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He has to move...

Norman Iceberg, whose real name is Norman Bédard, is a Canadian singer-songwriter who began his artistic career in 1986 with the release of a first single "Be my human tonight". Single which will know a nice success of esteem side Night Clubs.

First album "Person(a)" the following year in 1987, album which will cause controversy with an album cover where the singer appears naked. This did not prevent him from producing the high-caliber single "Gotta move" which was released a year later in 1988.

One of his biggest hit singles, "Kiss the beauty", was released in 1989.

A title that will be one of the last to be released under his name because he will resume his real name during the following decade. A career that will see him produce other titles but with limited success to say the least...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others…) :

  • Be my human tonight 1986

  • Crawl 1987

  • Gotta move 1987

  • His own story 1987

  • I am I can 1987

  • Don't be so cold 1987

  • Kiss the beauty 1989


Clips :

1986...a first title of unquestionable quality. Rather auspicious for the rest of the events, it now remains for the artist to prove that this potential is indeed real...

1987...unfortunately it is not with this kind of title that he risks breaking through at the highest level. Too bad because it all started pretty well...

1987...he will quickly set the record straight with this title. We suspected that he was bound to show at one time or another that his talent was not usurped...

1987...he loves to alternate titles for all audiences and titles that are clearly more intended for an audience that is less informed. A very personal career choice...

1987...and what about this one ! He loves to blur the tracks and take us to musical lands that are obscure to say the least. Rightly or wrongly, that's something else... atypical artist who will never do anything like the others. A bias assumed certainly but which necessarily marginalizes at one time or another...

1989... it is with this title that he will reach the peak of his Norman Iceberg version career. Because we will find him later but this time with his real name...


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