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In the beginning there was Playboy...

Centerfold is a Dutch female trio formed in 1984 and composed of Laura Fygi, Rowan Moore and Cecilia dela Rie.

Trio which stood out in spectacular fashion from its beginnings by posing in the Dutch Playboy to promote their first single "Bad boy". A trio that will even push the provocation to interpret the title during a TV show in outfits that will be described as very light ...

But it was especially two years later in 1986 that the trio finally achieved a semblance of planetary recognition with titles like "Up and coming", "Radar love" but also, and above all, with the title "Dictator".

Repeated successes that attract the attention of Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Anderson, who are none other than the 2 oh-so-talented composers of a small group called… ABBA! Which made up especially for girls the title "Bitch when I see red" which came out in 1987. But which unfortunately only enjoyed very relative success ...

Also in 1987, the trio's first album, “Man’s ruin”, was released, which was also relatively successful in the Netherlands.

Two singles were released thereafter, "Money" in 1988 and "Play the game" in 1989, which also had limited success in the Netherlands. Two singles which will unfortunately be the last for this trio of shock but above all charming.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Bad boy 1984

  • Pump it up 1984

  • Rough 1985

  • Dictator 1986

  • Up and coming 1986

  • Radar love 1986

  • Bitch when I see red 1987

  • Intimate climate 1987

  • Money 1988

  • Play the game 1989


Clips :

1984 ... the beginnings of a colorful triplet and above all ready to do anything to establish himself on the international music scene. Be careful not to cross the red line ...

1984 ... a year 1984 rich in titles and especially in provocation. A bias displayed and above all claimed as a brand of Factory. Not sure that this is enough to make a career that lasts decades and decades ...

1985 ... even if the girls knew how to create the buzz, it does not succeed more than that for the moment. After a first title which will have known a nice success of esteem, what will have followed hardly to impose itself ...

1986 ... they will have to wait for the year 1986 and THIS title to finally see their hopes of international recognition come true. The trio achieved his best performance here on the Charts side, a success that this time owed only to the quality of the title and not to their very advantageous appearance ...

1986 ... a BIG year 1986 with a series of hits that positions them as one of the phenomena of the moment. At least on the Old Continent ...

1986 ... 3 titles released in this single year 1986 and three hits, just that ! Girls literally walk on water, to say the least. Not sure it will last but at this point everything is going like clockwork !

1987 ... slight air gap with this title which will not even be classified. It must be said that the style used on this track differs somewhat from the Ultra Dance style of the previous songs ...

1987 ... the sound of the triplet has been changed a bit and this unfortunately does not really benefit them. A change of course to say the least surprising. And above all counterproductive ...

1988 ... they find their fundamentals on this title but it is already too late. The competition is already light years ahead and the girls will never come back to the race ...

1989 ... the adventure will not go beyond the 1980s. Here they sign a final prestigious title which will experience its heyday only in the Netherlands. Tchao bella !


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