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Nina Hagen is a German singer whose influence from the stepfather - the dissident East German poet and singer Wolf Biermann - will play an important role in her destiny. Little gifted for school, she left it at the age of 17 to go to Poland where she interpreted in a small group standards from Janis Joplin and Tina Turner. In 1973, back in East Berlin, she set up the group "Automobil" which will leave in history the cult title "Du hast den farbfilm vergssen". Then a few months later created another group, the "Fritzens Dampferband". She and her family were forced into exile in West Berlin in 1976 after her stepfather was stripped of his East German nationality. Being on the move, she left for London 1 year later and suffered the punk influence that reigned there. Return to Berlin in 1978 where she recorded her 1st album "Nina Hagen Band". The album immediately found its audience given the singer's atypical personality. But it was not until 1979 that everything suddenly accelerated when the now legendary "African reggae" came out in his 2nd album "Unbehagen". In 1981, she left for the United States after having divorced rock singer Herman Brood, and after years of excess of all kinds, she converted to… Buddhism. It will take another 2 years and the year 1983 for it to regain success with the planetary hit "New York New York" contained in the album "Angstlos" produced by a certain ... Giorgio Moroder. Other albums will follow but which unfortunately will not allow the singer to return to success. Nina Hagen will always have a special place in the 80s with this unique look and style that will forever remain her trademark, namely this subtle blend between gothic-decadent and punko-psychadelic. To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• Naturträne 1978

• Unbeschreiblich weiblich 1979

• African reggae 1980

• Herrmann hiess er 1980

• My way 1980

• Small Jack 1982

• Cosma shiva 1982

• New York New York 1983

• Zarah 1983

• The change 1984

• Universal radio 1985

• Spirit in the sky 1985

• World now 1986

• Don't kill the animals 1986

• Hold me 1989

• Love heart attack 1989

• In my world 1991

• Get your body 1992

• So bad 1994

• Solo 1998

• Seemann 2003

Clips :

1978 ... the first delusions of one of the biggest aliens of the decade. It promises !

1979 ... well, for the moment, it doesn't really work out ... But it will come, you just have to be a little patient !

1980 ... the visual and sound shock ! The incredible title which elevates her One Shot to the rank of planetary star and offers her a direct ticket for posterity. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1980 ... well, the years follow but hardly resemble each other ... An obvious lack of inspiration for this change of decade ...

1980 ... surely the trashest version of the mythical 'Comme d'habitude'. Poor Claude François will never get over it ...

1982 ... the years passed and this dear Nina is still wacky ... And that, being wacky, is a constant with her ...

1982 ... a piece almost accomplished on a melodic level. It's better ... for the melody. Because for the voice, it's still as aware ...

1983 ... the title of the consecration with this new hit where we find a somewhat muted Nina. Not for very long ...

1983 ... a very Dance year. She always does anything, but this time it's dancing. It's always that ...

1984 ...the 'change' ... Premonitory or simple diversion ? In any case, on this title there, there's better, it's clear !

1985 ... at first glance, it was a simple diversion because we find her in the same state of usual hysteria. Nina makes Nina !

1985 ... again in totally crazy fashion on a luxury cover of the title of Norman Greenbaum dating from 1969. Less trash than 'Comme d'habitude' in any case ...

1986 ... no, it's not possible, it's not the same. An Ultimate Slow by Nina Hagen, unheard of !

1986 ... then there, the Premium quality collector clip. When 2 of the most wacky singers of the decade meet, well, it's not that bad. Unbelievable no !

1989 ... three years have passed ... And this dear Nina is still as much...wacky. Nina is Nina !

1989 ... another decade change on the horizon and a radical change in sound. Will this new decade be one of redemption ...?

1991 ... something really changed, it's clear. After the excesses of the 80s, we find a Nina at the same level as the others. It changes...

1992 ... an unlikely association but one that works perfectly. Too bad it went unnoticed ...

1994 ... a small temporary relapse which will have little effect on the course of events. We were afraid ...

1998 ... a decade 90 decidedly more constructive than the previous one. Like what, when she wants ...

2003 ... 25 years after its debut, we find her in a timeless and extraordinary standard. MA-GIC !

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