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Chinese chopsticks ...

In 1982, Pascale Borel, previously a chorister in the group Lala and Emotions, had the good and happy idea of ​​crossing paths with Grégori Czerkinsky. From this artistic union was born the Mikado group, an improbable name quite simply inspired by the world famous game of chopsticks. No one being a prophet in his country, it is in Japan, as if by chance, that Mikado will experience his first hours of glory. Then came 1986 and the title Naufrage en hiver which suddenly brought them out of the shadows into the light in France. Flagship title of the group which will be followed two later by "The girl of the sun" which will remain as their last success. Mikado will not remain in the musical history of the 80s like The Group but will nevertheless have produced 2 amazing and original titles, perfectly revealing of the surrealist atmosphere of that time, especially in terms of clips. Since the group's separation in the early 1990s, Grégori Czerkinsky and Pascale Borel have pursued their solo careers.


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

- Par hasard 1982

- Carnaval 1985

- D'accord d'accord 1985

- Anita 1985

- Message de Noel 1985

- Naufrage en hiver 1986

- La fille du soleil 1988


1982 ... indefinable, unclassifiable, disconcerting, surprising but so original ! Real UFOs have just landed in France ...

1985 ... and still this surreal voice which gives a crazy charm to this extraordinary duo

1985 ... an obvious talent, that's for sure. Wacky but talented the 2 phenomena !

1985 ... Anita the bohemian, missed more than she ! Lolllll

1985 ... Christmas under the sun ... there's really only them to believe ! Lolll x 2

1986 ... the title that will really reveal them ! An almost unique visual and sound originality for the time in France

1988..the title of the consecration ! An equally "bright" suite. Only the 80s allowed such freedom ...


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