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Creatures of influence ...

Information Society is an American group formed in 1982 in Minneapolis and composed of Kurt Harland, Paul Robb and James Cassidy.

They released their first mini-album "The InSoc" independently in 1983, followed by an album called "Creatures of influence". Which go completely unnoticed.

It was only from 1986 that things took a different turn when their first Single "Running" was released, a Single which propelled them to the front of the stage and made a real hit in night clubs.

Huge year in 1988 with the release of the eponymous album which will produce 2 major hits which are "What's on your mind (Pure energy)" and "Walking away". The album is a huge success, the group's notoriety explodes.

The years go by but are not necessarily alike. Proof with the release in 1990 of the relatively successful album “Hack”, which produced only two minor hits with “Think” and “How long”.

And it was once again the case in 1992 when the album "Peace and love, Inc" was released, an album that was critically acclaimed but which suffered from a cruel lack of promotion. The Single by the name of the album will have a very nice run in the Charts Dance anyway.

Other titles will come out later but the group will not manage to find the level of success of the mid-80s. But will continue to produce excellent titles, the proof in 2007 with titles like "Run away", " The seeds of pain” and “More to this”.

One of the rare American groups to produce New Wave of such a high level as the English groups, a benchmark !

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

  • Running 1986

  • What’s on your mind (pure energy) 1988

  • Walking away 1988

  • Repetition 1989

  • Lay all your love on me 1989

90s Decade :

  • Think 1990

  • How long 1991

  • Peace and love, Inc. 1992

  • Cry baby 1992

  • Going, going, gone 1993

  • On the outside 1997

  • Are friends electric ? 1997

  • White roses 1997

2000s Decade :

  • Run away 2007

  • The seeds of pain 2007

  • More to this 2007

2010s Decade :

  • Land of the blind 2014

  • The prize 2014

  • Where were you ? 2014

  • Get back 2014

  • Praying to the aliens 2016

  • (We don't need this) Fascist groove thang 2016

  • Dominion 2016

  • Nothing prevails 2018

  • Bennington 2019

  • World enough 2019

2020s Decade :

  • Would you like me if I played a guitar 2021

  • The Mymble's daughter 2021


Tracks :

1986 ... a first title of great quality which augurs well for a very first class sequel. Which will be the case !

1988 ... a small air gap in 1987 which allows them to come back in force a year later. And what a return ! Here they sign their biggest hit and moreover world class !

1988 ... THE big year. Two mega hits in quick succession, just that. The confirmation of an undeniable talent !

1989 ... 1989 will not be able to compete with the previous year which was really exceptional for the group. What does not prevent him from producing this Intimist title of certain quality

1989 ... we go easy with this luxury cover of an Abba title. The copy is of good quality but that is not enough to produce a major hit...

1990...the last notorious hit. The 90s will prove to be more complicated to manage than expected, but that will in no way prevent the group from continuing the adventure...

1991 ... a very small hit in this new year and then goes. Hard, hard to find inspiration in this decade of 90 ...

1992 ... even if the group no longer has the spark of genius of its beginnings, quality is still essential and allows to produce dance titles of scale...

1992 ... which will undeniably remain as one of their best titles. Of course, it will not be their biggest commercial success but whatever, we will be largely satisfied with it !

1993...we're not going to lie to each other, the best years are now behind them but that doesn't discourage them, it's clear... opus that will not remain as the best of the group, that's for sure. An omnipresent dark side that will somewhat weigh down the general atmosphere...

1997... the group will have to ask the right questions, otherwise the exit door risks approaching faster than expected...

1997...all bands have fluctuating levels of inspiration, there are years with and years without as they say. This one will be rather without...

2007 ... the end of the 90s will not bring much new. We thought they were definitely lost ... Here they are again !

2007 ... a sound that sticks to its time. But which nonetheless recalls certain tones which proved their worth during the 80s. Hunt the natural, it comes back at a gallop ...

2007 ... we end in style with this particularly inspired title. A group that would have really deserved recognition much greater than what it was ...

2014... each time we say to ourselves that this will surely be the last title and each time they come back. A desire to believe in it to the end which undoubtedly commands respect...'s the basic fans who rejoice at the highest point in any case as soon as they see a new opus released, that's for sure...

2014... it took them 7 years to come back but it is clear that it was worth it because this new album is more in line with its time than the previous one...

2014...despite an obvious desire to do well, this will not allow them to return to the race for the moment. The future might be a little more favorable to them...

2016...a new opus that will allow them to return in an unexpected way to the Charts. Certainly only on the albums side but that's already it !

2016... like what in music you must always continue to believe in it and never let go until the end. The proof with this return which makes them feel good to the highest degree...

2016... not sure they manage to repeat the feat each time but what is taken is no longer to be taken as they say...

2018...who would have thought when they started in 1988 that they would still be here 30 years later ? Not many people, that's for sure and yet...

2019...and the adventure is far from over at first sight. There is a good chance that we will find them next decade at the speed it started...

2019... the last title of a decade that will have seen them raise their heads for sure. We can only congratulate them !

2021...and here they are again ! They won't let go until the end and it doesn't matter if there is success or not...

2021...the main thing for them now is to simply have fun in what they do. And on principle who would blame them...?


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