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Forever young...

Alphaville, originally "Forever young", is a German group formed in 1982 by Marian Gold, whose real name is Hartwig Schierbaum, and Bernhard Lloyd, whose real name is Bernhard Gößling.

Who will be joined by a third thief, Frank Mertens, whose real name is Frank Sorgatz.

It was in 1984 that the group was revealed to the world with the release of the Single "Big in Japan", from the album "Forever young". Single that will smash everything on the whole planet and ignite all the Dancefloors.

The group will chain the successes that year with the release of two other Singles that are "Sounds like a melody" and "Forever young" which also will go around the world.

In 1986 the second album "Afternoons in Utopia" was released, from which a new hit, "Dance with me", would be extracted. The Singles "Universal daddy", "Jerusalem" and "Red rose", with much more modest success, will be extracted from the same album.

Other titles will be released thereafter and will meet only a very relative success.

Alphaville will remain the benchmark for bands from the 80s in the German version.

And even if few Singles will have been classified in the top of the charts, the fact remains that the others, them, can be considered today as musical monuments of the Eighties.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

• Big in Japan 1984

• Sounds like a melody 1984

• Forever young 1984

• Jet set 1985

Nackt im wind 1985

• Dance with me 1986

• Universal daddy 1986

• Jerusalem 1986

• Sensations 1986

• Red rose 1987

• Romeos 1989

• Summer rain 1989

90s Decade :

• Mysteries of love 1990

• Fools 1994

• Wishful thinking 1997

• Flame 1997

• Soul messiah 1999

2010s Decade :

• I die for you today 2010

• Heaven on earth (The things we've got to do) 2010

• Song for no one 2011

• House of ghosts 2017

• Fever ! 2017

• Heartbreak city 2017


Tracks :

1984 ... the HUGE hit that will reveal and propel them in a smashing fashion on the front of the international scene. They simply sign here one of the biggest hits of that year and the decade itself. MAS-TER-FUL !

1984 ... an exceptional year for the group in 1984 with this suite which puts the direct fire back on all Dancefloor on the planet ! Double Jackpot !

1984 ... the WONDER ! They sign here a new legendary title which will surely remain as one of the most beautiful ballads of the decade. A successful end of the year !

1985 ... and we start again with a new Dance hit. Inexhaustible little guys even if this title will not really enjoy the same level of success as its predecessors ...

1985 ... like the Anglo-Saxon Band Aid in favor of the famine in Ethiopia, the Germans brought together the musical elite of the time to push the song on this title. Admittedly, it won't have the same incredible level of success as its English-language counterparts, but it will pull it off with flying colors...

1986 ... another XXXXXL caliber intergalactic hit ! Made in Germany of very high precision ! In just a few titles the group will have become one of the biggest phenomena of the moment. A largely deserved success !

1986 ... hard to compete with the previous gem, that's clear. But from there to unscrew at this point there, the reversal of the situation is to say the least incredible. And this is only the beginning of the fall unfortunately ...

1986 ... a third hit to end the year in style, but a very small hit. The group's level of success is in free fall and nothing, or anyone now, can stop it ...

1986 ... it will not even be classified, that is to say. And yet they are far from being ridiculous. They will have gone from light to shade at an astonishing speed to say the least ...

1987 ... after a bloated 1986 year in terms of titles, the year 1987 will appear somewhat pale with only one title on the clock. But quality is already that !

1989 ... after a year 1988 where almost nothing will happen, here they are back at the end of this decade in a certain form. The sound has evolved rather in the right direction but this will not be enough to reverse the trend unfortunately ...

1989 ... a nice title, very smooth and in finesse which will go completely under the radars. The group is now part of the past and they may well try to produce quality titles, nothing helps ...

1990 ... they continue to believe in it and attempt the transition to the 90s. The year 1990 will be another year in one title and the underlying trend remains the same : the group is reduced to doing only some figuration...

1994 ... the production of titles fluctuates more and more over the years. The group will experience a slight revival of success on this title there. But it will be the last time ...

1997 ... here they arrived in Euro Beat mode and we can only welcome the fact of wanting to stick to the latest trends. But once again, it is a waste of time in terms of public recognition ...

1997 ... further proof that on the talent side, they lost nothing, it's clear. Even if no one believes in them anymore, they do. And when we see the result, we can only salute the performance ! adventure that comes to an end with this title, at least at first sight. But whatever the end, the adventure was extraordinary, especially in its first part. And just for that, this group deserves the greatest respect !

2010 ... when the Phoenix rises from the ashes. And the least we can say is that it has lost none of its superb ...'s been about 25 years since their debut and what they deliver today and it's clear they're still going strong regardless of the tempo. We definitely want more ! unexpected and successful comeback that saw the group reconnect with success in the Charts, who would have believed it ? But as they say, talent doesn't disappear overnight...

2017...and here they are again, we can't stop them. Admittedly, the production of titles is less than in previous decades, but the little delivered holds up, to say the least !

2017...already 40 years of career and the group has not aged a bit. He knew how to cross the years, the decades, the eras and the fashions with an ease that is impressive to say the least. Well done gentlemen !

2017...and we imagine that with them, this title will surely not be the last. We therefore look forward to a sequel that seems certain at one time or another …


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