Close to a Formula 1...

Gianna Nannini is an Italian singer who, apart from the fact that she produced one of the biggest hits of the 80s, can also boast of having a Formula 1 driver (Alessandro Nannini) as a brother.

She really started her artistic career in 1979 by releasing the album "California". A particularly provocative cover album (the statue of liberty holds a vibrator in the colors of the American flag instead of the usual torch), but that does not prevent it from producing the single hit "America".

Three years passed before the album "Latin lover", a relatively successful album, was released in 1982.

Business resumed in 1984 thanks to the single "Fotoromanza". Single which considerably reinforces the notoriety of the singer in particular on the Old Continent.

Followed in 1986 by the album "Profumo" which mainly produced the flagship titles "Bello e impossibile" and "Profumo".

The supreme consecration arrived in 1987 with the release of the enormous "I maschi", the flagship single of that year as well as its discography and which made her definitively enter the musical legend of the 80s.

Its last notable success on the singles side was in 1990 with the title "Un’estate italiana", the official anthem of the World Cup in Italy.

But the story will be far from over because she will return later and show vividly that everything is still possible as long as we believe in it ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others) :

  • Ti avevo quiesto solo di toccarmi 1976

  • America 1979

  • Occhi aperti 1981

  • Primadonna 1982

  • Latin lover 1983

  • Fotoromanza 1984

  • Bla-bla 1985

  • Bello e impossibile 1986

  • Profumo 1986

  • I maschi 1987

  • Hey bionda 1988

  • Un ragazzo come te 1988

  • Voglio fare l’amore 1989

  • Scandalo 1990

  • Dea 1990

  • Un’estate italiana 1990

  • Sorridi 1991

  • Io senza te 1993

  • Meravigliosa creatura 1995

  • Piangero' 1995

  • Un giorno disumano 1998

  • Aria 2002

  • Uomini a métà 2002

  • Volo 2002

  • Sei nell' anima 2006

  • Suicido d'amore 2007

  • Attimo 2009

  • Salvami 2009

  • Ogni tanto 2011

  • Ti voglio tanto 2011

  • I wanna die 4 U 2011

  • Indimenticabile 2013

  • Nostrastoria 2013

  • In the rain 2013

  • Inno 2013

  • Dio è morto 2014

  • L'immensità 2014

  • Lontano dagli occhi 2014

  • Vita nuova 2015

  • Tears 2015

  • Cinema 2017

  • Fenomenale 2017

  • Amore gigante 2017

  • La differenza 2019

  • Motivo 2019

  • L'aria sta finendo 2019

  • Assenza 2019

  • Diamante 2021

Clips :

1976 ... a first title which leaves nothing to augur of the sequence of events. For now, the whole is somewhat messy ...

1979 ... the real beginnings. Beginnings for the least beefy of the Bellissima with blue lagoon eyes and "trucker voice" version 38 Tons...

1981 ... a transition to the decade of the 80s particularly rock . Change of sound, change of look. The young lady became a woman ...

1982 ... in 10,000 Volts version. Always also rock, rock, rock ! Not sure that this style of music is 'all public' but hey, for now, it's his 'style' ...

1983 ... and it's not this title that will fix things. This bias for boosting is at the very least counterproductive and the force to act on the spot. Attention danger...

1984 ... new metamorphosis. But this time, the mayonnaise finally begins to set. A salutary change which augurs beautiful and great things to come ...

1985 ... in total delirium once again. Has trouble staying quiet the little one and it's gone to last like that for a while ...

1986 ... anyway, heavy hits start to follow one another and that is above all the important thing. It only remains to find THE title that will really make the difference ...

1986 ... a title all in smoothness and softness which contrasts radically with all that her offered us until then. Like what, when she wants, she can also be restrained ...

1987 ... and suddenly arrives the HUGE interplanetary tube which will change everything. She simply signs here one of the biggest hits of the 80s and her entire career. With the key a direct ticket for posterity. MAS-TER-FUL !

1988 ... you inevitably feel a before 'I maschi' and an after. Everything is now much more precise and worked and we can only rejoice !

1988 ... a BIG year 1988 with a plethora of titles and quality on all floors. The singer has finally found her cruising speed and it only remains to unroll

1989 ... a powerful title but which does not lack a certain lyricism. Definitely, a totally transformed Gianna !

1990 ... back to pure rock sound at the start of a new decade. Where this 'strong' side struggled to function during the previous decade, it would work rather better in this decade 90

1990 ... an Intimist domain which is not her bottom of trade but in which she displays skills more than obvious. New proof with this title !

1990 ... his last notorious hit. In duet and tailor-made for a planetary event that somewhat exceeds her ...

1991 ... a Gianna who plays it again with finesse and softness. Unquestionably one of his best titles. We want more !

1993 ... we are witnessing an almost uninterrupted series of Intimist titles of very large caliber for several years. And frankly, when we see what she continues to offer, who would complain !

1995 ... we suspected that at some point, its rock-rock roots would inevitably rise to the surface. And my faith, on this one, it works pretty well !

1995 ... a title which paradoxically will pass under the radars in spite of an obvious quality. And yes, it happens even to the greatest ...

1998 ... a end of the 1990s which saw her return to the Intimist world once again. As much as the 80s was rock, as much as the 90s was Intimist ...

2002 ... we restart almost on the same basis in this new decade of 2000. A Gianna that has really transformed dramatically between its beginnings and today ...

2002 ... the beginning of the 2000s which saw her maintain a more than obvious quality level. She will have crossed the decade 70, then the decade 80, then the decade 90 and here she is in this new decade in a certain form. What talent !

2002 ... an adaptation to the latest trends which contrasts radically with everything she has offered until then. To say the least original ...

2006 ... an incredible adventure that lasts, that lasts, that lasts. Even if the success is limited exclusively to Italy, the singer continues to evolve in the local Elite. What more !

2007 ... she never lets go and continues on her way with amazing ease. How many singers of her generation have already hung up the microphones for a long time ... A package, that's for sure !

2009 ... already 30 years of career, and yes, incredible but true ! Surely one of the most beautiful awards for Italian singers !

2009 ... she even plays it as a duet now. And it works too ! A tailor-made track that gives this charming duo the opportunity to shine brightly ! A 2000 decade that ends in the best possible way. Knowing that the Bellisima will return again the following decade ...

2011 ... and yes, here she is again in this new decade of 2010 and she has not lost any of her talent. The decades may pass, but she manages to maintain a level of quality that is bluffing to say the least ...

2011 ... you have to remember that she started her career in 1976, so it's already been 35 years ! Most of his 'colleagues' at the time threw in the towel for a long time. Not her !