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Fight like the brave...

Red Hot Chili Peppers is an American group formed in Los Angeles in 1983 and originally composed of Anthony Kiedis, Jack Irons, Michael Balzary (known as 'Flea') and Hillel Slovak. A group that can boast of having sold no less than 100 million records to date, just that.

The group is also considered as one of the most successful of all time in the alternative rock charts and can also boast of having won no less than 6 Grammy Awards !

A first eponymous album was released in 1984 and despite a total lack of success in the Charts, it still sold nearly 300,000 copies...

The following album "Freaky styley", which was released the following year in 1985, went almost unnoticed. A poor performance mainly due to the fact that the members of the group were stuffed with heroin when they recorded it...

Despite recurring problems with excessive consumption by some members, the group still manages to produce the album "The uplift mofo party plan" two years later in 1987. And this time, the album manages to make talking a minimum of itself even if it will not produce any major Single...

An overconsumption of drugs that will end up killing one of the members in 1988, namely Hillel Slovak, who will die of an overdose in the middle of the year.

The group manages to overcome the ordeal and comes back in force the following year with the album "Mother's milk", album which becomes their first album to exceed 500,000 copies sold and which will finally produce a first notorious hit for the group with the title "Higher ground".

It was the transition to the next decade that would change everything with the release of the enormous album "Blood sugar sex magik", an album that would be a real worldwide hit (to the point of selling nearly 12 million copies ) and project the group in a sensational way on the front of the international scene. Notably with the flagship Single "Under the bridge" which gave the group their first mega hit on the Singles side.

New album "One minute" in 1995, a much darker album that talks about drugs and the death of loved ones, hence less success. Album which will produce mainly the title “My friends”. Drug problems which are recurrent within the group and which permanently destabilize him with almost permanent exits and entries of members...

The consecration, the real one, comes with the release of the album "Califonication" considered to date as their best opus. Album which will sell nearly 16 million copies and which will produce the trifle of 3 mega hits with the titles "Scar tissue", "Otherside" and "Californication".

A success story that continues the following decade with the release of 2 new huge albums that are "By the way" in 2002 and "Stadium Arcadium" in 2006. Two albums that will produce no less than 6 mega hits just between them 2 ! Of which the most titled will remain "By the way" for the first and "Dani California" for the second.

And the adventure continues even more during the 2010s with two new albums, "I'm with you" in 2011 and "The gateway" in 2016. Two albums with less success than their predecessors but which nevertheless allow the group to stay in the front runners without any difficulty.

A leading group that they will find again the following decade with the release of the album "Unlimited love", an album which will be released in 2022. An adventure that we therefore imagine far, very far, from being finished...

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

  • True men don't kill coyottes 1984

  • Baby appeal 1984

  • Jungle man 1985

  • If you want me to stay 1985

  • Fight like a breave 1987

  • Higher ground 1989

  • Knock me down 1989

  • Taste the pain 1989

90s Decade :

  • Show me your soul 1990

  • Give it away 1991

  • Under the bridge 1991

  • Suck my kiss 1992

  • Breaking the girl 1992

  • Behind the sun 1992

  • Soul to squeeze 1993

  • Warped 1995

  • My friends 1995

  • Aeroplane 1996

  • Shallow be the game 1996

  • Love rollercoaster 1996

  • Scar tissue 1999

  • Around the world 1999

2000s Decade :

  • Otherside 2000

  • Californication 2000

  • Road trippin’ 2000

  • Parallel universe 2001

  • By the way 2002

  • The Zephyr song 2002

  • Can’t stop 2003

  • Dosed 2003

  • Universally speaking 2003

  • Fortune faded 2003

  • Save the population 2003

  • Dani California 2006

  • Tell me baby 2006

  • Snow (Hey ho) 2006

  • Desecretaion smile 2007

  • Hump de bump 2007

2010s Decade :

  • The adventures of Rain Dance Maggie 2011

  • Monarchy of roses 2011

  • Look around 2012

  • Dark necessities 2016

  • Go robot 2016

  • Goodbye angels 2017

2020s Decade :

  • Black summer 2022

  • These are the ways 2022

  • Tippa my tongue 2022

  • Poster my child 2022

  • Eddie 2022

  • My cigarette 2022

  • The shape I'm takin' 2022


Tracks :

1984...the beginnings of a little band that came out of nowhere and showed obvious potential right from the start. Afterwards, it remains to be seen what they will do with this potential precisely...

1984... even if they won't be able to classify titles for the moment, they are at least starting to get a minimum of talk about them. It's already that... got off to a pretty good start, but the group was not going to be able to confirm all the good that we could think of him. There's still work to be done, that's for sure...

1985...yet they don't miss much to pass the level on which they have stumbled since their beginnings. So let's be a little patient...

1987... the group will manage to get back in the race thanks to this title. Certainly at the back of the pack but he came back and that's the main thing... will just take them 2 more years to find the right recipe. And now that they've found it, their position within the international musical elite will change radically, to say the least...

1989...certainly, for the big take-off, we'll have to wait a little bit longer, but it's obviously getting closer. It could be that the decade to follow is the clear proof... 80s decade that ended nicely but without any particular euphoria on the Charts side. A decade of the 80s which will have seen them hatch and rise in power in a more than certain way !

1990...the group still can't move up a gear in terms of global success, but everything is now in place to make it work at the highest level. The following will confirm it to us in a brilliant way !

