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In a place like this...

The Payolas, also better known by the diminutive Payola $, is a Canadian band formed in 1978 in Vancouver and originally composed of Paul Hyde, Bob Rock, Ian Tiles and Marty Higgs.

The name 'Payolas' would be a reference to the various scandals which took place in the United States at the end of the 50s concerning record companies which paid radio stations so that they broadcast in priority the titles which they put to them. Payola being the contraction of 2 terms : ‘Pay’ and Victrola ’(one of the first readers of 33 Tours).

The group released their first single "China boys" in 1979, a single that will go somewhat unnoticed.

They will have to wait for 1981 and the release of their first album "In a place like this" to finally get people talking about them. Reviews are excellent but sales will unfortunately not follow behind.

New album "No stranger to danger" a year later in 1982, album from which the single "Eyes of a stranger" was to be extracted, a single which brought the group its first notorious success. Unfortunately, this success did not last long because the album "Hammer on a drum" which was released the following year in 1983 did not really meet the same fate as its predecessor.

A failure partly due to the fact that the group is confronted with a problem of size because the American radios boycott them because of their name which brings back too many bad memories to the Americans.

In order to stop this boycott which penalizes them at the highest point, the album "Here’s the world for ya" which was released in 1985 will be released with a completely different band name namely Paul Hyde and the Payolas. A change that has an immediate effect since the single "You’re the only love" finally arrives in the United States and offers the group a new major success.

From 1987, the group changed their name once again to Rock and Hyde. New album "Under the volcano" the same year, album from which the top hit "Dirty water" will be extracted mainly.

A great adventure that will end at the end of the decade when several members of the group decide to stand on their own feet.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • China boys 1979

  • Jukebox 1981

  • Eyes of a stranger 1982

  • Soldier 1982

  • Never said I love you 1983

  • Where is this love 1983

  • You’re the only love 1985

  • Stuck in the rain 1985

  • Here’s the world 1985

  • It must be love 1985

  • Dirty water 1987

  • I will 1987

  • Talk to me 1987


Clips :

1979 ... a first title to break in. These first steps show that there is potential but that there is also work to be done to enter the big leagues ...

1981 ... two years have passed but the style has not, or little, changed. They will really have to raise their level of play to hope to break into the international market ...

1982 ... then THIS title comes ! The sound evolution is obvious and as if by chance, the group recorded here its first planetary class hit. Like what, not much was enough to see them finally reach the big leagues !

1982 ... unfortunately, the sequel will not really measure up. Suddenly, the group also falls back dry in the depths of the Charts. Bad pickaxe as they say ...

1983 ... this title will do a little better but the success is now limited mainly to Canada. The group is unable to capitalize on the enormous success of the previous year and is now looking for himself ...

1983 ... and even when he is found, the audience no longer follows. Cruel disillusionment but which should not prevent them all the same from believing in a better future !

1985 ... after a year 1984 when not much will happen, here they are back in great shape in this year 1985. A form and especially inspiration, which really helps to obtain a success worthy of the name !

1985 ... unfortunately, with them, it is that major successes are always followed by direct relapse behind. And yet, they are far from being ridiculous but this inconstancy inevitably penalizes them and will ultimately deprive them of a reputation worthy of the name ...

1985 ... they attempt a foray into the Intimist to see if it could possibly get them back afloat. The title largely holds up but this will unfortunately not change their destiny

1985 ... a BIG year 1985 all the same with plethora of titles and a certain average quality even if it does not pay in the Charts. Too bad the public does not follow more but nothing helps, when it does not want, it does not want ...

1987 ... they hang on and do better than resist, the proof with this title which will surely remain as one of their most successful titles. Quite simply, a good job. HU-GE !

1987 ... an adventure which unfortunately draws to an end. The group has been able to bounce back several times and rise from its ashes as if by a miracle but miracles have their limits ...

1987 ... a group which will not have obtained in the end the fame that they would have deserved but they will at least have had the merit of producing several hits of very high caliber. We will largely be satisfied with it !


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