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Fans of Egyptian bracelets...

The Bangles is an American group formed in 1981 and composed of Susanna Hoffs, Vicki Peterson, Debbi Peterson and Annette Zilinskas. Group whose particularity is to be composed exclusively of women.

Originally the group was called "The Bangs" and released a Single in 1981 called "Getting out of hand". Single with modest success.

It was on the occasion of the release of their first mini-album in 1982 that they renamed themselves "The Bangles". Mini-album which will mainly produce the Single "The real world", a Single which will have some esteem success this time.

The first - true - album "All over the place" was released in 1984, an album which will not go unnoticed thanks to the title "Going down to Liverpool". Title boosted in 1985 by a clip in which Leonard Nimoy (Spock from Star Trek) appears.

They get noticed by Prince who will give them a sumptuous gift by giving them a song he originally composed for his group 'Apollonia 6'. A song called "Manic Monday". The title was released in 1986 and made a real planetary success. The reputation of the group explodes.

The second album of the group "Different light" was released the same year and produced a huge new hit with the flagship Single "Walk like an Egyptian".

In 1988, the album "Everything" was released, an album of supreme consecration thanks to the magnificent "Eternal flame", a Single which made them definitively enter the musical legend of the 80s.

Unfortunately tensions within the group are more and more frequent.

Group which will eventually separate soon come back a few years later.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

• Getting out of hand 1981

• The real world 1982

• Hero takes a fall 1984

• Going down to Liverpool 1985

• Manic Monday 1986

• If she knew what she wants 1986

• Walk like an Egyptian 1986

• Walking down your street 1987

• Hazy shade of winter 1987

• In your room 1988

• Eternal flame 1989

• Be with you 1989

• I'll set you free 1989

90s Decade :

Everything I wanted 1990

2000s Decade :

• Something that you said 2003

• I will take care of you 2003

2010s Decade :

• I'll never be trough with you 2011

• Anna Lee (Sweeheart of the sun) 2011


Tracks :

1981 ... the first single from the Amazons. Everything is already there : the style, the sound, the voices. There is more than to unroll. And to unroll, it will unroll !

1982 ... well, it's going on, sure. But there's still a bit of work. But it will come, for sure. Let's give them a little more time ...

1984 ... empty passage in 1983. On the other hand, return to form the following year and first hit. That's it, the momentum has started !

1985 ... only one title that year. But the level goes up, goes up, goes up. The girls are now ready for a suite that promises to be incredible !

1986 ... and the incredible result, here it is. They sign here their 1st planetary hit, a mega hit which elevates them One Shot to the rank of stars and especially phenomenon of the moment. HU-GE !

1986 ... an incredible year that will see them produce no less than 4 hits including 3 mega, just that. They will have taken time to explode but it was really worth the wait !

1986 ... the HUGE hit which will smash everything in its path and which will make them definitely become legend. Surely one of the biggest hits of the decade. MAS-TER-FUL !

1987 ... certainly 1987 will not have the same yield as the previous year but the girls will still manage to align 3 major hits. Who says better ?

1987 ... great form to end the year in style. It beats hard, as hard as men anyway. Like what !

1988 ... severe deceleration with only one small single on the clock that year. Like a little slack. On the other hand, on the rhythm side, it's always full !

1989 ... then comes the WONDER. Their Masterpiece and, by chance, their biggest commercial success. A sumptuous title that literally floats in the air and once again shows the incredible talent of the girls. Totally MA-GIC !

1989 ... the last notorious hit. And yes, already. The transition to the 90s will not be really favorable to them and nothing, and no one, will be able to stop their fall ...

1989 ... the end of an incredible adventure for one of the few 100 % female groups of the decade. Hat girls !

1990...they will attempt the transition to the 90s but it will not really be a success. When it no longer wants, it no longer wants as they say...

2003 ... an incredible comeback for a sumptuous title. A nice farewell gift which, this time, will be the right one ...

2003 ... well, not quite the last title. Because when we see the quality of it, we had to put it in the spotlight. Like what, nothing is never finished !

2011 ... it definitely never ends with them ! Here they are again almost 10 years later and once again, the result is far from being ridiculous. There is no denying, inexhaustible little ones !

2011 ... come on, normally, this time, it's over. But with them, who can say if they will not come back in 10 years. Hum hum...


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