1991...after waiting and waiting and patiently waiting for fate to finally deign to take an interest in them, the band finally gets his way. And how !

1991... the engines had already started on the previous title but it is THIS title that will make the rocket take off for good. And paradoxically, it's on a title full of finesse that the group will explode at the highest level. Who would've believed that possible...?

1992... a radically different sequel, to say the least. Who slices so much besides that the public will not find themselves there all of a sudden... soon as they calm things down, frank and massive success returns as if by magic. From there to say that they should only do that, maybe not anyway...

1992...afterwards there may be a way to make tracks like this one that subtly mix strength and finesse. What is certain is that the group has understood everything !

1993...another title full of finesse which once again clashes completely with their personal style. Because these boys do everything except finesse, that's clear...

1995 ... because when they want it to beat, it beats, the proof with this title ! But it is also what makes their strength, this incredible ability to alternate brutal force and extreme finesse...

1995...a huge year 1995 with two top hits, that's what we call a global success. The group literally begins to walk on water...

1996...a year 1996 which started on more or less the same bases. Admittedly, this title will be a slight notch below the previous 2 in terms of success, but not much... soon as they go back a little too much in the tempo side, the general public deserts the ranks. A lesson to be learned...

1996... the year will all the same end in beauty with this title. The group continues its course almost without fault at the highest level and surely does not intend to stop in such a good way...

1999...surprisingly, they disappear from the radar for almost 3 years and here they are again in what we would call...Olympic form ! The group signs here one of its biggest titles and as if by chance, once again on a title full of finesse. HU-GE !

1999...the 80s will have seen them hatch and grow in power, the 90s will have seen them literally explode at the highest level. What does the next decade hold for them now, good question...

2000...we might have feared a slow but inexorable deceleration from the start of the new decade. Quite the opposite will happen !

2000...the group now string together mega hits with a totally disconcerting ease. Everything works out for them as if by magic and one really wonders who could stop them at this stage...

2000...and still this incredible ability to explore an Intimist domain that is at the antipodes of their personalities. But how do they get there, we really wonder...

2001...only one title in this year 2001 and with the most limited success. The art of going from one extreme to another but with them, nothing surprises us anymore, that's clear...

2002...there was no reason to worry because they are back in top form ! The band is really on cloud nine and it's going to last like that for a few more years !

2002...the group will have been able to reinvent himself year after year, decade after decade in a hyper-effective way to say the least. A reference model !

2003...while we thought that the group had reached the peak of its career the previous decade, it was in truth the decade of 2000 that will make them enter definitively into the very closed group of major groups of the contemporary musical history... of their very rare titles to pass 'through'. In an ocean of mega hits, it is clear that certain titles can pass under the radar but without this having the slightest consequence on the destiny of the group...

2003...this title will do a little better but it is clear that the middle of 2003 sees them slowing down slightly. And yet, the quality level is far from dropping...

2003...and we know full well that with them the slight air holes do not last, the proof ! Return of frank and massive success with this title, who could have imagined the opposite...

2003...a title that will be released outside of traditional record release circuits. Hence a necessarily limited influence...

2006...after several years of uninterrupted mega hits, the band will take a 3-year break. So we find them again in 2006 and the least we can say is that they haven't lost any of their exceptional talent since they are going to get one of their biggest successes here. MAS-TER-FUL !

2006...all is well in the best of worlds ! The group continues to unroll in a way that is impressive to say the least and wants to show the competition at the same time that they are the bosses !

2006...three titles released in 2006 = three mega hits, just that ! Three decades of career on the clock and not a wrinkle as they say. This group is truly a phenomenon !

2007...the year 2007 starts more calmly on the Charts side but we know that with them, nothing is worrying. See you on the next title...

2007...return in force on this title, a title which will close the decade 2000 concerning them. And yes, the quality level remains in good shape, however, on the productivity side, it is clear that the group is gradually decelerating... decade and new mega hit ! You still have to remember that the band started their career more than 25 years ago, which highlights all the more the prowess achieved here !

2011...we're not going to lie to each other, the best years are now behind them. The group will still make a few big hits but the trend is still towards pure and hard deceleration...

2012... which does not prevent them from continuing the adventure in the best possible way. Admittedly the unscrewing in the Charts is for the less severe but they are always there in any case...

2016...a 2010 decade that will have nothing to do in terms of the number of titles produced compared to the previous decade. Times are getting harder and harder for the group...

2016...and yet they are far from unworthy. The quality level remains high and they do everything they can to stick to the latest trends of the moment. Where is the problem then...? we imagine that it's simply the fact that the group can no longer create the event as he did in the past with each title. Hard law of the trade...

2022...but each time they manage to bounce back in a spectacular way, to say the least. The proof with this mega hit that they will manage to obtain in 2022, almost 40 years after their debut. Who would've believed that possible...?

2022... the group will go all the way, regardless of the positive results - or not - in the Charts. Because the main thing for them is to simply continue to exist...

2022...a truly astonishing year 2022 with a group returning to a level of inspiration that we would never have imagined. And yet it is indeed the case... absolutely extraordinary capacity to reinvent oneself and a good number of groups from the 80s should have followed the example...

2022...a group also from which the younger generations should really take inspiration because not sure that all the artists who start today last that long...

2022...because we suspect that we will find them throughout this new decade of 2020. And as always in a very beautiful way... it remains to be seen when ? Let's give them time to imagine a sequel that will inevitably surprise us to the highest degree as usual with them...


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