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(The) S.O.S. Band is an American group formed in 1977 in Atlanta by Willie Killebrew, Billy Ellis, Jason Bryant, Bruno Speight, John Simpson, James Earl Jones III and Mary Davis.

The band was originally called Santa Monica and ultimately opted for the S.O.S. Band, SOS being an acronym for Sounds of Success.

Their first single "Take your time (Do it right)" was released in 1980 and for a first try, it was a master stroke. The title is a real hit. It will sell more than 2 million copies.

The album "S.O.S." which came out in the aftermath will sell 800,000 copies.

Another hit in 1983 with the single "Just be good to me", followed a year later by the excellent "Just the way you like it".

Other titles of good quality will be released later, but unfortunately will not be able to match the success of the previous ones.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Take your time (Do it right) (Part 1) 1980

• S.O.S. (Dit Dit Dit Dash Dash Dash Dit Dit Dit) 1980

• What's wrong with our love affair ? 1981

• Do it now 1981

• High hopes 1982

• Have it your way 1983

• Just be good to me 1983

• Tell me if you still care 1983

• For your love 1984

• Just the way you like it 1984

• No one's gonna love you 1984

• Weekend girl 1985

• The finest 1986

• Borrowed love 1986

• Even when you sleep 1986

• No lies 1986

• I’m still missing your love 1989

• Secret wish 1990

• Sometimes I wonder 1991


Clips :

1980 ... a smashing start and a first planetary hit which elevates them One Shot to the top of the Charts. HU-GE !

1980 ... a quality suite but which cannot compete with the previous jewel as the bar was high. With the key to a brutal fall to say the least in the Charts ...

1981 ... an Intimist interlude of the highest order with this sumptuous Ultimate Slow and which demonstrates all their versatility

1981 ... 100 % Funky, 100 % efficiency. An obvious talent that hits almost every time but which, for the moment, does not allow them to pick up the pack unfortunately

1982 ... only one small title for this year 1982. But it is to better recharge and come back the following year to smash everything. Because to smash, it will smash XXL version !

1983 ... new Ultimate Slow of very High Class. An area that they particularly like at first sight ...

1983 ... and the smashing in order announced, here it is ! They are signing here a new World Class hit which definitely consecrates them as one of the best Dance bands of the decade. MAS-TER-FUL !

1983 ... a year 1983 which saw them return to the race in an impressive way. Especially when we see them end the year in style with a new Intimist title of very high class. MA-GNI-FI-CENT !

1984 ... the magnificent dynamic which once again carried them weakens somewhat on this title. But considering what is coming up on the horizon, don't worry ...

1984 ... 3rd mega planetary hit, just that. The group continues to unroll in an incredible way and allows himself to add a new star to its prize list. One more !

1984 ... even if this title will not have the same level of success as its predecessor, it is clear that quality is still in order and that's what is essential !

1985 ... after 2 euphoric years, the year 1985 is somewhat pale next door. Just a little hit to bite ...

1986 ... groovy, groovy, groovy. And 4th global mega hit. An extraordinary talent for a decidedly extraordinary group !

1986 ... a suite of almost the same caliber. We are evolving in the stratospheres of musical excellence and the group does not intend to stop on such a good path !

1986 ... the 'little' hit of the year. Anyway, 1986 will still be one of their best vintages. Ability to stay on top which once again ranks them among the very best

1986 ... a year that never ends. With a tempo that suddenly re-accelerates. Back to pure and hard Dance. It will be their last notorious hit. And yes, it had to happen one day ...

1989 ... the end of the decade, once again 100 % Dance. But we can sense that the inspiration is weakening. It smells the end of it all ...

1990 ... a change of decade which saw the group slowly but surely die out. After 10 years at the top of the world hierarchy, we suspected that at some point the adventure would turn short ...

1991 ... Premium quality to the end. A group with a sumptuous career and which will have produced several exceptional hits. The must !


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