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Ratata is a Swedish group formed in 1980 by Mauro Scocco, which will soon be joined by a few classmates such as Heinz Liljedahl, Anders Skog and Johan Kling.

A group that released their first Single "För varje dag" a year later in 1981, a highly regarded title. Followed in 1982 by "Ögon av is", two Singles that will appear on their eponymous debut album.

New album "Jackie" still in 1982, album which will not allow the group to break through more than that. As a result, the group dissolved the following year in 1983.

The group was reborn in duo mode with a tandem made up of Scocco and a newcomer named Johan Ekelund. Duo which will produce several high-caliber albums such as "Äventyr" in 1983, "Paradis" in 1984, "Sent i September" in 1985.

But also and above all "Mellan Dröm och Verklighet" always the same year and which will remain as their highest ranked album. At least in Sweden because it will only have been classified there ...

They will deliver a last album "Människor under molnen" in 1989, an album of more than certain quality but which will definitely end the Ratata adventure.

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Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

  • För varje dag 1981

  • Ögon Av Is 1982

  • Från En Annan Värld 1982

  • Varenda Minut, Varenda Sekund 1982

  • TV apparat 1982

  • Soulboy 1983

  • En timmes panik 1983

  • Värld Av Dårar 1983

  • Jackie 1983

  • En plats i mitt hjärta 1984

  • Paradis 1984

  • Ingenstans Att Gå 1985

  • Ge inte upp 1985

  • Sent I September 1985

  • Se På Mig Nu 1987

  • Om Du Var Här 1987

  • Så Länge Vi Har Varann 1987

  • Glad Att Det Är Över 1989

  • Himlen 1989

90s Decade :

  • Människor Som Hör Ihop 1990


Tracks :

1981 ... a first break-in title which shows a certain talent in this group. Afterwards, singing in Swedish isn't really going to help internationally, that's clear ...

1982 ... the group begins to make himself known in the Scandinavian sphere and grows in strength in an obvious way. We are therefore impatiently awaiting the continuation ...

1982 ... in just 2 years the group will have become a sure bet on the Swedish music scene. Unfortunately, their influence will really struggle to extend further ...

1982 ... frankly a shame because they are good in all areas and more. As much in the rhythm as in the softer. Everything to please ...

1982 ... their fame will not extend beyond the borders of Sweden but it is clear that they really deserved to shine a little further. Hard law of the trade ...

1983 ... anyway they believe in it and that is the main thing above all. Afterwards, rightly or wrongly, that's something else ...

1983 ... it is certain that they would not have been able to fight on an equal footing with the planetary gratin. But they could at least have shone on the Old Continent ...

1983 ... what is all the more amazing is their unwavering desire to sing in Swedish and not in English. Strategy to say the least counterproductive ...

1983 ... inspiration, a sound that goes well, everything to please as they say. But how could they have passed 'through' like that and remained almost unknown at the planetary level ...?

1984 ... the adventure continues unabated. The group now has a perfect mastery of its subject and it shows. Especially it can be heard !

1984 ... it is clear that it is not with this kind of titles that they risk finishing N°1 in the Charts of the Old Continent. But this title has at least the merit of being at least original ...

1985 ... whether the adventure is combined in group mode or duo mode, quality remains essential no matter what. Isn't that the main thing...?

1985 ... the group had everything it took to do great things internationally. But fate will have decided otherwise unfortunately ...

1985 ... afterwards, whether they have decided to pursue their career as they see fit is up to them. A great career in Sweden is better than an average career abroad, that's for sure !

1987 ... a title full of finesse that works very well. Once again they display a versatility that is only found with the greatest ...

1987 ... a good job as always but nothing surprising with them you will tell me. They will have been good from start to finish, it is clear ...

1987 ... which will undoubtedly remain as one of their biggest hits. It must be said that having invited Frida was a hell of a good idea on this occasion !

1989 ... their second biggest hit. But it will indeed be the last because the adventure will not go beyond the end of the 1980s ...

1989 ... an adventure that will have lasted almost 10 years and just for that, respect as they say. We would have liked it to last a little longer but the miracle will unfortunately not take place ...

1990 ... a little last for the road as they say. In the end, they will leave behind them a discography for which they do not have to be ashamed, that's for sure !


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