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Crowned with glory ...

Sade Adu, real name Helen Folasade Adu, is a singer of Nigerian origin, of Nigerian father and English mother, and subsequently naturalized British. Sade means "Crowned with Glory".

She was only 4 years old when her parents split up, her mother leaving Nigeria to settle on the outskirts of London.

At 17, she left the family cocoon to take courses at the College of Art and Design with the aim of becoming a men's stylist. At the same time, she becomes a model.

Everything accelerated in 1980 when she responded favorably to a proposal from friends who wanted her as a singer in their group called "Arriva". In 1981, she played backing vocals in the group "Pride" where she met her future guitarist Stuart Matthewman and her future bassist Paul Denman.

And two years later the trio formed the Sade band after recruiting a keyboardist named Andrew Hale.

Only 24 years old, her first compositions will do wonders, notably through the album "Diamond life". Album released in 1984 and which will produce 3 huge hits which are "Your love is king", "Hang on to your love" and the enormous "Smooth operator". Single flagship which will raise her overnight to the rank of planetary star.

A year later in 1985 she did it again with the release of the album "Promise" which was to be extracted "Never as good as the first time" and the mega hit "The sweetest taboo", the singer was at the height of her popularity.

The exceptional inspiration she had gained in previous years will gradually dry up. We had to wait 3 years and the year 1988 to see the album "Stronger than pride" released. Album which will contain 2 hits with less success with "Paradise" and "Love is stronger than pride".

The next break will be 4 years before she returns in 1992 with the album "Love deluxe". Which still contains one of his biggest hits with the flagship single "No ordinary love".

And finally, a new 8-year-old break, the ultimate and winning comeback in 2000 with the release of the album "Lovers rock" which gave her his last major success with the title "By your side".

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Your love is king 1984

  • When am I going to make a living 1984

  • Hang on to your love 1984

  • Smooth operator 1984

  • The sweetest taboo 1985

  • Is it a crime 1986

  • Never as good as the first time 1986

  • Love is stronger than pride 1988

  • Paradise 1988

  • Nothing can come between us 1988

  • No ordinary love 1992

  • Feel no pain 1992

  • Kiss of life 1993

  • Cherish the day 1993

  • By your side 2000

  • Soldier of love 2010

  • Babyfather 2010

  • The big unknown 2018


Clips :

1984 ... the sensational arrival of one of the most incredible singers of the decade. The world is in shock - and especially the charm - of this beautiful unknown girl who will write one of the most beautiful musical pages of the end of the twentieth century ...

1984 ... a sequel that will not really have the same level of success. It doesn't matter because the wave that now carries the singer will grow more than impressively afterwards ...

1984 ... especially when you see what is happening behind ! Here she is surely signing one of her most emblematic hits, thanks to an extraordinary sound and style. Two fundamental qualities that will remain his trademark forever. Inimitable !

1984 ... a year which will prove to be exceptional with no less than 3 mega hits. Who says better in terms of starting a career ...

1985 ... the years follow one another but are not necessarily alike ... After a crazy year 1984, 1985 will only produce one hit. But what a hit ! Surely one of the biggest titles of the decade and of the end of the twentieth century period. MAS-TER-FUL !

1986 ... change of vintage and slight drop in speed ... New global hit but on a smaller scale. Despite an equivalent quality compared to its predecessors ...

1986 ... business is booming with this slightly more inspired title. All carried by a clip where the pretty Shade plays the amazons, a role that fits her like a glove ...

1988 ... which will surely remain as one of his most beautiful titles. A wonder of softness and finesse that literally floats in the air. Simply MA-GIC !

1988 ... she signs here surely one of her biggest hits. Four years after his sensational debut, his unique style remains incredibly effective. The proof !

1988 ... we can't say the same thing about this title ... And yet, at the base, it had everything to please. But the tastes of the public often fluctuate, you have to know how to adapt all the time ...

1992 ... change of decade. And come back in force in this year 1992 with this sumptuous title. Ooh, there are years missing ... And yes, almost 4 years of crossing the desert. But where was she then ...?

1992 ... a nice sequel but nothing more. A change of decade more difficult to negotiate than expected, especially in terms of inspiration and style renewal ...

1993 ... a salutary change of vintage with this title full of curves and groovy at will. Like what, when she wants ...

1993 ... a year 1993 definitely placed under the sign of softness and finesse. Titles with lyricism of a certain depth and which nevertheless will find only a relative echo with the public ...

2000 ... his last notorious hit. Almost 15 years after her debut, she delivers here one of her finest copies with this incredibly charming title. The end of an extraordinary adventure that will have consecrated her as one of the greatest singers of her time ...

2010 ... come on, the adventure is not quite over. Admittedly, she will never regain the incredible level she experienced during the 80s, but what she continues to offer is far from being ridiculous, it's clear ...

2010 ... she delivers here a nice title full of finesse which she has the secret. Like what, with her, nothing is ever finished !

2018 ... further proof of his incredible talent in the Intimist with this new title. 35 years after its debut, still there. An adventure that is certainly not over, far from it ...


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