as fascinating.

Colin Vearncombe will leave us prematurely on January 26, 2016 at the age of 53 following a serious car accident he suffered near Cork airport in Ireland. To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• Human features 1981

• More than the sun 1982

• Hey presto 1984

• Wonderful life 1986

• Everything's coming up roses 1987

• Sweetest smile 1987

• I'm not afraid 1987

• Paradise 1988

• The big one 1988

• You're a big girl now 1988

• Now you’re gone 1989

• Feel like change 1991

• Here it comes again 1991

• Wishing you were here 1993

• Just like love 1993


Clips :

1981 ... the first steps and everything is already there ... The style, the voice, the originality ... Everything is ready for the fireworks that will follow ...

1982 ... a fireworks display that lasts but the evolution is evident year after year. It is clear that this group is really talented and above all, unlike any other ...

1984 ... they still have a little bit of work to finally access the big leagues. But it will not be long...

1986 ... and the fireworks, there it is ! A mega interplanetary tube that will surely remain one of the major hits of the decade and the end of the 20th century. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1987 ... a transition title that goes fast, very fast. And which contrasts radically with the previous gem ...

1987 ... a decidedly exceptional year with a second title in extraordinary lyricism which magically suspends time ...

1987 ... sudden tempo re-acceleration. The group will never have specialized in Dance titles but will have produced some fast tracks of good quality

1988 ... new WONDER a year later. An incredible inspiration that transcends a title with incredible lyricism !

1988 ... another title with certain quality. Jazzy, groovy, smoothy at will ...

1988 ... a particularly prolific year 1988 which sees the release of excellent titles, including this one !

1989 ... all in finesse once again. It is light and airy. Admittedly, it won't be a mega hit ... but it still works perfectly !

1991 ... decade change and capillary metamorphosis ....! The voice is lower too. But for the rest, especially on the inspiration side, it's still just as good !

1991 ... another magnificent ballad, tailor-made to provoke maximum emotions ... The group's last notorious hit ...

1993 ... a decade of the 90s that will prove more complicated to manage than expected. Gradual drop in inspiration, loss of reference points in a decade that spins at the speed of light, in short, everything to get the group to take down irreversibly ...

1993 ... a last title very smoothly and in finesse as the group knows how to do them so well. Unfortunately, that will not be enough to put them back afloat ...

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Top Bonus : 2010...the story of a lifetime II

Top Bonus : 2015...the story of a lifetime III


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