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I love you melancholy...

Mylène Farmer, whose real name is Mylène Gautier, is a French singer whose particularity, apart from her deeply atypical personality, is having placed 13 titles in first place in the French Top 50, and 45 in the Top 10.

The entry into the artistic career will take place after she has decided to drop out of secondary school to follow a "Theater" course at the Cours Florent.

It was in 1984 that her destiny really changed when she was auditioned and retained by Laurent Boutonnat, a young songwriter unknown at the time, who was looking for a singer for his title "Maman à tort".

She then took the pseudonym "Farmer" in tribute to Frances Farmer, American actress from the 1930s with a tragic fate. The title is released under the RCA label and it's a hit ! The singer is now known to the public.

In 1985 released his new single "On est tous des imbéciles". Unfortunately, the public is not there. Commercial failure and end of the adventure with RCA !

Her third single "Plus grandir" was released under the Polydor label at the end of 1985. The singer returned to success this time.

His first album "Cendres de lune" was released a year later in 1986. From which the huge single "Libertine" was released. Clip which will create controversy and contribute considerably to the success of the latter. The singer turns red hair on this occasion, a color that remains to this day her trademark.

In 1987 released the bewitching "Tristana" which turned out to be a huge success.

The notoriety of the singer soars. In the process, the single "Sans contrefaçon" was released, which ranked 2nd in the Top50. The album "Ainsi soit je..." was released in 1988 and it was a real tidal wave! 1,800,000 copies will be sold, in particular thanks to the flagship singles of "Ainsi soit je...", "Sans logique" and "Pourvu qu'elles soient douces". The colossal success of this album transcends borders and extends to a part of Europe.

The year 1989 will see the singer begin her first tour where she will inaugurate this style of American show which will revolutionize the concept until then quite fixed in France.

She also takes the opportunity to release at the same time her new single "A quoi je sers" which is of course a new success.

In 1991 the single "Désenchantée" was released, which sold more than a million copies ! Released the album "L’autre ...", which will remain ranked N ° 1 for 20 consecutive weeks. Album from which will be extracted the magnificent "Regrets" as well as "Je t'aime mélancolie" and "Beyond my control".

Many other singles and other albums will be released later. Outings that will only strengthen the singer's Aura and considerably increase her mysterious and ambiguous side.

But that’s another story that we’ll talk about later….

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Maman à tort 1984

• On est tous des imbéciles 1985

• Plus grandir 1985

• Libertine 1986

• Tristana 1987

• Sans contrefaçon 1987

• Ainsi soit je 1988

• Pourvu qu’elles soient douces 1988

• Sans logique 1989

• A quoi je sers 1989

• Allan 1989

• Désenchantée 1991

• Regrets 1991

• Je t’aime mélancolie 1991

• Beyond my control 1992

• Que mon coeur lache 1992

• XXL 1995

• L'instant X 1995

• California 1996

• Comme j'ai mal 1996

• Rêver 1996

• L'Ame-Stram-Gram 1999

• Je te rends ton amour 1999

• Souviens toi du jour 1999

• Effets secondaires 1999

• Optimistique-moi 2000

• Innamoramento 2000

• Dessine moi un mouton 2000

• L'histoire d'une fée, c'est... 2001

• Les mots 2001

• C'est une belle journée 2002

• Pardonne moi 2002

• Fuck them all 2005

• Q.I. 2005

• Redonne-moi 2006

• L'amour n'est rien 2006

• Peut-être toi 2006

• Slipping away (Crier la vie) 2006

• Déshabillez-moi 2007

• Dégénération 2008

• Appelle mon numéro 2008

• Si j'avais au moins 2009

• C'est dans l'air 2009

• Sextonik 2009

• Oui mais...non 2010

• Bleu noir 2011

• Du temps 2011

• A l'ombre 2012

• Je te dis tout 2013

• Monkey me 2013

• Stolen car 2015

• Insondables 2015

• City of love 2016

• C'est pas moi 2016

• Rolling stone 2018

• N'oublie pas 2018

• Désobéissance 2018

• Sentimentale 2018

• Des larmes 2019

• L'âme dans l'eau 2020


Clips :

1984 ... a start that we can describe as very promising. The magic works immediately but no one yet imagines at this stage the incredible career which awaits the singer ...

