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Good kisses from Poland...

Papa Dance is a Polish group formed in 1984 by 2 producers, Mariusz Wesolowski and Slawomir Zabrodzkiego. A group that, at the beginning, was just a concept project and which will quickly develop into a real group. Group whose first members will be Grzegorz Wawrzyszak, Marek Karczmarek and Tadeusz Lyskawa.

Group which at the very beginning bears the name of Papa Dock, name which will be quickly abandoned because too much in analogy with the Haitian dictator Duvalier, nicknamed Papa Doc.

It will remain mainly in the musical history of the 80s for titles like "Kamikaze wroc" released in 1985 and "Nasz Disneyland" released in 1988. And remains to this day one of the few Polish groups in vogue at this time.

As such alone, we had to devote this article to them.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s  Decade :

  • Kamikaze wroc 1985

  • Pocztowka Z wakacji 1985

  • Kanal XO-2 1985

  • Czy ty lubisz to co ja ? 1985

  • Panorama Tatr 1985

  • Te glupie strachy 1985

  • Ocean Wspomnien 1986

  • O La La 1986

  • Historyjka z talli kart 1986

  • Nasz Disneyland 1988

  • Twój ziemski Eden 1988

  • It's a simple song 1988

2000s  Decade :

  • Gdzie one sa 2005

  • Bez braw 2005

  • Czarny snieg 2005

  • Everything is alright 2005

  • Bedziemy tanczyc 2007

  • Dla ciebie 2008

  • Bezimienni 2008

2010s  Decade :

  • Tora Tora 2013

  • Captain of her heart 2013

  • Words 2013

  • Rajony-Kvartaly 2013

  • 10 w skali beauforta 2013

  • Wiecznie mlodzi 2019

  • Wracam 2019

  • Mamy Caly swiat 2019


Tracks :

1985 ... beginnings frankly bordering on caricature. But how can we blame them ? We are in 1985 and the Berlin Wall is still standing. And it is even astonishing that they manage to produce something modern given this particular political context ...

1985 ... and the Sound is not that ridiculous. Admittedly, the Ango-Saxon competition is light years ahead but this Polish group at least has the merit of existing, it's clear

1985 ... in any case, the group applies himself and tries to produce a qualitative minimum. They still have work to do, we are not going to hide our face. But the main thing is to believe it as they say

1985 ... a BIG year with a plethora of titles to boot. Well, the quality fluctuates a little depending on the titles but there is something special about these Polish people all the same. And they are far from being ridiculous ...

1985 ... a certain talent which really produces songs of certain quality. Who would have thought that we could freely make electronic music on the wrong side of the wall ...

1985 ... not only do we make electronic music and good stuff. A group that would have really deserved a much greater recognition than it was at the time ...

1986 ... an astonishing sound, which is unlike any other and which makes all their originality. And they even allow themselves the luxury of getting into the Intimist. And again, they are not that bad !

1986 ... it is true that Polish as a language in a song is not necessarily what we do best. But for the rest, it holds up !

1986 ... BIG year 1985 but BIG year 1986 also in terms of release of titles. Because on the success side, we can imagine that it remains strictly confined to their country of origin ...

1988 ... after an empty year 1987, here they are back in this year 1988 in Olympic form. A form that allows them to sign here what will surely remain as the most emblematic title of their entire discography. HU-GE !

1988 ... a qualitative level which rises from year to year and which shows above all that they are not there by chance. Unfortunately, they are on the wrong side of the wall ...

1988 ... they even produced a title in English. A desire to break into the international market which unfortunately will yield nothing. But they will at least have tried !


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