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Intimist version 80s Part 14 - The best of the International Category

The playlist of phew in which you will find all the biggest hits 'International Intimist' of the 80s.

For those who know nothing about it, the ideal way to find everything you need to organize a most memorable romantic evening.

For connoisseurs, the means to complete their knowledge or to find titles whose names they no longer remember.

Take out the handkerchiefs !

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Ivan - Sonarte 1980

  • Vanessa Williams - Dreamin' 1988

  • Baltimora - Global love 1987

  • Carmel - I'm over you 1989

  • Richard Sanderson - Reality 1980

  • Robbie Nevil - Wot's it to ya 1987

  • Frazier Chorus - Sloppy heart 1989

  • Strange Advance - Worlds away 1983

  • Curiosity Killed The Cat - Free 1987

  • New Kids On The Block - I'll be loving you (Forever) 1989

  • Bucks Fizz - Keep each other warm 1986

  • Teena Marie - Love me down easy 1986

  • Terence Trent D'Arby - Sign your name 1988

  • Brother Beyond - When will I see you again 1989

  • Dee C. Lee - See the day 1985

  • Karyn White - Superwoman 1988

  • Ricchi & Poveri - M'innamoro di te 1981

  • Junior - Baby I want you back 1983

  • Michael Sembello - Talk 1984

  • Michael Jackson - Liberian girl 1989

  • Trio - My sweet angel 1985

  • Fine Young Cannibals - Funny how love is 1986

  • Living In A Box - Room in your heart 1989

  • Papa Dance - Te glupie strachy 1985

  • Huey Lewis & The News - Doing it all for my baby 1987


Clips :

1980 ... from his 2nd title, the singer shows real aptitudes for the Intimist field. A versatility that bodes well for the rest of the events concerning him ...

Full Article Ivan


1988 ... his first global mega hit. It did not take her long to break the house and become one of the biggest phenomena of the moment across the Atlantic. HU-GE !

Full Article Vanessa Williams


1987 ... a shocking and charming duo who do what they can to save the furniture. Unfortunately, the gap with the competition is far too important and the group will never get back to the leading peloton ...

Full Article Baltimora


1989 ... talent, the singer has plenty to spare, that's clear. The proof with this magnificent title which literally floats in the air. But that does not stick to the musical standards of the moment ...

Full Article Carmel


1980 ... THIS title arrives for the singer ! A title specially concocted for a short film which will become a true generational phenomenon. The singer delivers here an almost perfect copy and surely one of the biggest Ultimate Slows of all time. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

Full Article Richard Sanderson


1987 ... a dynamic which does not weaken for the singer and which allows him to string together hits with obvious ease. A particularly effective style and which especially pleases !

Full Article Robbie Nevil


1989 ... a very first version of this title was released two years earlier in 1987 and will go completely unnoticed. This is not the case with this one, far from it ...

Full Article Frazier Chorus


1983 ... a BIG year for the group with a plethora of titles and especially this one. THE title of recognition, finally. All on a perfectly calibrated and particularly inspired Intimist track. HU-GE !

Full Article Strange Advance


1987 ... the group can also do in the Intimist. A versatility of the most interesting but which unfortunately does not pay because this title will not remain as the best ranked of all

Full Article Curiosity Killed The Cat


1989 ... after a year 1988 which saw them hatch in a spectacular way, the year 1989 will propel them to the top of glory and fame. In particular thanks to this Intimist title which allows them to display a most formidable musical versatility. The competition had better watch out !

Full Article New Kids On The Block


1986 ... a group with an imposing discography, certainly of uneven quality, but they will at least have had the merit of believing in it until the end. Respect !

Full Article Bucks Fizz


1986 ... the singer had little ventured into the Intimist register and yet her talent in this area is certain. Once again the proof with this title which works perfectly !

Full Article Teena Marie


1988 ... we thought he had already given everything, it was without counting on this absolutely sumptuous title and which will surely remain as his most emblematic. He delivers here a marvel of finesse and softness which definitively consecrates him as one of the best singers of this end of the decade. Absolutely MA-GIIC !

Full Article Terence Trent d'Arby


1989 ... the guys try everything for the whole thing with this Intimist title, a title very well done but which will not change the situation at all. Everything is going very quickly at the end of the decade, too fast ...

Full Article Brother Beyond


1985 ... this title there was not likely to go unnoticed. The singer signs here quite simply the biggest success of her career and delivers an absolutely sumptuous Intimist title. MA-GIC !

Full Article Dee C. Lee


1988 ... a decidedly exceptional year 1988 for the singer with a second top hit in the wake. And this time in the Intimist register. The singer displays a very interesting musical versatility !

Full Article Karyn White


1981 ... after the Dance gem, here comes almost the equivalent in the Intimist register. The group is in incredible Olympic form which literally makes them walk on water. MA-GIC !

Full Article Ricchi & Poveri


1983 ... as in any good self-respecting discography, there is inevitably the Intimist song which goes well. For him, it will be this one !

Full Article Junior


1984 ... like any self-respecting Grand, the artist had to have his classy Ultimate Slow. It's done with this title ! MA- GIC !

Full Article Michael Sembello


1989 ... not necessarily the best ranked of all the artist's discography but what a song again ! Another absolutely sumptuous title that literally floats in the air and simply does us good ! MA-GIC !

Full Article Michael Jackson


1985 ... totally surreal but they at least deserve to exist. And they can always boast of being at the origin of one of the most significant titles of the decade. Which is not the case for everyone ...

Full Article Trio


1986 ... after a year 1985 which saw the group reach new heights, the year 1986 started off smoothly thanks to this pretty ballad which allowed the group to show all its versatility

Full Article Fine Young Cannibals


1989 ... after a flood of Dance titles, the group suddenly delivers a Intimist song, a musical niche which was not really their business until then. And my faith, what better way to end their adventure ...

Full Article Living In A Box


1985 ... electronic music is made in Poland and maid too. A group that would have really deserved a much greater recognition than it was at the time ...

Full Article Papa Dance


1987 ... no mega hit in this year 1987 for the singer but titles which hold the road and it is always better than nothing. The group unfolds quietly with an alternation of great years and others a little less inspired. It's like that...

Full Article Huey Lewis And The News

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