1985 ... a continuation of certain quality but which paradoxically does not allow her to confirm its status as a phenomenon of the moment. A slight air hole that will not last ...

1985 ... the series of Great Clips begins. New genre clips that amaze France and blow up the singer's notoriety

1986 ... the Ultime clip, provocative at will. Visual and audible shock guaranteed. The Farmer legend is now on the move

1987 ... new surreal music video. What will surely remain as one of his most beautiful titles. Once again, thank you Laurent Boutonnat !

1987 ... the tubes are linked at a staggering speed. The Farmer phenomenon now crushes everything in its path

1988 ... the 1st WONDER. A breathtaking first title which clearly reveals its heightened emotional side

1988 ... the new sulphurous clip that will hit the headlines and once again reinforce its wild, mysterious and deeply captivating side

1989.. impossible to stop its vertiginous ascent towards the summits. Each title is an event in itself !

1989 ... the year of tubes of incredible depth. Boutonnat's inspiration is literally extraordinary ...

1989 ... once again the proof with this title which will undeniably remain as one of its most emblematic

1991 ... change of decade. The sound evolves, just like the singer. The personality mutates and becomes more and more dark ...

1991 ... the 2nd WONDER. This time in duet with an artist as offbeat as she is. The result is once again breathtaking ...

1991 ... the slow mutation continues. And foreshadows the inexorable and irreversible "hardening" of the personality of the Dark Diva in the years that follow ...

1992 ... after an 80s decade that saw her literally explode, one would have thought that the next would be that of the fall, like many colleagues. What a denial, quite the contrary !

1992 ... the artist's incomparable strength is his ability to evolve, musically speaking. Because, for the rest, it's rather the opposite ...

1995 ... the singer slightly begins to ease off. The years 1993 and 1994 will remain somewhat sterile. A small 'air hole' wanted, or suffered, there is only her to respond...

1995 ... the production of singles is scarce but it is to better create the event each time. A perfectly orchestrated strategy ...

1996 ... undoubtedly one of his most successful songs of the decade. An inspiration in constant evolution and which has produced wonder after wonder for more than 10 years. An almost unequaled feat !

1996 ... everything is constant, everything has been stable since the origins : it's total provocation, or total depression, as you wish ...

1996 ... 3rd WONDER. There, we reason in Top WONDER because with her, the mini-WONDER, we don't even pay attention to it so much she has on the counter ...

1999 ... new 'air hole' in 1997 and 1998. The Beauty becomes more and more capricious and mysterious. And as always, it's to return in a shocking way. Again the proof. MAS-TER-FUL !

1999 ... 4th Top WONDER. A totally extraordinary personality which allows the production of totally extraordinary songs. You can't have one without the other !

1999 ... we end in the most beautiful way that is this 90s decade. The artist will resist the passage to the next decade ...?? Oh yes !

1999...a last title to close an exceptional decade in all respects and which will have seen the singer confirm her status as an indisputable and undisputed star of this end of the 20th century on the French music scene... could have imagined that she would not go beyond the 80s given its fragility and extreme sensitivity. Ditto for the 90s. And here she is in the 2000s, who would have thought...

2000...not only will she have only increased in power, year after year, decade after decade, but she will reach supreme consecration during this decade of 2000 with a mastery of her destiny and her art, to say the least total... much as the 80s and 90s were on the same line, the 2000s will radically break with what she did before. An essential evolution to succeed in remaining at the highest level...

2001...while most of those who started at the same time as her had given up their arms a long time ago, she continued her adventure as she saw fit and above all in a style unlike any other. A truly extraordinary talent !

2001...every 10 years she dares the improbable duo and each time the result comes close to being a masterpiece. After Jean-Louis Murat, it is Seal who will share the poster on this title, an absolutely sublime title and once again almost extraterrestrial in inspiration. MA-GIC !

2002...the titles follow each other but none are alike and each has an originality that surprises each time. Which further reinforces the unique side of the singer…

2002...she does not forget its fundamentals and continues to deliver titles with the extreme sensitivity of which she has the secret. We definitely want more...

2005...what hasn't changed, however, and has been since her debut, is the point of honor she makes to produce music videos that are also totally out of the ordinary. We won't do her again as they say...

