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Intimist version 80s Part 16 - The best of the International Category

The playlist of phew in which you will find all the biggest hits 'International Intimist' of the 80s.

For those who know nothing about it, the ideal way to find everything you need to organize a most memorable romantic evening.

For connoisseurs, the means to complete their knowledge or to find titles whose names they no longer remember.

Take out the handkerchiefs !

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Louise Tucker - Midnight blue 1982

  • Blue Feather - Never gonna let you go 1986

  • Marvin Gaye - Sexual healing 1982

  • Céline Dion - D'amour ou d'amitié 1982

  • Forrest - Valerie 1987

  • Opus - Flyin high 1982

  • Kenny Logins - Meet me half way 1987

  • Tracey Ullman - They don't know 1983

  • 'Til Tuesday - Voices carry 1985

  • Milli Vanilli - Girl I'm gonna miss you 1989

  • Blue System - Sorry little Sarah 1987

  • Whitesnake - Is this love 1987

  • Glass Tiger - (Watching) Worlds crumble 1989

  • Balance - Falling in love 1981

  • Mary Jane Girls - All night long 1983

  • Hipsway - Long white car 1986

  • Dollar - Videotheque 1982

  • The Jets - You got it all 1986

  • Lene Lovitch - Hold on to love 1990

  • Chris De Burgh - The lady in red 1986

  • Bauhaus - She's in parties 1983

  • Joe Cocker - Up where we belong 1982

  • Latin Quarter - Radio Africa 1985

  • Deniece Williams - Time heals every wound 1981

  • Models - King of kings 1985


Clips :

1982 ... THE title of a lifetime, the one that makes you fit One Shot into musical legend and offers you a direct ticket to posterity. HU-GE !

Full Article Louise Tucker


1986 ... an Intimist domain which inspires the group to the highest point in this year 1986. And my faith, in this domain, they are far from being ridiculous !

Full Article Blue Feather


1982 ... 20 years after his debut, the singer delivers here quite simply one of the most sumptuous titles of all his discography and one of the most emblematic titles of the end of the XXth century, just that. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

Full Article Marvin Gaye


1982 ... France discovered the young Quebecer in 1982 with a certain astonishment to which even a significant interest. And the least we can say is that the current flows immediately. The beginning of a - very - privileged relationship that will last for decades ...

Full Article Céline Dion


1987 ... in an ocean of Dance titles, here he gives us a first Intimist song. And my faith, in this area, it is far from being ridiculous ...

Full Article Forrest


1982 ... a direct start in Intimist mode for the group, an extremely rare thing. And for a first title, the least we can say is that it is rather successful

Full Article Opus


1987 ... new soundtrack for the singer, this time for 'Over The Top'. The artist delivers us here a new Intimist title of any beauty which literally floats in the air and which shows a know-how among the best of the moment in this field. MA-GIC !

Full Article Kenny Loggins


1983 ... the singer delivers here a new luxury cover this time of the title of Kirsty MacColl dating from 1979. And as for her previous title, the copy is well worth the original. We want more !

Full Article Tracey Ullman


1985 ... first title and first notable success for the group. A startling to say the least, which positions the group as one of the big discoveries of the year. HU-GE !

Full Article 'Til Tuesday


1989 ... which will undoubtedly remain as the biggest success of their entire discography. An Intimist title of great beauty which shows that they are as good in Dance as in the register of 'emotions'. At least those who made them ...

Full Article Milli Vanilli


1987 ... the start of his solo career which started under the best auspices for the singer with a first classified title. One more in the career of an artist who will have deeply marked his time, alone or with others ...

Full Article Blue System


1987 ... it took them almost 10 years to reach the Nirvana, but this time, it is well and truly done. And as very often for the Hard groups of this time, it is a sumptuous Intimist title which will make them return definitively in the legend. MAS-TER-FUL !

Full Article Whitesnake


1989 ... only one small title to end this decade. A decade that will have consecrated them then sent back to oblivion. Like many other bands before them ...

Full Article Glass Tiger


1981 ... a nice Intimist track which shows all the versatility of the group. This group has really talent and shows it title after title

Full Article Balance


1983 ... at a particularly languid tempo, the girls rise slowly, but surely, in power. Recognition is now global !

Full Article Mary Jane Girls


1986 ... the band will not be able to ride the wave created by their previous enormous success and the rest of their careers will prove to be much more complicated to manage than expected. And this despite this title of more than obvious quality ...

Full Article Hipsway


1982 ... 4 titles just for this year 1982 for the duo and 4 titles which will end up classified, just that ! Including this one which will remain as one of their most successful titles

Full Article Dollar


1986 ... which will undoubtedly remain as one of their most emblematic titles. The group signs here a Intimist title of any beauty which will bring them a success of the most impressive at the planetary level. MA-GIC !

Full Article The Jets


1990 ... a great form which is confirmed for the singer with this title. A comeback that could have really been a winner but the public will have decided otherwise. Hard law of the trade ...

Full Article Lene Lovitch


1986 ... we knew that the singer excelled in the Intimist but here he reached a level close to perfection. He signed here quite simply one of the biggest Ultimate Slows of the decade, but also the biggest success of his entire career and surely his title among the most emblematic. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

Full Article Chris De Burgh


1983 ... which will surely remain as their most successful title. Title which unfortunately arrives a little late but better late than never !

Full Article Bauhaus


1982 ... after the end of the 1970s which left the singer somewhat moribund, the 1980s will put him back on the front of the stage in a spectacular fashion thanks to this title on the soundtrack of the film "Officer and gentleman". A title that will become one of the biggest Slow Ultimate of the decade, and of the end of the twentieth century, just that. MA-GIS-TRAL !

Full Article Joe Cocker


1985 ... which will surely remain as one of their most emblematic titles. The group confirms here a more than obvious talent which allows them to fit One Shot into the musical legend of the 80s. HU-GE !

Full Article Latin Quarter


1981 ... the transition to the 80s is very smooth for the singer. After an empty 80s, here she is back in great shape and ready to give anything during this decade. It promises !

Full Article Deniece Williams

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