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Disciple of the Marquis de Sade...

Anorld Turboust is a French singer-songwriter who started his artistic career at the age of 21 by participating in the production of the album "Dantzig twist" by the group Marquis de Sade. We are then in 1980.

Some time later he made a stealthy stint in the October group. Then in 1981 he formed the group Private Jokes with which he enjoyed great esteem in the great West of France.

But it is above all the meeting with a certain… Etienne Daho that will change the situation. A meeting which will be the starting point of a particularly fruitful collaboration between the two men from 1984 and which will allow the production of numerous albums such as "La notte, la notte", "Pop satori" and "Pour nos vies Martiennes”.

The real consecration for Turboust came in 1986 when he decided to stand on his own feet by releasing the single "Adélaïde". Single that he performed in duet with Zabou (Breitman) and which was going to be a real hit. The singer's notoriety literally explodes overnight.

A year later in 1987 the single "The Invaders" was released, but the success of the latter had nothing to do with the colossal success of "Adelaide". The album "Let’s go à Goa" was released in the process and produced two new singles, "Francine song" and "Margarita". Singles that will not be more successful.

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Discography (among others ...) :

  • Adelaïde 1986

  • Les envahisseurs 1987

  • Margarita 1988

  • Francine song 1988

  • Mes amis et moi 1994

  • Le Philosophe 1994


Clips :

1986 ... THE title of a lifetime ! This single title was enough to bring the artist into the musical legend of the 80s on the French side. A HUGE Dance title, wacky at will and which will undoubtedly remain as one of the most emblematic titles of the decade

1987 ... like a shooting star, the artist will have crossed the French musical landscape at the speed of light. A second title that will go almost unnoticed. Too bad but show biz is like that...ruthless and ungrateful !

1988 ... the adventure continues for some reason but it is clear that the singer will never come back in contact with the best. Hard law of the trade ...

1988 ... and yet he was not lacking in talent. But talent, unfortunately, is not everything. The proof with this last title which rhymes unfortunately with end of the adventure ...

1994 ... he will attempt an improbable comeback the following decade but what did not work at the end of the 80s is not likely to work in this 90s unfortunately ...

1994 ... this title will not do better. The singer will only be figuring during this decade and will never come to the surface ...


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