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Get up ! Move that body...

Technotronic is a Belgian group formed in 1988 by Jo Bogaert. Like five other legendary groups such as Black Box, Beatmasters, Hithouse, Royal House and S'Express, Technotronic is one of the rare groups at the origin of the musical transition between the 80s and the 90s. That is to say from a Pop-Dance generation to a House-Dance generation.

It’s the huge track "Pump up the jam" released in 1989 and taken from the album of the same name that will reveal the group. An awesome Dance song (performed in the music video by Congolese-born model Felly Kilingi), which will set fire to every dancefloor on the planet and make the group spectacularly fit into the musical history of the 80s.

Originally, the track was instrumental, called Technotronic, and only included samples from Eddie Murphy from 1983. It was released for the first time under the band name The Pro 24s, and had very limited success. Hence Bogaert’s masterstroke with the remixed version ...

The album will also produce 3 other mega hits including "Get up!" (Before the night is over) ”which was released a year later in 1990 and which will almost equal its predecessor. This time, singer Ya Kid K is taking over. The same one that should have already been on "Pump up the Jam" since she's really the one singing.

Also in 1990, we also find it on the track "Rockin 'over the beat", also taken from the same album and which will also be a hit worldwide. “This beat is Technotronic” will be released shortly before and will be a hit in turn.

1990, an exceptional year for the group with the release of 2 other mega hits which are "Megamix" on the one hand. And "Turn it up" this time with Melissa and Einstein. All 2 extracts from the new album "Trip on this : The remixes". The group is becoming one of the biggest phenomena of the moment.

New album "Body to body" in 1991. The band continued to capitalize on the enormous success of the previous albums and the album in turn became a huge success. Less than the other 2 but success nonetheless. The album produced 2 new mega hits which are "Move that body" and "Work". Cast change with the participation this time of singer Reggie.

Unfortunately, the bellows will drop as quickly as it is mounted. Only the single "Move this", once again in the company of Ya Kid K, will come out of the game in 1992. The following albums, "The greatest hits" released in 1993 and "Recall" released in 1995 will only experience one limited success and beyond measure compared to the previous ones.

In this hyper competitive world of the early 90s, staying on top for more than 3 years is literally an achievement. The group will pay the price and all the singles and albums that will be released thereafter will not really resonate with the public.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

  • Pump up the jam 1989

90s Decade :

  • Get up ! (Before the night is over) 1990

  • This beat is technotronic 1990

  • Rockin’ over the beat 1990

  • Turn it up 1990

  • Move that body 1991

  • Work 1991

  • Move this 1992

  • Hey Yoh, here we go 1993

  • Move it to the rhythm 1994

  • Recall 1995

  • I want you by my side 1996

  • Crazy 1996

  • Like this 1999

2000s Decade :

  • G-Train 2000

  • The Mariachi 2000

  • Pump up the jam 2005

  • Get up 2007

2020s Decade :

  • Otro jam 2022


Tracks :

1989 ... the first title of a group which is one of the few groups which will revolutionize in depth this end of the 80s decade. They deliver here quite simply one of the biggest dance hits of all time and enter One Shot in the musical legend of the 80s. MAS-TER-FUL !

1990 ... they do it again a year later and deliver a title that will be almost as strong as its predecessor. The House wave is now on and will smash everything in its path !

1990 ... the year 1989 saw them explode, the year 1990 will definitively consecrate them as one of the major groups of the moment. It's an endless stream of amazing Dance mega hits that nothing and no one can stop !

1990 ... even if this title will not have the incredible level of success of the previous titles, it will still make a remarkable journey in the Charts, A level of success with which many groups would be largely satisfied !

1990 ... and yes, we are still in 1990. And the group continues to line up mind-blowing sales scores. A unique know-how at that time which allows them to quietly maintain their place of leader...

1991 ... a year 1991 which started again on the hats of wheel with a title 1000 % Dance. The dynamics do not weaken an Iota !

1991 ... 1991 will be the last exceptional year for the group. And yes, already ! In a hyper-competitive Dance sector, difficult to stay on top of the years and years...

1992 ... after 3 exceptional years, the production of major titles will significantly slow down. A single title to eat for the year 1992...but of quality all the same !

1993 ... ditto for the year 1993. A single title on the clock but which pulsates, to say the least. They do not lose any of their know-how in this area !

1994 ... the last notorious hit. 5 years after their sensational debut, the group still manages to sign very high caliber Dance titles. A real feat in this decade where everything goes very quickly, too quickly !

1995 ... another single-title year. A title which will not even be classified and which nevertheless does not demerit, far from it !

1996 ... and it's still not over ! Even if the group no longer occupies the head of the Charts, he continues its little path quietly but surely ...

1996 ... another excellent title which will go almost unnoticed. But who should have had a recognition much higher than what it was !

1999 ... this time, it is indeed the end. 10 years after their debut, the circle has come full circle. A very last 'little' hit to close a hallucinating adventure which will have consecrated them as one of the major groups of the end of the 20th century, quite simply !

2000... come on, it's not quite finished but the few titles that will be released later will be mostly revisited versions of their biggest titles...

2000... they will still manage to classify their 2 titles of the year 2000. Certainly only in Belgium but it's still better than nothing as they say...

2005...surprisingly this revisited version of their 1989 mega hit will have a more than flattering journey on a planetary level. How to make new with old !

2007...this one will go much more unnoticed except in France where it will know a not insignificant success. Like what, in music, nothing is ever finished...

2022...we thought the case was definitely over this time and here they are back in a totally unexpected way in this year 2022. When is the next return...?


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