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Boy George, real name George O’Dowd, is an English singer-songwriter best known for being the charismatic leader of the Culture Club group.

An artistic career that really started long before Culture Club and whose beginnings took place within the Blitz club, the obligatory meeting point of the New Romantic movement. A movement mainly focused on the wearing of effeminate clothes often accompanied by outrageous makeup and of which he quickly became one of the most influential members.

It was Malcolm McLaren, former Sex Pistols producer, who first noticed him in the early 1980s and offered him to join the Bow Wow Wow adventure. Adventure that unfortunately comes to a halt due to a total incompatibility between young George and singer Annabella Lwin.

That’s when the Culture Club adventure began after the singer decided to start his own band with bassist Mikey Craig. Incredible adventure that started in 1981, which would last 5 years and make this group one of the flagship groups of this decade.

A beautiful adventure which is seriously spoiled from 1986 when the singer begins to make the front page of the tabloid in relation to his drug consumption. Added to this is the discovery of the body of American musician Michael Rudetsky who died of overdose in Boy George's own apartment. Two significant facts that will deeply affect the singer, temporarily stifle his career and precipitate the end of Culture Club.

This did not prevent him from coming back a year later in 1987 on the front of the stage and especially solo, after having followed a detoxification treatment. A winning comeback with the release of the album "Sold", an album that will produce 4 top planetary hits including 1 mega with the title "Everything I own". An album that will not be released in the United States because the singer is banned there following the multiple problems he encountered the previous year.

The United States did not quite turn its back on him as he achieved notable success with the title "Live my life" the following year in 1988, which was part of the soundtrack for the film "Hiding out".

The end of the decade will prove to be more complicated to manage than expected with the release of 2 albums which, once again, will not be distributed in the United States. Starting with "Tense nervous headache" in 1988 then "Boyfriend" in 1989. Two albums which will see their success considerably limited by this restriction.

1989 saw him start a new group called Jesus Loves You, a group with which he finally resurfaced two years later in 1991 with the release of the album "The martyr mantras". Album that will produce the top hit "Bow down mister".

The same year, another notorious success with the release of the single “Generations of love”, still with the same group.

The soundtracks bring him rather luck since he did it again in 1992 with the title "The crying game" for the film of the same name. Title which will know a significant success at the planetary level. But which unfortunately will be his last major because the albums which will be released subsequently will only have very limited success ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Everything I own 1987

  • Keep me in mind 1987

  • Sold 1987

  • To be reborn 1987

  • Live my life 1988

  • No clause 28 1988

  • Don’t cry 1988

  • Something strange called love 1988

  • Don’t take my mind on a trip 1989

  • One on one 1990

  • Bow down mister 1991

  • Generations of love 1991

  • The crying game 1992

  • Funtime 1995

  • Il adore 1995

  • Same thing in reverse 1995

  • Love is leaving 1996

  • When will you learn 1998

Clips :

1987 ... first solo title and first global mega hit, just that. All thanks to this sumptuous luxury cover of the Bread title dating from 1972. MAS-TER-FUL !

1987 ... the artist's first - and best - solo year. The top hits follow one another at an impressive speed and even if this title will not have the same level of success as its predecessor, it will also have a nice run in the Charts

1987 ... already 3 top hits on the clock ! Even if the Culture Club adventure did not have a happier end, the singer still enjoys the support of the public. Hope it lasts ...

1987 ... he will align no less than 3 top hits and 1 mega hit on a planetary level just for this year 1987, a real feat. For an artist who was thought to be finished, he proves here in a striking way that we will have to count on him !

1988 ... the year 1988 is not really going to look like 1987 unfortunately. The quantity of titles produced will be equivalent but it is above all the level of success that will drop considerably. And yet what he continues to offer is far from ridiculous ...

1988 ... he will have been able to adapt perfectly to the new trends of the end of the 1980s, but that will not be enough to get him back to the top. Hard law of the trade ...

1988 ... one wonders if it is the same singer who sings on this title as the voice differs from the previous titles. A change to say the least destabilizing and which will not really benefit him ...

1988 ... a vocal metamorphosis which fortunately lasted only the time of a title. We therefore find the real Boy George on this title which will not even be classified and this despite a certain quality once again

1989 ... stealthy return to success to end this decade. A year 1989 rich in titles, too, but at the level of success of the most modest. When it doesn't want anymore, it doesn't want anymore ...

1990 ... business picks up somewhat at the start of the new decade. Certainly, in a timid way, but we feel like a thrill of renewal ...

1991 ... a thrill which is confirmed and which especially amplifies in an unexpected way on this somewhat shifted title. Race results : new top hit. Like what, nothing is ever lost !

1991 ... a beautiful and BIG year 1991 year which saw him return to the race in a spectacular way. We thought he was definitely lost, it was without counting on his extreme ability to adapt ...

1992 ... new luxury cover, this time of the title of Dave Berry dating from 1964. Covers which bring him particularly luck since he obtains a new top hit thanks to this title

1995 ... big air gap of 3 years and return in a form which will be qualified as average. He plays it to us a luxury cover once again with this revisited version of the Iggy Pop track dating from 1977. But this time the mayonnaise will only take moderately ...

1995 ... a title full of finesse which contrasts radically with what he offered until then. An Intimist area in which he has always shown more than obvious skills !

1995 ... little international success but a level of success that is holding up fairly well across the Channel. Sufficient in any case to continue the adventure a little bit ...

1996 ... the sound is trendy but unfortunately that is not enough anymore. This time, it really smacks of the end ...

1998 ... he hangs on and tries to resist by all means. But he is already part of the past and nothing, and no one, will be able to stop its gradual disappearance from radar. Whatever the case, he will have deeply marked his time, with others or alone, and he is, and will always remain, the perfect embodiment of the excessiveness of the 1980s. A decade truly incredible from all points of view !

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