2005...and each title that comes out continues to create the event. None 'passed through' and kept her in the lead pack with disconcerting ease. The younger generation just have to watch out...

2006... a little over 20 years already at the top of the bill and surely not decided to hand over. Her talent is extreme but also that of those around her. So as long as everything comes together perfectly, there is no reason not to continue the adventure a little more...

2006...the production of titles remains at an impressive level, to say the least. Almost no year without her being talked about, at least on the professional side. Because on the private side, it's mystery and rubber ball and this since its beginnings...

2006... what will have been as much its strength as its weakness is precisely this dark and to say the least tortured side. Anyway, he will have allowed her to transcend herself each time and just for that, we can only bow...

2006...we suspected that by teaming up with Moby the result would be worthy of their respective talents. And it will be since she will win here its biggest success of the decade. HU-GE !

2007...if there was a cover that fits her like a glove, it's this revisited version of Juliette Gréco's flagship title dating from 1967. Because undressing, she loves it, is the least that we can say...

2008...the end of the decade will see her literally crush the competition once again. Nothing, nor anyone, is able to counter his total supremacy over beings and things...

2008...and it's this title that will remind the dumbfounded competition that the Boss is still and always her and that it's set to last like that for a few more years !

2009...3 decades to reign in an insolent way on the French music scene while most of the 'colleagues' of its beginnings have been relegated to oblivion. There is the big winner and above all all the others...

2009...not to mention that she has this incredible ability to constantly adapt and to stick systematically to the latest musical trends of the moment. Extreme quality that necessarily makes all the difference ! end of the decade on a roll with a succession of high-calibre Dance titles. And we necessarily suspect that we will see her again next decade, the opposite cannot be otherwise...

2010...not only did she come back the following decade, but she also signed one of the biggest hits of her entire discography here. You still have to remember that she started in 1984, which indisputably underlines the incredible feat it manages to achieve here !

2011...almost impossible for this title to compete with the previous steamroller as the bar has been set high. This does not prevent her from remaining in the front runners for the 4th consecutive decade !

2011...never outdated, always where you least expect her, in short, a real war machine. But she is not alone in the adventure and we must also salute the whole team around her, in particular Laurent Boutonnat, because this adventure is above all a collective adventure !

2012...the 2010 decade will be a little less prolific in terms of titles produced, but the quality hasn't waned one iota. Nothing to worry about, therefore, regarding the rest of the adventure...

2013...exceptional musical inspiration, just like the lyrics and the music videos. And this since almost its beginnings, that is to say almost 30 years ago. Who could have imagined when she interpreted her first title in 1984 that she would still be there so many years later. A real alien, there are no other words !

2013 ... of course we still feel like a slight decline in success in the Charts but knowing her it is obvious that this slight air gap can only be temporary. Patiently waiting for the next... will have been enough to join her with a partner of equivalent stature to see her return to the front of the stage in a spectacular way. A great musical moment but also cinematographic as they say !

2015...a title that goes somewhat unnoticed, it happens to her extremely rarely but it happens to her anyway. This will be the case for this one without this in any way mortgaging the rest of the events...

2016...more and more mono-title years, it is clear. Afterwards, this in no way weakens her dominant position and once again the competition will have to wait a little longer to see the singer retire...

2016...a title which will benefit from a limited promotion, hence a poor performance in the Charts. For the rest, Mylène makes Mylène and we always want more...

2018...she will take the time to come to her senses during 2017 and here she is again in 2018 in a form that we will once again qualify as certain. Certain to the point of putting her back in the saddle in a spectacular way for the umpteenth time...

2018...a very rare thing concerning her, here she is in a 100 % female duo. It's a good try but this title will not be able to match its other duets unfortunately. Too bad because there was talent on paper..., will the 2010 decade be the last for her ? You should know that with her nothing is ever over and that she may still surprise us later, that's for sure...

2018 ... in any case, what is certain is that she is not heading for the exit door. The competition will therefore have to wait a little longer to see her hand over...

2019...and still this incredible ability to adapt to the latest trends. It must be said that when you know how to surround yourself well, everything flows naturally...

2020...she will have gone through the 80s, then 90s, then 2000, then 2010 and here she is beginning the 2020s. An exceptional longevity for an artist who is no less so. To be continued we imagine...


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