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Five Stairsteps...

Keni Burke, whose real name is Kenneth Burke, is an American singer-songwriter who began his artistic career in 1965 with the Five Stairsteps, a group whose particularity is to be composed of his brothers and sisters.

A group which will experience its heyday for about 10 years and which will be a magnificent launching pad for the artist's solo career.

The artist’s solo career really began in 1977 with the release of his first album. Album which bears his name and from which will be extracted the titles "Keep on singing", "Give all you can" and another "From me to you", 3 titles which will unfortunately go somewhat unnoticed. Just like the album "You’re the best" in 1981 which will not do much better than its predecessor.

We will have to wait for the third album "Changes" in 1982 to see things finally gain height. First with the single "Hang tight" but also, and above all, with the single "Risin' to the top", a single which will finally bring him the long awaited recognition.

Unfortunately short-lived success because the artist will never meet the same level of success again. Except in 1998 when he nevertheless enjoyed significant success with the title "Indigenous love", taken from his last album "Nothin’ but love ".

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Give all you can give 1977

  • Keep on singing 1977

  • From me to you 1977

  • Let somebody love you 1981

  • You’re the best 1981

  • Hang tight 1982

  • Risin’ to the top 1982

  • Shakin’ 1982

  • Indigenous love 1998


Clips :

1977 ... a perfectly trendy sound for the time, just to get into the bath right away. An encouraging start to say the least ...

1977 ... a year 1977 particularly provided in titles and quality moreover. Certainly, nothing exceptional for the moment but a good job, quite simply

1977 ... there is still a little work to do before hoping to land a notorious first hit but the singer is on the right track, that's clear

1981 ... he will have to wait until the 1980s to begin to gain momentum on the American music scene. What is certain is that the rise in power is linear and will soon produce something great

1981 ... a trendy sound, a style that is no less so, in short, everything is now in place to make the adventure even more beautiful possible

1982 ... the time for take-off has arrived ! The singer finally obtains the beginning of consecration after which he has been chasing for years. Everything is timely for those who know how to wait !

1982 ... then THIS title comes ! The title which offers him his direct ticket to posterity and at the same time gives him his biggest record success. HU-GE !

1982 ... a BIG year 1982 with a plethora of titles and quality on every level ! The singer alternates the purely Dance pieces with the more Intimist pieces and the whole is, to say the least, particularly successful !

1998 ... after a total disappearance of radars for more than ten years, we find him surprisingly at the end of the 90s with this title all in finesse and softness. And my faith, what better way to end a career in style ...


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