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Certain things are likely...

Kissing The Pink is an English group formed in London in the early 80s by Nick Whitecros, John Hall, Georges Stewart, Josephine Wells, Pete Barnett, Sylvia Griffin, Steve Cusak and Simon Aldridge.

Their first single “Don’t hide in the shadows” dates from 1981 but it wasn't until 1983 to see their first title ranked in the English Top20, namely “The last film”. Single extract from the album "Naked", an album which will have a very honorable journey.

Always the same year, they join the American Billboard Hot 100 with the title "Maybe this day".

In 1984 the album "What noise" was released with relative success. In 1985 the single "One step" had the luxury of being the biggest sale of the year in Italy.

Single extract from the album "Certain things are likely" released a few months later. Album which contains the single of the same name, single which will remain N ° 1 of Charts for three consecutive weeks and which remains to this day their biggest success.

Other albums will be released later but without achieving comparable success.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Don’t hide in the shadows 1981

• Watching their eyes 1982

• Mr Blunt 1982

• Love lasts forever 1983

• May be this day 1983

• The last film 1983

• Big man restless 1983

• Desert song 1983

• In awe of industry 1983

• Radio on 1984

• The other side of heaven 1984

• One step 1985

• Never too late to love you 1986

• Certain things are likely 1986

• Identity card 1986

• Stand up 1988

• Sugarland 1993

• Birds are talking 2015

• Satellite 2015


Clips :

1981 ... beginnings where the group is looking for himself, it is clear. A style to refine, a sound to refine, in short, they still have work to do to hope to compete with the best ...

1982...the group does not yet have the level to play not in the big leagues but the potential is real, for sure...

1982 ... a year where progress is real. Well, we go from one rhythm to another quite abruptly but whatever, there is a moment when the efforts will end up paying off ...

1983 ... the 1st classified title. The group finally reaches the goal. Like what, it was enough to be patient. Efforts always pay as they say ...

1983 ... the style of the group varies completely. It is sure that constantly changing the benchmarks, not sure that the public can keep up ...

1983 ... a year of diverse and varied experiments. Well, sometimes, the experiment still has its limits. Be careful at the end of the road ...

1983 ... a particularly prolific year in terms of titles produced. And that produces everything and its opposite in terms of sounds. A disconcerting group to say the least...

1983 ... then suddenly, the ramp-up. This time, the group is holding out. The style, the sound, everything is good !

1983 ... the confirmation of an obvious talent which allows the group to chain large caliber titles, finally. After several titles at a fairly average level, the group has finally managed to overcome the barrier that prevent him from reaching the highest level ...

1984 ... after a year 1983 particularly inspired on certain titles, the year 1984 suddenly seems somewhat bland. Can and must do better !

1984 ... a year that will not remain as the best vintage of the group. Certainly, they innovate but it is at the expense of inspiration unfortunately ...

1985 ... there, on the other hand, we start on a much more stable basis. The group finally sticks to the sound in vogue of the moment and shows that they can still surprise us !

1986 ... the BIG year ! A year where everything is successful for the group. Normal, when inspiration is there, everything becomes possible. With to start this high level title as they say !

1986 ... another proof with this title which works perfectly. At the height of their possibilities. They will have taken time to emerge but the result is this time up to par !

1986 ... a year that ends in style with a 3rd title of very large caliber. An almost faultless which will have allowed them to permanently register their name in the musical legend of the 80s !

1988 ... the adventure comes to an end. And my faith, it was rather beautiful for this small group which will have left in the musical history of the 80s several titles with more than certain quality !

1993...we thought the adventure was coming to an end but here they are again ! And they don't come back empty-handed, to say the least...

Top Bonus : a remixed version of their 1983 title that greatly surpasses the original. Too bad it's not this version that came out in 1983...


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