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Here is the 'Hammer'...

MC Hammer, real name Stanley Burrell, is an American singer whose nickname comes from his resemblance to Hank Aaron nicknamed The Hammer. As for "MC" it would actually be the acronym of the term Master Of Ceremonies, a qualifier he will often use at the start of performances in the Clubs.

The singer released his debut album "Feel my power" in 1987 under the independent label Bustin' Track. Album which will know a nice success of esteem even if the 2 singles which it will produce, "Ring’ em" and "Let’s get it started", will pass somewhat under the radar.

In any case, that was enough for him to sign with a more prestigious label, Capitol Records, label which allowed him to release a new album a year later, also called "Let’s get it started". Album which will make a real planetary success and literally explode the notoriety of the singer. In particular thanks to the singles "Pump it up" and "Turn this mutha out".

The consecration, the real one, came two years later in 1990 with the release of the enormous album "Please Hammer, don't hurt 'em", album which will shatter everything on a planetary level and which remains to this day the biggest record success of the singer on the album side. Album which will produce no less than 2 top global hits with the titles “Have you seen her” and “Here comes the hammer”. But also, and above all, 2 mega planetary hits with the singles "Pray" and "U can’t touch this", the flagship single of the artist's career and which remains to this day the jewel of his entire discography on the single side.

New album "Too legit to quit" in 1991, album with less success than its predecessor but which will all the same produce 2 singles of very big caliber that are "2 legit 2 quit" but also, and above all, "Addams groove". Single which will be the artist’s last mega hit.

The rest of the adventure will be much less favorable to him with the release of an album "The funky headunter" in 1994 with the success of the most modest compared to its predecessors. The album will manage to save the furniture only thanks to 2 tracks which are "Pumps and a bump" and "It’s all good".

The album "Inside out" to be released a year later in 1995 did not do much better. A new counter-performance from which the singer will not recover, despite the subsequent release of other albums ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Ring 'em 1987

  • Pump it up 1988

  • Turn this mutha out 1989

  • They put me in the mix 1989

  • U can’t touch this 1990

  • Have you seen her 1990

  • Pray 1990

  • Here comes the hammer 1990

  • Help the children 1990

  • 2 legit 2 quit 1991

  • Addams groove 1991

  • Do not pass me by 1992

  • Pumps and a bump 1994

  • It’s all good 1994

  • Don’t stop 1994

  • Straight to my feet 1995

  • Sultry funk 1995

  • Going up yonder 1995

  • Too late playa 1996

  • Unconditional love 1998

  • So long 2006

  • YAY 2006

  • What happened to our hood ? 2006

  • Bring our brothers home 2007


Clips :

1987 ... a first title to break in and make talk about yourself. The basics are good but it is clear that he will have to raise his level of play a little to hope to stand out from the crowd ...

1988 ... the efforts pay off the following year with this first classified title. But the absence of melody considerably limits the influence of the titles among the general public ...

1989 ... the best is obvious. Everything is falling into place so that the singer can finally produce THE title that will change everything. It won't be long ...

1989 ... it will not be for the year 1989 but we are getting closer to it. The 1980s saw him blossom, the 1990s will literally see him explode !

1990 ... this time will be the good one and and let's go for the big fireworks display ! Here he is simply delivering one of the biggest Dance titles of the decade and of the end of the twentieth century. A title that will literally ignite all Dancefloor around the world. MAS-TER-FUL !

1990 ... an absolutely exceptional year 1990 with a second title which will be almost as strong as its predecessor. And unbelievably, in a totally opposite musical register. Too strong !

1990 ... and it continues ! 3rd mega hit in a single year, which says better ! His sampled version of Prince's track 'When doves cry' from 1984 is a real success, to say the least !

1990 ... and 4 ! In a single year he will have shattered everything on the planet and obtained a direct ticket for posterity more than widely deserved !

1990 ... and there will even be a 5th title in this year 1990. Which will not really have the same level of influence as these predecessors but whatever, we will largely be satisfied with it !

1991 ... an incredible dynamic which hardly weakened the following year. The singer literally walks on water and turns every track into solid gold !

1991 ... even if the level of inspiration is a notch below compared to 1990, the level remains high enough to keep him at the highest level, that's clear !

1992 ... we suspected that he was not going to be able to stay at such a level of success for years and years. But what is done is no longer to be done as they say !

1994 ... surprisingly nothing will happen during 1993. An astonishing air gap which will be quickly filled by this comeback ...

1994 ... a comeback which unfortunately will not last. The level of inspiration is in free fall and the singer begins to see the negative effects in the Charts unfortunately ...

1994 ... the last notorious hit, and yes, already ! The fall was as rapid as the ascent. And yet he is far from demerit, it is clear. But everything goes very quickly during this decade of 90, too fast for him at first sight ...

1995 ... an adventure which will therefore continue in relative indifference, at least among the general public. Hard law of the trade ...

1995 ... whatever the results in the Charts, he still believes in it. Afterwards, rightly or wrongly, that's something else ...

1995 ... the very last hit. This time, you might think that the adventure has come to an end. But it's bad to know him ...

1996 ... his will to continue the adventure commands respect. But we sincerely wonder what he is running after now ...

1998 ... it doesn't matter what he runs after but when we see what he is still capable of producing, we take no matter what !

2006 ... eight years will separate this title from the previous one. 8 years where not much will happen. Times are getting harder and harder ...

2006 ... which does not prevent him from continuing to produce surprising titles like this one. Never short of ideas the guy !

2006 ... big year 2006 in terms of production of titles. But the results in the Charts will unfortunately be very disappointing ...

2007 ... an anti-war pamphlet that does not mince words. An inspired track which will pass somewhat under the radar and which will be especially one of the very last titles of big caliber of the singer ...


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